8:00am On the Brekky Show today, we had another virus yarn with Dr Jonathan. Seeking answers and destroying the myths surrounding COVID-19.

With so much new daily information coming to light, these discussions and answers won’t be the final word from our doctor. New content will be updated, so keep an ear out.

Today we the Brekky Show shared a few questions with Dr Jonathan, listen to the podcast to find out just what is on the Brekky crew’s minds today.


Dr Jonathan messages to mob

1.The vast majority of people can recover from the coronavirus, 80% of people don’t have a serious illness and manage at home and get better, of those hospitalised some people end up in Intensive Care Unit (ICU) with lung troubles and some may end up with decreased lung function and different organs in the body can have trouble.

2.COVID-19 can be on surfaces we see around us, some items we may come into contact with, remember to keep your hands clean with soap and water or hand sanitiser.

3. If you have got previous lung damage from medical conditions, then it probably places you more at risk, this is an area more research is been done.


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