8:00am On the Brekky Show today, we had another virus yarn with Dr Jonathan. Seeking answers and destroying the myths surrounding COVID-19.

Today the Brekky Crew gets the overnight update from Dr Jonathan, we receive the latest update on statistics of COVID-19 cases, a peek into what are the safeguard restrictions during Mother’s Day…all this and more.

With so much new information coming to light, these discussions and answers won’t be the final word from our doctor. New content will be updated, so keep an ear out.

Jonathan messages to mob

1. Around most other states there have been 5 cases or less. Victoria has experienced a cluster of COVID-19 cases and what we could see is these little outbreaks of COVID-19 happening from time to time.

2. In Brisbane and some other major cities, there’s a new program called Aged Care Rapid Response and it’s for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people who are over the age of 50 who are isolated due to the coronavirus, it’s a free service providing a weekly check-in and catch up yarns, grocery and meals delivery, and transport to medical appointments. (Sound like it’s for you or one of your Elders all must do is contact your local Aboriginal Medical Service and arrange it with them).

3. Up to 2 Households can gather for Mother’s Day Celebration.

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Information provided in this podcast and website is most current as of Friday 8th of May 2020.