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Donna Jackson and David Cooper

 Let's Talk

20 September 2007

Tiga Bayles interviews Donna Jackson who is part of a group called Top End Aboriginal Conservation Alliance and David Cooper who was the former National Director of ANTAR in the Northern Territory. In this interview they talk about the 500 people who rallied in central Darwin to support the rights of Indigenous Territorians and oppose the Federal Government's intervention to Northern Territory Indigenous communities, the $88 million being spent on additional public servants to quarantine welfare payments, rent and power bills, nuclear waste dump in the Northern Territory, intervention reform coalition, Women for Wik, ANTAR, Tiwi Islands, CDEP, resource centers, tourism, Aboriginal art workshops, abolishing of the permit system, perpetrators, Indigenous Rights, Little Children are Sacred Report, international awareness of Indigenous issues in Australia and more.

File Download (45:18 min / 41.5 MB)


Dennis Eggington and Colleen Haywood

 Let's Talk

19 September 2007

Guest interviewer Dennis Eggington who is CEO of the Aboriginal Legal Service in Western Australia interviews Colleen Haywood who is the Associate professor and manager of Kulunga Research Network – Telethon Institute for Child Health Research. They talk about the Kulunga Research Network organisation, stolen wages, Colleens thoughts on the Northern Territory intervention, medical research, Indigenous child health, the Aboriginal Western Australia Child Health Survey, education, the stolen generation, Close the Gap, mental health, housing, health risk behaviors, the permit system, treaty, land and much more.

File Download (47:03 min / 43.1 MB)


Jacqui Katona and Chris Christophersen

 Let's Talk

18 September 2007

Jacqui Katona as Guest Programmer interviews Chris Christophersen. In this interview they talk about their time in prison, how they were influenced by art, working with Indigenous organisations and art, land, law, the United Nations Declaration, youth, theatre and much more.

File Download (54:44 min / 50.2 MB)


Larissa Behrendt interviews Jilpia Jones

 Let's Talk

15 September 2007

Larissa Behrendt Guest Programmer on Let's Talk interviews Jilpia Jones. This interview is about Jilpia's life. She talks of when she was taken away from her mother at the age of four, The Stolen Generation, her nursing career, other Indigenous elders who were in the Stolen Generation, compensation of the Stolen Generation, Tricoma Program, racism, The Native Title, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander studies, Indigenous books, health programs, The Northern Territory invasion, the permit system, reconciliation, culture and more.

File Download (46:47 min / 42.9 MB)


Larissa Behrendt interviews Nicole Watson

 Let's Talk

13 September 2007

Professor Larissa Behrendt as Guest Programmer interviews Nicole Watson who is a lawyer. They talk about Nicole's father Sam Watson and the influence he had on her, her role models, Indigenous activists, her career in law, Aboriginal law graduates, the Brisbane Aboriginal Legal Service, quarantine of welfare payments, National Native Title Tribunal, stolen land, mining, The National Indigenous Youth Movement, ATSIC, National Indigenous Council and Reconciliation Australia, her trip to New York City for an international forum and much more.

File Download (48:20 min / 44.3 MB)


Chris Graham and Andrew Bartlett

 Let's Talk

12 September 2007

Chris Graham as Guest Programmer interviews Queensland Senator Andrew Bartlett. In this interview Andrew Bartlett talks of how he became involved in politics, health checks in the Northern Territory, the importance of the democrats, democrats on the senate, Liberal and Labor, Northern Territory Intervention, Pauline Hanson, the retirement of Premier Peter Beatie, the legislation laws, tourism in Australia, Stolen Wages and more.

File Download (49:02 min / 44.9 MB)


Chris Graham

 Let's Talk

11 September 2007

Tiga Bayles interviews Chris Graham who is the Editor of the National Indigenous Times. In this interview they talk about Premier of QLD Peter Beatie's Retirement, Stolen Wages, N.T intervention, deaths in custody, race and culture, the 40th Anniversary of the 1967 Referendum, child sexual abuse, neglect, cultural awareness training, racism, electoral laws, prisoners who longer than 3 years aren't allowed to vote, Tiwi Islands, CDEP and more.

File Download (48:36 min / 44.5 MB)


Professor Larissa Behrendt and Pat Turner

 Let's Talk

10 September 2007

Tiga Bayles lets Professor Larissa Behrendt interview Pat Turner who is the CEO of NITV. They talk about NITV, the N.T intervention, equal emloyment opportunities, Pat Turners' time as CEO of ATSIC and Prime Minister in Cabinet Womens Affairs, government bodies, VACATSI, The Stolen Generation, child care agencies, Indigenous services and funding, reconciliation, the importance of Indigenous language and much more.

File Download (47:19 min / 43.4 MB)


John Jarratt, Joanne Willmot and Diat Alferink

 Let's Talk

07 September 2007

Tiga Bayles interviews John Jarrott who is an actor in Wolf Creek. He talks about his new movie The Final Winter, Indigenous film makers and actors, documentaries, his drinking problem, acting tips and more.
Tiga Bayles then interviews Joanne Willmot and Diat Alferink. They talk about the Stolen Generation, welfare, performing arts, art and entertainment, comedy, The National Womens Theater in Port Adelaide and more.

File Download (43:29 min / 39.9 MB)


Professor Cindy Shannon

 Let's Talk

06 September 2007

Tiga Bayles interviews Professor Cindy Shannon who is the Chair of the National Indigenous Health Committee at the f Queensland University, a consultant in Aboriginal health, member of the Ministerial Council on Aida, Sexual Abuse and Hepatitis, an Indigenous expert for the National Health and Medical Research Council and locally on the board of Lourdes Hill College of the Abuse Child Trust. In this interview she talks about the new center for Indigenous Health at the Queensland University, Indigenous health services, the Department of Aboriginal Affairs and Medicine, young people who are interested in getting involved with health, education, housing, community health services and more.

File Download (39:15 min / 36 MB)


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