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Smashing The Myths

“Reconciliation = Justice”

07 January 2014

Much of the dialogue regarding self-determination, sovereignty, land rights and treaty has been drowned out amidst endless political rhetoric and … Read More

“Constitutional Recognition is a Good Thing”

16 September 2013

Starting in 2007 with former Liberal Prime Minister John Howard, the Australian Government has been pushing for ‘Constitutional recognition of … Read More

“Native Title is Land Rights”

29 August 2013

In the course of his first voyage of ‘discovery’ during the late 1700s, James Cook claimed the entire east coast … Read More

“Government Knows Best”

16 August 2013

“They have to be protected against themselves whether they like it or not. They cannot remain as they are…” – … Read More

“Sovereignty = Separatism”

02 August 2013

“It’s a natural human reaction to FEAR WHAT YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND and what you do not know…” What is … Read More

“Aboriginal People Lived in Isolated Groups and Wandered Aimlessly”

24 May 2013

Listen to the Radio Episode Prior to European invasion in 1788, were Aboriginal people simply nomads who wandered around … Read More

“You’re not Aboriginal, You’ve Got Fair Skin”

23 April 2013

Listen to the Radio Episode WHITE IS THE NEW BLACK… IT’S SO HIP TO BE BLACK… these were the … Read More

“Aboriginal People Should Forget The Past and Move On”

12 April 2013

Listen to the Radio Episode When you’re watching TV or reading the headlines and see Aboriginal people protesting in … Read More


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