8:00am On the Brekky Show today, we had another virus yarn with Dr Jonathan. Seeking answers and destroying the myths surrounding COVID-19.

Today we hear of a couple of new COVID-19 cases in Queensland and we find out if Dr. Jonathan reckons COVID-19 vaccinations be mandatory in Queensland?…all this and more.

With so much new information coming to light, these discussions and answers won’t be the final word from our doctor. New content will be updated, so keep an ear out.

Jonathan messages to mob

1. In Queensland we had 2 cases of COVID-19. Anybody in Brisbane or Ipswich that are experiencing symptoms such as a running nose, headache, dry cough it’s wise to take a COVID-19 test.

2. We want to focus the COVID-19 testing on anybody who currently have any flu like symptoms.

3. Should COVID-19 vaccinations be mandatory in Queensland? Dr.Jonathan would encourage people to do so purely to reduce the risk of transmitting COVID-19 in the community.

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