In this episode of Let’s Talk, Boe Spearim and Alice Currie talk about Pre-Orientation Program (POP week) hosted by The Oodgeroo Unit at Queensland University of Technology. Also on the program, Boe plays interviews he and Lizzie Orley recorded last year from the QUT Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Pre-Graduation Ceremony Dinner for Indigenous students graduating.

Boe Spearim and Jed Fraser
Bianca Hunt
Kein Blackman


Alice Currie and Lizzie Orley
Bianca Hunt and Alice Currie

QUT Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Pre-Graduation Ceremony Interviews

04/12/2019 Alice Currie (QUT Graduate) and Tina Currie (Mother)

04/12/2019 Lizzie interviews Kathryn Dorante (QUT Student)

04/12/2019 Lizzie interviews Laura Christie (QUT Graduate)

04/12/2019 Boe interviews Jed Fraser (QUT Student)

04/12/2019 Boe and Lizzie interview Kein Blackman (QUT Graduate)

04/12/2019 Boe interviews Julie Cook (Director of Oodgeroo Unit at QUT)

04/12/2019 Lizzie interviews Seth Willie (Learning Support Officer at Ooderoo Unit, QUT)

04/12/2019 Boe and Lizzie interviews Bianca Hunt (Indigenous Engagement and Partnerships Coordinator at SBS)