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Tom Trevorrow

 Let's Talk

02 March 2007

Tiga Bayles interviews Tom Trevorrow who is the Chairsperson of the Ngarrindjeri Heritage Commitee.

In 2003 the Ngarrindjeri Nation recieved these Old People back through assistance of the Australian National Museum that Edinburgh University had been holding from Ramsay Smith in Scotland, after ATSIC had arranged and supported the repatriation.

Camp Coorong has been their temporary resting place since their return. Now they are to be placed back in their final resting place at Hacks Point and Parnka Point in the Coorong within their Traditional Lands & Waters from which they were illegally removed.

In this interview Tom Trevorrow tells more.

And if you're wanting to get in contact or find out further information about the Reburials contact Camp Coorong on

Telephone: (08) 8575 1557
Fax: (08) 8575 1448

File Download (31:14 min / 10.8 MB)


Traditional Knowledge Revival Pathways

 Let's Talk

01 March 2007

This interview is focused on the Traditional Knowledge Revival Pathways project which was designed on Cape York Balkanu Cape York Development Corporation and has been applied across five regions and seven other projects in Queensland. Tiga Bayles interviews Vickie Webb who is a Program Manager, Desert Chanels Indigenous Program Facilitator David Thompson and Balkanu Project Leader Victor Steffensen. Victor has been with the original project since its inception and knows all the history and what's behind.

File Download (35:08 min / 12.1 MB)


Wayne Costelloe

 Let's Talk

28 February 2007

Tiga Bayles interviews Wayne Costelloe who is a local Murri Man, now based in Melbourne and working with the Australian Education Union. This interview is about the 40th Anniversary of the referendum and voting.

File Download (30:41 min / 10.6 MB)


Chris Graham

 Let's Talk

27 February 2007

Tiga Bayles interviews the Editor of the National Indigenous Times (NIT) Chris Graham. The NIT is celebrating their 6th Anniversary. In this interview Tiga Bayles and Chris Graham talk about the Aboriginal remains in Britain.

File Download (35:18 min / 12.2 MB)


Michael Mansell

 Let's Talk

26 February 2007

Tiga Bayles interviews Michael Mansell who is the Secretary of the Aboriginal Provisional Government and an Aboriginal Spokes Person. This interview is about the Indigenous remains Britain.

File Download (39:43 min / 13.7 MB)


Weipa Cultural Centre

 Let's Talk

23 February 2007

Tasman tells us about the programs he has done with kids in the Weipa Cultural Centre. Tasman has done plenty of work with kids like cultural dancing, Indigenous painting, other cultural activities and much more. Tasman wants to help kids get off the streets and show them career opportunities.

File Download (15:26 min / 5.3 MB)


Locals of Aurukun

 Let's Talk

22 February 2007

Tiga Bayles interviews local peope of the Aurukun Community. Throughout this interview they talk about issues in the community and the youth of the community.

File Download (38:39 min / 13.3 MB)


Michael Anderson

 Let's Talk

21 February 2007

Tiga Bayles interviews Michael Anderson who is the CEO and Chair of the National Aboriginal Rugby League. In this interview they talk about Indigenous rugby league clubs, the Moree Boomerangs and the future of rugby league in Indigenous communities.

File Download (32:11 min / 11.1 MB)


Vince Mundraby

 Let's Talk

20 February 2007

Tiga Bayle interviews Vince Mundraby who is the Mayor of Yarrabah. In this interview they talk about the meeting they had with Premier of Queensland Peter Beattie.

File Download (36:39 min / 12.6 MB)


Andrew Bartlett

 Let's Talk

19 February 2007

Tiga Bayles interviews Andrew Bartlett who is the Queensland Senator. This interview is about the Federal Elections, Indigenous Stolen Wages and government issues.

File Download (37:30 min / 12.9 MB)


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