Lizzie Orley caught up with a few of the attendees, including ATSICHS CEO Jody Currie, Minister for Education & Industrial Relations Grace Grace, Elder Aunty Robyn Williams and more on the launch of the new “Deadly Kindy” out at Waterford West!

When you listen you’ll hear the passion in their voices as they yarn about the importance of early childhood education, our mob becoming early childhood educators and overall working together to support our jarjums!

For more information about ATSICHS Deadly Kindy head to:

2020-02-19 Lizzie interviews Jody Currie (ATSICHS CEO)

2020-02-19 Lizzie interviews Grace Grace (Minister for Education & Industrial Relations)

2020-02-19 Lizzie interviews Aunty Robyn Williams (Elder)

2020-02-19 Lizzie interviews Kirsten Holland (Director of New Business and Implementation Former Operations Manager (Early Years) at Catholic Early EdCare)