Tiga Bayles interviews Johnathon Link who works with the Royal Flying Doctors. He talks about his role in the Royal Flying Doctors and tells us also about him supporting the Mens' Group in Kawanyama.
Josie Creek who is a councellor also is interviewed by Tiga Bayles. Josie Creek works with varies services such as RFDF, CLINIC and services that come in town such as; drug and alcohol, child and youth mental health, child safety and also with the Womens' Group. Josie talks about councelling as a job.
Tiga Bayles also interviews Steven Kepper who is the RIBS coordinator at 4KO in Kowanyama. Steven Kepper engages and trains students at the local school and provides content for the BIMA Health Community projects. Elders also get involved in 4KO radio station at Kowanyama.

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