8:00am On the Brekky Show today, we had another virus yarn with Dr Jonathan. Seeking answers and destroying the myths surrounding COVID-19.

We get an update on how things are going in Melbourne and Queensland.

With so much new daily information coming to light, these discussions and answers won’t be the final word from our doctor. New content will be updated, so keep an ear out.

Dr Jonathan messages to mob

  1. Melbourne has had COVID-19 restrictions eased again, which means people living in Melbourne can now leave home now for any reason and there’s a freedom of movement letting people visit their family and friends.

  2. There’s been 5 COVID-19 cases in the last 2 weeks, the people with these cases are in hotel quarantine. We have done well in Queensland, when we reopen the borders in the future we could see a few more new COVID-19 cases slipping through the net.

  3. Australia is in a good place and we are just trying to keep it that way.

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