8:00am on the Brekky Show today, Clay and Em had another virus yarn with Dr Jonathan. Seeking answers and destroying the myths surrounding Covid-19.

Today we hear an update on statistics and find that people in Victoria have been finding restrictions tough. All this and more…

With all this and so much new information coming to light, some of these discussions and answers won’t be the last from our doctor. With new content being constantly updated, keep an ear out!

Dr Jonathan messages to mob

1. There’s been some good news in the last week in Queensland there’s was that one day of 8 COVID-19 cases and then we have seen zero COVID-19 cases and the odd few cases here and there.

2.  New South Wales has sort of just been hovering around with the same small clusters of cases they have been trying to keep under control.

3.  Down in Victoria, they have lower case numbers and they are getting to a point where the resources they’ve got are helping them kind of manage with the cases they have coming through daily. People are finding the restrictions tough and a riot had taken shape.

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