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Kev Carmody

 Let's Talk

16 February 2007

Tiga Bayles interviews Kev Carmody who is an Indigenous singer. This interview is about Kevs' life, stuggles, achievements and singing career.

File Download (25:32 min / 8.8 MB)


Wujal Wujal

 Let's Talk

15 February 2007

Tiga Bayles who is in Wujal Wujal Community which is a little south of Cooktown. Tiga interviews Warren Snowdon who is a member of Lingiari and Shadow Parliamentary for Indigenous Affairs and Shadow Parliamentary Secretary for Northern Australia. He talks about the Native Title Act and Indigenous Affairs.

Tiga also interviews Desman Taily the Mayor of Wujal Wujal Community and David Jackson a Council Worker for the Wujal Wujal Community. They talk about issues within the community. Some of these issues include CDEP, no high school in the community, housing issues and more.

File Download (39:34 min / 13.6 MB)


Ray Jackson

 Let's Talk

14 February 2007

Tiga Bayles interviews Ray Jackson who is the President of the Indigenous Social Justice Association. In this interview Tiga and Ray Jackson talk about slavery in Australia, stolen wages and Thomas "TJ" Hickey who was killed by police 3 years ago from this day.

File Download (20:11 min / 7 MB)


Chris Graham

 Let's Talk

13 February 2007

Tiga Bayles interviews Chris Graham who is the Editor of the National Indigenous Times. In this interview they talk about Queensland Premier Peter Beattie who had arranged the Federal Government to be part of a new agreement with the states Indigenous communities, but had failed to meet services while he had locked out the CEO's.

File Download (34:01 min / 11.7 MB)


Sam Jeffries

 Let's Talk

12 February 2007

Tiga Bayles interviews Sam Jeffries who is the Coordinator of the Murdi Paaki. In this interview they talk about alcohol, Palm Island, police, COAG and much more.

File Download (33:34 min / 11.6 MB)


Jennifer Herd

 Let's Talk

09 February 2007

Tiga Bayles interviews Jennifer Herd who is the Program Coordinator of The Bachelor of Visual Arts in Contemporary Australian Indigenous Arts (Bubaky) at the Griffith University in South Bank. In this interview they talk about the courses that are available at BUBAKY.

File Download (27:16 min / 9.4 MB)


Darcy Turgeon

 Let's Talk

08 February 2007

Tiga Bayles interviews Darcy Turgeon who used to be the General Manager of the Department of Corrective Services Queensland. In this interview Darcy talks about Corrections, racism in the department and other issues that were in Corrections.

File Download (40:53 min / 14.1 MB)


Steve Hagan

 Let's Talk

07 February 2007

Tiga Bayles interviews Steve Hagan who has just come back from an overseas trip in America where he was talking about the word 'Nigga'. He also talks about leadership in Indigenous communities and recognition of Indigenous women in work.

File Download (32:57 min / 11.4 MB)


Michael Mansell

 Let's Talk

06 February 2007

Tiga Bayles interviews Michael Mansell who is the Secretary of the Aboriginal Provisional Government and an Aboriginal spokes person. Aboriginal Grants, Aboriginal land, compensation on the Stolen Generation and Stolen Wages are some of the issues that Michael Mansell and Tiga Bayles cover in this interview.

File Download (37:03 min / 12.8 MB)


Gracelyn Smallwood

 Let's Talk

05 February 2007

Tiga Bayles interviews Gracelyn Smallwood, an Indigenous woman from Townsville. They talk about the mainstream media causing racial tension and the death in custody of Mulrunji Doomadgee.

File Download (35:37 min / 12.3 MB)


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