8:00am on the Brekky Show today, Clay and Em had another virus yarn with Dr Jonathan. Seeking answers and destroying the myths surrounding COVID-19.

Today we hear of elections coming up and what we should do and there will be some people with concerns of been amongst the huge crowds, we also hear COVID-19 case numbers are trickling down…All this and more.

With all this and so much new information coming to light, some of these discussions and answers won’t be the last from our doctor. With new content being constantly updated, keep an ear out!

Dr Jonathan messages to mob

1.  The sewage scientist are back at it, testing the sewage for COVID-19 this time in Townsville there has been a trace of COVID-19 discovered and Dr Jonathan says this is done so a warning signal can be shared to say hey somebody has had it this area.

2. With the elections coming up there will be some people with concerns of getting out amongst the huge crowds.

3. Down in Melbourne COVID-19 case numbers are trickling down, hopefully we can get more of those numbers down so restrictions can ease.

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