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Leah Purcell

 Let's Talk

25 November 2008

Karen Dorante spoke with Aboriginal Centre for Performing Arts (ACPA) director, Leah Purcell.

File Download (40:07 min / 27.6 MB)


Paul Herbert

 Let's Talk

24 November 2008

Tiga Bayles spoke with Federation of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Languages (FATSIL) National Manager, Paul Herbert, They spoke about FATSIL's campaign for a national inquiry, An update on what's going on with language policy in NT schools and much more.

File Download (39:35 min / 27.2 MB)


Gordon Syron

 Let's Talk

21 November 2008

Karen Dorante spoke with Redfern-based artist, Gordon Syron. Gordon is currently trying to find a home for a huge collection of artworks he's collected over the past 30 or more years.

File Download (42:01 min / 28.9 MB)


Alf Lacey

 Let's Talk

20 November 2008

Karen Dorante spoke with Palm Island Mayor, Alf Lacey. They spoke about the Palm Island Indigenous Rodeo, about what's going to happen with their Liquor Licensee applicants if they don't get their approval to run the pub before the December 1 deadline for the Council's to cease operating the pub, AMP issues, water issues and many other issues.

File Download (43:47 min / 30.1 MB)


Tony Fitzgerald

 Let's Talk

19 November 2008

Tiga Bayles spoke with Anti-Discrimination Commissioner in the Northern Territory (NT), Tony Fitzgerald. They speak about the Indigenous issues in the Northern Territory and the Northern Territory Intervention.

File Download (47:04 min / 32.4 MB)


Chris Graham

 Let's Talk

18 November 2008

Tiga Bayles spoke with The National Indigenous Times editor, Chris Graham.

File Download (48:54 min / 33.6 MB)


Eileen Cummings

 Let's Talk

17 November 2008

Karen Dorante spoke with Eileen Cummings from the Bulman and Ngkurr Communities in the NT and a former Policy Advisor to the Chief Minister of the Northern Territory on Aboriginal and Women's Affairs.

File Download (44:51 min / 30.8 MB)


Merilyn Haines & Dr. Andrew Harms

 Let's Talk

14 November 2008

Tiga Bayles spoke with representatives from Queenslanders For Safe Water (Air & Food) Inc. Merilyn Haines, spokesperson for QAWF (Queenslanders Against Water
Fluoridation) and Dentist Dr. Andrew Harms from Adelaide. They talk about their concernes about the effects of fluoridated water will have on Indigenous people.

Dentist Dr Andrew Harms from Adelaide will also be on 08 8357 1651.

File Download (43:59 min / 30.2 MB)


Les Malezer

 Let's Talk

13 November 2008

Tiga Bayles spoke with Foundation for Aboriginal and Islander Research Action (FAIRA) Chair, Les Malezer. They spoke about the 60th anniversary global UN Declaration on Human Rights.

File Download (44:27 min / 30.6 MB)


Jason Mifsud, Jason McCartney & Nathan Bower

 Let's Talk

12 November 2008

Tiga Bayles spoke with Manager of the National Indigenous Program AFL, Jason Mifsud, former AFL player and Jason McCartney and former AFL player Nathan Bower.

File Download (48:12 min / 33.1 MB)


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