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Ray Robinson, John Marries and Karen Russell

 Let's Talk

13 March 2008

Let's Talk is broadcasted out of 4RR in Charleville and Tiga Bayles interviews Ray Robinson who is the former ATSIC Commissioner and long time advocate for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples rights. They talk about The Apology, Reconciliation, and The United Nations Declaration for the Rights of Indigenous people, the Rudd government and more. Tiga then interviews John Marries who is the Chair of Charleville in Western Areas Aboriginal and Islander Corporation for Health. They talk about his role and the services they offer to people including spiritual healing, doctors, message services and more. Reconciliation, Aboriginal health Services, Indigenous life expectancy, eating healthy, employment, alcohol and drugs, family support for youth, Indigenous kids in sport, Indigenous role models and more.
Tiga then interviews Karen Russell who is the general manager of 4RR. She tells a brief history of the station, then talks about Indigenous media, NITV, 4RR with mainstream, training youth at 4RRR and more.

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Shane Boney, Madeline McGrady and Greg Mckellar

 Let's Talk

12 March 2008

Tiga Bayles interviews from 2CUZFM in Burke. Tiga interviews Shane Boney who is a Clinical Officer for the Outback Division of General Practice and is completing his Diploma of Aboriginal Sexual Health. They talk about Building Healthy Communities, housing, Bush Kitchen, YAMA Festival and youth, PCYC and more.
Tiga then interviews Madeline McGrady who has been involved in advocating for Indigenous rights. They talk about Tumbala and the effects the community has including the water which they drink, the infrastructure and housing, employment and they discuss about how they think things can be improved.
2CUZFM Manager Greg Mckellar then tells Tiga the history of 2CUZFM, the missions his family went to, Indigenous language, Reconciliation, education and culture and much more.

File Download (40:05 min / 36.7 MB)


Alistair Ferguson and Chris Graham

 Let's Talk

11 March 2008

Tiga Bayles interviews Alistair Ferguson who is the Chair of the Burke Aboriginal Community Working Party. They talk about Burke and the traditional owners of that area, 2CUZFM, Burke Aboriginal Community Working Party, housing, Burke Shire Council, COAG, New South Wales Aboriginal Justice Plan, Juvenile Justice Corrective Services, training courses in the community, engaging with the communities and more.

Tiga Bayles then interviews Chris Graham who is the editor of the National Indigenous Times. They talk about the alleged assault by Queensland Police on Indigenous activist Bob Weatherall and his daughter, Lex Wooten, who is on trial for inciting a riot on Palm Island after the death in custody of Mulrunji Doomadgee, Senior Sergeant Chris Hurley, Deaths in Custody, United Nations Declaration on Indigenous People, Indigenous education, Moree, poverty and unemployment and lack of government services where Aboriginal people live.

File Download (38:25 min / 35.2 MB)


Lyall Munro and Meryl Dillon

 Let's Talk

10 March 2008

The Shire Council wants to build a Big W on Moree's historic Taylor's Oval, where Ancient Indigenous remains have been discovered. One discovery includes a young Indigenous mans remains which was found buried in possum skin and bark.

Tiga Bayles interviews Uncle Lyall Munro who is an advocate for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Rights and Meryl Dillon who is a local shire council worker for Moree. They talk about the history of Moree, the Shire Council and Taylor Park, racial discrimination, Indigenous peoples engagement to the shire council, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Legal Service, Reconciliation, The apology by the Australian Government, what might happen if the Shire Council went along with the diminishment of Taylor's Oval and more.

File Download (47:05 min / 43.1 MB)


Ros Sackley

 Let's Talk

07 March 2008

Tiga Bayles interviews Chair of the National Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Disability Network Gayle Rankin and Deputy Chair Ros Sackley. In this interview they talk about the history of the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Disability Network, where they are at now, the employment strategies for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people with disabilities, service delivery, other services they offer to help Indigenous people with disabilities and much more.

File Download (40:57 min / 37.5 MB)


Aunty Ruth Hegardy and Klynton Wanganeen

 Let's Talk

06 March 2008

Tiga Bayles talks about the Bali Nine and the Australian Cricket Team when Andrew Symonds barged a streaker. He then interviews Aunty Ruth Hegarty who is working with the Stolen Wages Working Group. They talk about the history of the Stolen Wages and what the government has not yet done to resolve the Stolen Wages issue.
Later in the show Tiga interviews South Australian Commissioner Klynton Wanganeen and is of Narungga-Ngarrindjeri descent. He talks about his role, education and youth, Aboriginal engagement, employment, South Australian Aboriginal Advisory Council, ATSIC and more.

File Download (42:41 min / 39.1 MB)


Madonna Thompson and Neville MacPherson

 Let's Talk

05 March 2008

Tiga Bayles interviews Madonna Thompson who talks about Indigenous Land Use Agreement between Jagera, Yuggera and Ugarapul People and Toowoomba City Council, Tiga also interviews member of the National Native Title Tribunal based in Melbourne Neville MacPherson. They talk about NNTT, the difference between indigenous land use agreements and native title determinations, other indigenous groups and local government authorities that are also reaching indigenous land use agreements and more.

File Download (48:08 min / 44.1 MB)


Gary Highland and Phil Glendenning

 Let's Talk

03 March 2008

Tiga Bayles interviews ANTaR National Director Gary Highland and Director of the Edmund Rice Centre Phil Glendenning. They talk about the Edmund Rice Centre and what it has to offer to Indigenous people, youth asylum seekers, they talk about the Brooklyn Project, some of the history of Australia, Indigenous life expectancy, they talk about future campaigns, the National Indigenous Youth Movement, The apology, the government ruling out compensation, Welfare Quarantining, The Brining Them Home Report, The Stolen Generation, The Northern Territory Intervention, refugees, work choices for people and more.

File Download (46:31 min / 42.6 MB)


Pou Pensio and Cianne Delua

 Let's Talk

28 February 2008

Tiga Bayles interviews Poi Pensio who is the Program Manager in the Torres Strait health District. He tells about his health conditions, why he thinks culture is important to change the life expectancy of Indigenous peoples, Building Healthy Communities Conference, Life Style Changes program, what people should be eating, The Apology by Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and more.

Tiga then interviews Cianne Delua who is a Psychologist and has worked in health for 30 years. She talks about an Indigenous women's organisation called Mookai Rosie Bi Biyan (meaning Aunty Rosie's Place). She talks about Mookai Rosie Bi Biyan, what they do to help Indigenous women, the medical services they offer to women, a film on how to keep your baby healthy called “It's Your Choice”, malnutrition, alcohol and smoking and more.

File Download (40:08 min / 36.8 MB)


Glen Laverick and Kristy Hill

 Let's Talk

27 February 2008

Tiga Bayles interviews Glen Laverick a Health Worker who has traveled the world to communities and is now in Australia. Building Healthy Communities conference which, is funded by the Department of Health and Aging. They talk about the similarities of all communities he has visited world wide, sustaining communities, community empowerment, what the community needs from the government, third world countries.

Tiga then interviews Kristy Hill who works for the Royal Flying Doctors and is based in Cairns. They talk about what the Royal Flying doctor do, Drop the Rock Campaign, The Health Action Team, training more people about Building Healthy Communities and much more.

File Download (47:34 min / 43.6 MB)


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