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Jennifer Martiniello and Terry O'Shane

 Let's Talk

28 June 2007

Tiga Bayles interviews Jennifer Martiniello who is a writer and
academic of Arrernte, Chinese and Anglo descent, a former Deputy Chair of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander Arts Board of the Australia Council for the Arts, and a current member of the Advisory Board of the Australian Centre for Indigenous History at the ANU. Tiga also interviews Terry O'Shane who is the former ATSIC Commissioner from Cairns. They talk about Howard's New Tampa – Aboriginal Children Overboard, The Little Children are Sacred report, the Federal Government, Tiwi Islands, the Tangentyere in Alice Springs, the Jabiluka uranium mining operations at Kakadu, Mutitjulu and more.

File Download (38:38 min / 13.3 MB)


Grace Smallwood and Gary Highland

 Let's Talk

27 June 2007

Tiga Bayles interviews Grace Smallwood who is an Indigenous rights activist and Gary Highland who is the National Director of ANTAR. Grace Smallwood and Gary Highland express their feelings about Indigenous child sexual abuse by some Indigenous and Non-Indigenous people in some of the Northern Territory Communities, John Howard sending in the army to the Northern Territory, the Mareeba death in custody and other Indigenous issues.

File Download (39:49 min / 13.7 MB)


Mudgin-Gal Aboriginal Women's Centre

 Let's Talk

26 June 2007

Tiga Bayles interviews Dixie Link-Gordon who is the Manager of the Mudgin-Gal Aboriginal Women's Centre and Shane Phillips who works for Tribal Warrior Association and both are local Koori residents of Redfern, Sydney. In this interview they talk about the Mudgin-Gal Aboriginal Women's Centre. The Mudgin-Gal Aboriginal Women's Centre offers Indigenous women information on how to get accommodation, to get help for any domestic violence, sexual abuse of women, Court Support Program, Blackout Violence Program, Inner City Domestic Violence Action Group and more. They also express their thoughts on Prime Minister John Howard, wanting to take over the Northern Territory.

File Download (42:32 min / 14.6 MB)


Andrew Bartlett and Public Awareness Australia

 Let's Talk

25 June 2007

Tiga Bayles interviews the Queensland Senator Andrew Bartlett. They discuss Stolen Wages, Great Barrier Reef, home ownership, nuclear power and uranium in Indigenous communities, the Removal of an Indigenous Representative and more.
Tiga Bayles also interviews Flo Watson and Ms Rosemary Paterson who are from the Public Awareness Australian Electoral Commission and the AEC. They talk about electoral changes to voting.

File Download (40:54 min / 37.5 MB)


Amy Atkins and Larissa Behrendt


22 June 2007

Tiga Bayles interviews Link-Up coordinator for North Queensland and former Palm Island resident Amy Atkins. They talk about the Palm Island Dormitory Reunion. After interviewing Amy Atkins, Tiga Bayles also interviews Larissa Behrendt who is a Professor of Law and Director of Research at the Jumbunna Indigenous House of learning at the University of Technology in Sydney. They talk about political issues that are to be imposed on Aboriginal people, the Pearson document, Prime Minister John Howard who is wanting to take control of the Northern Territory communities and become the Chief Mission Manager, the budget, child sexual assault, Cape York Pilot, Indigenous health, education housing and more.

File Download (37:49 min / 13 MB)


Gregory Phillips

 Let's Talk

21 June 2007

Tiga Bayles interviews Medical Anthropologist for Onemda Koori Health Unit at the University of Melbourne Gregory Phillips. They talk about leading a four-year project writing Aboriginal health into medical curriculum, Aboriginal health leadership, budget and Indigenous policies, Indigenous community workers and much more.

File Download (38:25 min / 13.2 MB)


Graham Neate and Kevin Smith

 Let's Talk

20 June 2007

Tiga Bayles interviews National Native Title Tribunal Federal President Graham Neate, along with Kevin Smith who is the Queensland State Manager, National Native Title Tribunal. Mr Neate and Mr Smith discuss some of the developments in native title, the Native Title Tribunal Conference in Cairns, the Native Title Act, the Federal Court, Indigenous communities and more. Along side Kevin Smith and Graham Neate is their media person, Nicolette Kormendy.

File Download (38:37 min / 13.3 MB)


Professor Judy Atkinson

 Let's Talk

19 June 2007

Tiga Bayles interviews Indigenous activist and academic, and head of Southern Cross University's Gnibi College of Indigenous Australian Peoples, Professor Judy Atkinson. In this interview they talk about reports on Indigenous issues including Indigenous health, violence, abuse, education, children and much more.

File Download (38:22 min / 13.2 MB)


Cec Fisher

 Let's Talk

15 June 2007

Tiga Bayles interviews Cec Fisher who is an Indigenous Elder from Cherbourg and author who tells us about his life experiences. He talks about his life in Cherbourg, his background, the Korean War, his poetry, books he has written much more.

File Download (30:04 min / 27.6 MB)


Just Peace

 Let's Talk

14 June 2007

From the the end of May to 2 July 2007, Australia will play host to the largest military exercise in Australia – Operation Talisman Saber. According to the Public Environment Report released October 2006 it will involve nearly 14,000 US troops and over 12,000 Australian personnel. Exercise activity will take place at Australian military locations including the Australian-US "training facilities": Shoalwater Bay in Queensland and Bradshaw and Delamere Range in the Northern Territory.

Tiga Bayles interviews Just Peace conveners Annette Brownlie and Robbie Dunn who is also a singer/songwriter.

File Download (42:14 min / 14.5 MB)


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