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Tony Alberts

 Let's Talk

10 July 2009

Karen Dorante spoke with Tony Alberts, Queensland Art Gallery's Exhibitions Project Officer and Indigenous Trainee Coordinator. They spoke about the Palm Island photography exhibition opened at the Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA) called Thru the Lens.

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Senator Rachel Siewert and Karen Walter

 Let's Talk

09 July 2009

Tiga Bayles spoke with West Australian Senator and Greens Spokesperson for Indigenous Affairs Senator Rachel Siewert. They spoke about COAG Council of Australian Governments and the Productivity Commission and Indigenous issues in Western Australia. Tiga also spoke with Karen Walter from the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Legal Service (ATSILS). They spoke about the background of ATSILS, arrest powers of police, providing or not providing names and addresses to police, teaser use in Australia by police and Murri Court.

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Bob Weatherall

 Let's Talk

08 July 2009

Tiga Bayles spoke with Center for Cultural Indigenous Policy Chair, Bob Weatherall. They talked about Repatriation of human remains spread around the world, Aboriginal land and traditional ways and cultural practices, education, culture and Stolen Generation.

File Download (41:09 min / 28.3 MB)


Wilo Muwadda and Dion Tatow

 Let's Talk

07 July 2009

Karen Dorante spoke with Wilo Muwadda, Queensland Association for Healthy Communities (QAHC) Senior Health Promotion Officer and Dion Tatow, Queensland Aboriginal and Islander Health Council (QAIHC) Executive Officer. They spoke about the relaunching of Condoman which aims to deliver HIV/AIDS and sexual health promotion by engaging and re-engaging the attention of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities through the redesign and reintroduction of the character Condoman, originally conceived and launched in Townsville in the late 1980s.
Utilising the previous social marketing success of Condoman, the project will use current graphic design technology to engage and appeal to young people who now have exposure and access to multimedia technology.
The reinvigorated and modernised Condoman will also reconnect with people who previously knew him from earlier health promotion material and Indigenous Health.

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Dr Mick Adams

 Let's Talk

06 July 2009

Tiga Bayles spoke with Dr Mick Adams, Chair of the National Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation. Mick is a descendant of the Yadhiagana people of Cape York Peninsula in Queensland having traditional family ties with the Gringji people of Central Western Northern Territory and extended family relationship with the people of the Torres Straits, Warlpiri (Yuendumu) and East Arnhem Land (Gurrumaru) communities. They spoke about education issues for Indigenous kids, health, employment and over crowding housing issues.

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Michael Mansell

 Let's Talk

03 July 2009

Karen Dorante spoke with Tasmanian Aboriginal leader, lawyer and Land Rights Campaigner, Michael Mansell. They spoke about the politics of housing, anti-discrimination, CDEP and Indigenous Issues.

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Matt Stevens and Kylie Jericho

 Let's Talk

02 July 2009

Tiga Bayles spoke with Data Analyst from Charles Darwin University, Matt Stevens and Kylie Jericho, Amity Community Services Coordinator. They spoke about gambling in communities.

File Download (40:05 min / 27.6 MB)


Ailsa Lively

 Let's Talk

01 July 2009

Tiga Bayles spoke with Yarrabah's Gindaja Treatment and Healing Indigenous Corporation CEO, Ailsa Lively. They spoke about the Treatment and Healing Indigenous Corporation, and drug and alcohol proboblems in Yarrabah.

File Download (38:09 min / 26.2 MB)


Chris Graham

 Let's Talk

30 June 2009

Tiga Bayles spoke with Editor of the National Indigenous Time Editor, Chris Graham. They spoke about Indigenous affairs and whats in the latest Edition of the Indigenous Times.

File Download (33:08 min / 22.8 MB)


Kelrick Martin

 Let's Talk

29 June 2009

Tiga Bayles spoke with director of "Mad Morro", Kelrick Martin. They spoke about Mad Morro, a documentary about James Morris, an Indigenous man who was sent to prison for armed robbery and assault at age 18. He was nicknamed Mad Morro because of his reputation for fighting. To recognise NAIDOC week SBS will be screening Mad Morro.

File Download (46:59 min / 32.3 MB)


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