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Wild Black Women

Wild Black Women – Clapbacks & Warngy News

01 February 2019

What are #WildBlackWomen talking about this week? Black women’s clapbacks, warngy news & of course the WBW nominations for the week. 


Wild Black Women – Survive In January

25 January 2019

Sistas Chelsea & Angelina yarn 26 other shitty things we have to survive in January.


Wild Black Women – brother Royston Sagigi-Baira and sista Samantha Wild

07 December 2018

WBW end of year show live from Meanjin Markets with special guests  brother Royston Sagigi-Baira and sista Samantha Wild.


Wild Black Women – Men Behaving Badly 2018.

30 November 2018

Men Behaving Badly 2018.


Wild Black Women – Greg Kitson and James Saunders.

23 November 2018

WBW yarn Ask a Brother and Brown Sugar special with Greg Kitson and James Saunders.


Wild Black Woman – Meriki Onus

16 November 2018

Because Of Her We Can. WBW yarn black women’s revolutions with special guest Meriki Onus.


Wild Black Women – Debut On NITV.

09 November 2018

WBW yarn cultural appropriation, crazy news and celebrate their debut on NITV.


Wild Black Women – Marlene Longbottom

02 November 2018

Find out why Angelina hates Halloween, why Chelsea hates migaloo politicians, and what made them & special guest Dr Marlene … Read More


Wild Black Women – Royston Sagigi-Baira

26 October 2018

“Black Talent Time” – The Wild Black Women yarn with the very talented Royston Sagigi-Baira about his show-stopping performance on … Read More


Wild Black Women – Scary Stories

19 October 2018

Today we yarned scary news, scary stories & things that freak black fullas out.


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