8:00am On the Brekky Show today, Clay and Em had another virus yarn with Dr Jonathan. Seeking answers and destroying the myths surrounding COVID-19.

There has been 1 million deaths from COVID-19 worldwide, there’s been some trouble at sea at Port Headland so we hear more on this and pretty soon our Queensland boarders will reopen again …All this and more.

With so much new daily information coming to light, these discussions and answers won’t be the final word from our doctor. New content will be updated, so keep an ear out.

Dr Jonathan messages to mob

1. At the moment we have just hit 1 million COVID-19 deaths worldwide.

2.There’s 21 man crew in this cargo ship that is currently moored about 10 kilometers offshore and of the 21 crew there are about 17 are infected with COVID-19 and about half of them are still on the ship and the others are in Quarantine in Port Headland and at the moment it’s well contained, however, the trouble is if somebody gets sick who needs to be transported off the ship they will need to be flown to Perth hospital.

3. Down south will be seeing some restrictions eased and our Queensland borders will be open tomorrow.

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