If a picture can speak a thousand words, think of what a film could do – two of them, in fact!

Dewi Wilson and Callan Murray from BIMA Vision have produced two short documentaries as part of NITV’s “Our Stories” series – ‘The Keepers’ and ‘Kaizi’s Traditional Coconut Oil – A Living Legacy’!

Speaking with Lizzie Orley on Monday’s Murri Hour, from 2-3pm, about the documentaries, Dewi and Callan yarned about their journey and the importance of trust when working with other First Nations peoples who have entrusted them with their stories…

“…Our stories is an Indigenous storytelling documentary sort-of program, so I think it is important to have indigenous people – or help to tell other indigenous people’s stories – and to gain that trust and for them to know that you’re not gonna, y’know, screw it up or tell lies or misrepresent what they’re about. When we’re telling their story, we want to do it their way.”

And what better way to do that than with documentaries such as these, by our mob for our mob.

So why not give these a go, pop this on your telly or watchlist to gain insight and get the                                                                                wholesome feel-good vibes started these holidays!


Kaizi’s Traditional Coconut Oil – A Living Legacy

NITV Tuesday 17th December 7pm

Drawing on traditional medicinal practices passed down from his grandmother, Kaizi Gutchen has been producing premium unrefined coconut oil for over 30 years. Now a thriving small family business, he shares his families story of continuing a cultural legacy and the hopes that it brings for his people and his community.









The Keepers

NITV Wednesday 18th December 7pm

The Ibarra brothers from Indigibee Native Bee Rescue open up their backyards to share the wonderful world of Native bees.






Check out NITV’s Our Stories series here: https://www.sbs.com.au/nitv/our-stories

Listen to Dewi and Callan’s interview with Murri Hour host Lizzie Orley below