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Michael Anderson

 Let's Talk

25 February 2008

Tiga Bayles interviews Indigenous activist Michael Anderson. They talk about the environment, the rally and Apology by Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, Northern Territory Intervention, Mutitjulu who opened a school was locked down by the government because of the Northern Territory Intervention, the government wanted to take land because of the child abuse, housing, infrastructure, war pensions and pensioners are given gift cards to buy food from Woolworths, Coles, Kmart etc and have to travel out of their community to the next main town, Racial Discrimination Act, Treaty Labor has started with Indigenous people, War Cabinet and more.

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Source to Sea

 Let's Talk

22 February 2008

Tiga Bayles interviews Indigenous artist Peter McKay. He tells about a Gaala event he organised.
Tiga then interviews Dr Grayson Cooke is a lecturer in Digital Media for CQU and was producer and editor for the film 'Source to Sea' and Selina Hill who is a Wakka Wakka woman from Gayndah and one of the participants in the film. ‘Source to Sea' is a DVD describing traditional stories from all the groups living in and around the Burnett River Basin. The film was launched in Bundaberg late last year.

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Mark Newhouse and Phil Barlow

 Let's Talk

21 February 2008

Tiga Bayles interview the Chair of the Western Australian Deaths in Custody Committee Mark Newhouse, Royal Commission of Aboriginal Deaths in Custody, a national increase on deaths and prison custody, Carl Woods who died in Police Custody, a well respected man from the Warburton Community was arrested for drink driving and died in Police Custody on Invasion Day, the buses from which they transfer prisoners break down weekly along with air conditioning, Aboriginal Legal Service, The Public Meeting which was held for what should be done about the Deaths and Custody, racism, some Torres Strait Islander people died when the Department of Immigrations boat sunk and the department knew it was faulty, Global Solutions and more.

Tiga Bayles also interviews Phil Barlow manufactures didgeridoos, boomerangs. He talks about this didgeridoo he has made, his book he has written, the history of his family, some Indigenous history, the cyclone and how it affected his business and home, Stolen Generation and more.

File Download (34:41 min / 31.8 MB)


Drop the Rock

 Let's Talk

20 February 2008

Tiga Bayles interviews team members from the Cape who are involved in a new organisation called Drop the Rock which engages with people in the community to promote health, prevent suicide, alcohol and drugs, employment, education and degrees for Indigenous students and more.

File Download (33:11 min / 30.4 MB)


Vince Mundraby and Desmond Tayley

 Let's Talk

19 February 2008

Tiga Bayles interviews Vince Mundraby the Mayor of Yarrabah Community Council and later in the interview he interviews the Mayor of Wujal Wujal Desmond Tayley.

The discuss the meetings with Anna Bligh about alcohol management
The Mayor of Yarrabah Community Council says, “We do not want pubs in their communities, we want licensed taverns, licensed premises where we can take our partners and friends to have a sociable drink, accommodation and meals.”

They talk about the community engagement and Mayors engaging with the communities, elections, the canteens and pubs, town planning process, the ownership of the canteens/pubs, AMP, Aboriginal Community Councils, Community Justice Groups, The Shire Council, , The Northern Territory Intervention, Racial Discrimination Act, Indigenous Partnership Agreement, The Apology, The Stolen Generation, The United Nations on the Rights of Indigenous People, Housing, what the government has to offer to the communities and more.

File Download (39:36 min / 36.3 MB)


Thomas Creevey

 Let's Talk

15 February 2008

Tiga Bayles interviews Thomas Creevey who received the Brisbane City Council Lord Mayors Green Heart Award, is President of Karawatha Forest Protection Society, Life member of Bulimba Creek Coordinating Committee, Charmian of Natural Areas Alliance (the newly formed umbrella group for environmental groups in Brisbane and surrounding areas). They talk about preserving the bush, natural land, environmental changes, forests throughout Brisbane, the wildlife bridge built on Compton Rd in Kuraby and much more.

File Download (31:06 min / 28.5 MB)


Dennis Eggington

 Let's Talk

14 February 2008

Tiga Bayles interviews Dennis Eggington who is the Chief Executive Officer of the Aboriginal Legal Service in Western Australia. They talk about the Apology to Indigenous Australian's by Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, Western Australia's reaction to the apology, the Stolen Generation, the change this apology had on the Stolen Generations, Deaths in Custody and much more.

File Download (42:15 min / 38.7 MB)


Outside of Parliament House

 Let's Talk

13 February 2008

Tiga Bayles interviews a number of Indigenous people at the front of Parliament House who tell of their thoughts on the apology. He then interviews Nicole Watson who used to be a lawyer and is now researching Indigenous issues at the Jumbunna Indigenous House of learning at the University of Technology in Sydney.

File Download (43:43 min / 40.1 MB)


Lead up to the Apology

 Let's Talk

12 February 2008

Aired out of Canberra for the Governments apology, Tiga Bayles interviews a number of guests for this historical occasion. This includes Chris Graham, Sam Watson, Dennis Walker and more. They talk about the apology to Indigenous Australian's for the first time ever, the Canberra Rally, Stolen Generation, compensation to Indigenous people, Reconciliation, the Federal Election and more.

File Download (43:16 min / 39.6 MB)


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