Christie Lamb “Mr Wrong”

Christie is a high energy, passionate performer with a uniquely strong and ‘earthy’ style. At the tender age of 19, Christie has achieved an astonishing amount and counts graduating from both the 2010 Talent Development Project and the CMAA Senior Academy of Country Music among the highlights so far. In October 2010, Christie was the only singer in NSW to enter the National Mentoring Project entitled “JUMP” for young and emerging artists. Consequently, Christie has worked with and been mentored by GINA JEFFREYS and ROD McCORMACK for the past 12 months. Mr Wrong is the first single from Christie’s debut EP which is scheduled for release this month. Co-written with JAY COLLIE and JASPER SOMERVILLE-COLLIE, Mr Wrong is a tongue-in-cheek take on failed relationships. Christie Lamb is a welcome breath of fresh air in today’s modern Country Music Industry – a young, talented singer/songwriter with her feet firmly planted in tradition.

Christie’s new EP is available now at