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Anne Hampshire

 Let's Talk

12 December 2007

Tiga Bayles interviews Anne Hampshire who is Mission Australia's Head of Research. They talk about the National Youth Survey, Mission Australia and what they do, Mission Australia's 150th Anniversary, homeless people, training and employment, child and family support, family counseling, youth, education, young people feeling valued, family and friends, weight and body image, what worries them, what are these young people doing in these communities, family conflict, the activities they are doing in communities, youth getting into sport, health and social benefits of youth, youth who are involved in arts and cultural activities and much more.

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Steve Taylor and John Wenatong

 Let's Talk

07 December 2007

Tiga Bayles interviews Steve Taylor who is an adventurer, carpenter and a musicians. In this interview they about Steve's who is riding his motor bike 8,000km from Broome to Sydney to raise funds and awareness for the Jimmy Little Foundation, he tells of why he is inspired to do this and his trip on the road and some of things he has seen, the diversity of Indigenous people, the differences of the languages, culture and history, alcohol, healthy eating and education, Return to Country program, ABC Kimberley and much more.
Tiga then interviews John Wenatong who is the Education Development Officer with he Cape York Institute for Policy and Leadership. He talks about the High Expectation Scholarship Program and more.

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Steve Hagan

 Let's Talk

05 December 2007

Tiga Bayles interviews Steve Hagan who is a lecture at the University of Southern Queensland. They talk about the Federal elections, the coverage of the federal elections on television, saying sorry to the Indigenous people of Australia, ATSIC, economic development, young people graduating in Emergency Services, Indigenous professions, democrats, Elected Representative Bodies, Commonwealth electoral role, traditional boundaries, unemployment, NITV, Indigenous film makers, Nigger Brown Stand, Australian Film Commission, documentaries, AFL and Rugby, parents to become good role models for their children and more.

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Sam Jeffries

 Let's Talk

04 December 2007

Tiga Bayles interviews Sam Jeffries who is the CEO of Murdi Parki Regional Assembly. In this interview they talk about CDEP, Child Sexual Abuse, education, employment, Northern Territory Intervention, banning of pornography in Indigenous communities, COAG, Murdi Parki, ATSIC, he tells his feelings about the outcome of the elections, invasion of countries, colonisation, the improvements and benefits of the Murdi Parki, the department of education and training and much more.

File Download (40:08 min / 36.8 MB)


Les Malezer

 Let's Talk

03 December 2007

Tiga Bayles interviews Les Malezer who is the chairman of FAIRA. In this interview they talk about the Northern Territory Intervention, social justice package and the United Nations Declaration, media reporting to incite racism especially the Australian News Paper which misused information to drive agenda and create public confusion by picking out individuals who support the Northern Territory Intervention, organisations and representation, legal services, child care services, health and more.

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Allan Oliver

 Let's Talk

30 November 2007

Tiga Bayles interviews Allan Oliver who has been involved for 52 years in the local district rugby league in Cairns. He talks about his time being with the local district rugby league in Cairns for 52 years, coaching, refereeing, training, why he chose football over boxing, Indigenous sport heroes, health, why it is important to keep fit, youth and fitness, his award for life membership, the differences of rugby "back then" and rugby "today", the challenges in his life and much more.

File Download (28:02 min / 25.7 MB)


Olga Havnen, Ilene Cummings and Raylene Roses

 Let's Talk

29 November 2007

Tiga Bayles interviews Eileen Cummings who is the former
Policy Advisor to the Chief Minister of the Northern Territory on Aboriginal and Women's Affairs, Ilene's daughter Rayleen Roses and Olga Havnen who is the Coordinator for the Combined Aboriginal Organisation in the Northern Territory. They talk about their feelings on the Rudd victory, Women for WIK, the fall-out for the Northern Territory government, the Northern Territory Intervention, the legislation laws, apology to the Stolen Generation, the Constitution, social and economic disadvantages of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people across Australia, new leaders in the government, health checks, CDEP, National Representative Body, education, youth, housing, Little Children are Sacred Report and more.

File Download (44:20 min / 40.6 MB)


Larissa Behrendt and Les Malezer

 Let's Talk

26 November 2007

Tiga Bayles interviews Larissa Behrendt who is a Professor of Law and Director of Research at the Jumbunna Indigenous House of learning at the University of Technology in Sydney and Les Malezer who is the chairman of FAIRA. They talk about the new Prime Minister of Australia Kevin Rudd, Labor and Liberal, former Prime Minister John Howard, industrial relations, former Indigenous Affairs Minister Mal Brough, Prime Ministers of Australia, differences of government, the constitution, Close the Gap, Stolen Generation, Stolen Wages, health, housing, education, reconciliation, CDEP, climate change, Indigenous leadership and much more.

File Download (39:59 min / 36.6 MB)


Marjorie Hunter

 Let's Talk

23 November 2007

Tiga Bayles interviews Marjorie Hunter who was in the Stolen Generation and who recently won an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Leadership Award for Western Australia. She tells about her life and the Stolen Generation and how she was reunited with the family, why she has opened her home to many homeless children and those experiencing difficulties at home, refugees and women experiencing domestic violence, her frequent visits to older people in hospital, Aboriginal culture, sharing dream-time stories and promoting the importance of family history, education, her interest in Indigenous painting and more. Tiga then interviews Scott who has built houses in Doomadgee and he tells of his experience being in an Indigenous community.

File Download (43:49 min / 40.2 MB)


Andrew Bartlett

 Let's Talk

22 November 2007

Tiga Bayles interviews Queensland Senator Andrew Bartlett. They talk about the senate, Indigenous issues, human rights, immigration, Pauline Hanson, Stolen Wages, Stolen Generation, mainstream media, voting, reconciliation, Native Title, climate changes, education, health, work place regulations, business, Northern Territory Intervention, CDEP, Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People, how to vote, democrats and other party's in the government and more.

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