SOUTHERN SWEETIES ICE CREAM was born out of love whose Founder and Artisanal Pastry Chef, LAUREN-MICHELE TOZER, brings over 15 years of experience cooking Southern-American classic desserts. LAUREN-MICHELE TOZER grew up in Texas where she learned how to cook from her PawPaw many of her families traditional passed-on recipes, including classic American desserts.

She moved to Australia in 2016 and was disappointed to discover only mass produced ice cream available in stores.

After sampling every brand and business, she still found no option that hit the spot.

This inspired her to buy a 1 litre Sunbeam ice cream maker and she began making her own in her small kitchen in Melbourne in 2016. It was an instant hit and thereafter she was getting requests to make her pastries from friends, neighbours, and family.

Most said it was their first time to try homemade ice cream and how much they enjoyed it.