On Let’s talk beyond power and control we talk about the lack of protection for Incarcerated people who identify as gender diverse. ABC Journalist Meghna Bali gives insight into Her investigative piece that follows the story of Western Australian trans woman Mara Ellis. 

In the second half of the program illustrator to Bali’s piece, Samuel Luke talks about his work and what he learned as a trans man telling the pictorial story of Ellis. 

Illustration from “Comfortable” by Samuel Luke, a poetry comic about coming to terms with transitioning genders and still feeling uncomfortable, 2019.

Illustration from “Life as a Transgender Women Locked up in a Men’s Prison” with the ABC & Background Briefing Podcast, illustrated by Samuel Luke.

Find more of Samuel’s work at Instagram.com/samuellukeart or visit his website at samuellukeart.com

Read more about Meghna Bali’s report with Background Briefing on the story of Mara Ellis at