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Ron McKellar

 Let's Talk

24 July 2009

Tiga Bayles spoke with Ron McKellar. They spoke about Ron's life experiences.

File Download (44:17 min / 30.4 MB)


Chris Sarra

 Let's Talk

23 July 2009

Tiga Bayles spoke with Chris Sarra, Executive Director of the Indigenous Education Leaders Institute. They spoke about education issues, teaching, teacher summit, Aboriginal myths vs. white education and Indigenising Curriculum.

File Download (48:03 min / 33 MB)


Neil Gillespie

 Let's Talk

22 July 2009

Tiga Bayles spoke with CEO of the Aboriginal Legal Rights Movement (ALRM) in Adelaide, Neil Gillespie. They spoke about environmental vandals, influence of racism cause of incarceration, health issues, transporting of a prisoner, Human Rights Commission, treatment of Aboriginal people in this country, funding, legal aid and national movement.

File Download (46:48 min / 32.2 MB)


Rachel Atkinson

 Let's Talk

21 July 2009

Tiga Bayles spoke with the Manager of the Palm Island Community Company, Rachel Atkinson. They spoke about issues on Palm Island, Indigenous issues and NAIDOC week celebrations.

File Download (38:42 min / 26.6 MB)


Marc Newhouse

 Let's Talk

20 July 2009

Tiga Bayles spoke with Western Australia's Deaths in Custody Watch Committee Chair, Marc Newhouse. They spoke about Deaths in Custody in particular the death of Mr Ward a respected Warburton Aboriginal community elder.

File Download (39:13 min / 27 MB)


Danny Sebasio

 Let's Talk

17 July 2009

Karen Dorante spoke with Ergon Energy's mechanical fitter from Thursday Island, Danny Sebasio, named National NAIDOC Apprentice of the Year also a finalist for Apprentice of the Year in Queensland Training Awards' North Queensland Region presentations in Townsville. They spoke about the NAIDOC awards, work in the Torres Strait, lack of opportunity's and Indigenous issues.

File Download (39:59 min / 27.5 MB)


Bob Weatheral

 Let's Talk

16 July 2009

Tiga Bayles spoke with Center for Cultural Indigenous Policy chair Bob Weatherall. They spoke about Repatriation work and Inclusive Museums Conference.

File Download (23:36 min / 16.2 MB)


James McDougall

 Let's Talk

15 July 2009

Tiga Bayles spoke with Director of the National Children's and Youth Law Center, James McDougall. They spoke about convention on the rights of the child, health and education, high rate of imprisonment of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People and law and rights.

File Download (37:49 min / 26 MB)


Chris Graham

 Let's Talk

14 July 2009

Tiga Bayles spoke with The National Indigenous Times Editor, Chris Graham. They spoke about NAIDOC week, Indigenous issues & affairs and whats some of the story's are in this fortnights National Indigenous Times newspaper.

File Download (49:59 min / 34.4 MB)


Wayne Quilliam

 Let's Talk

13 July 2009

Tiga Bayles spoke with Wayne Quilliam a photographer based in Melbourne, who has been working in the Australian and International scene for many years and the Artist of the Year winner at the 2009 NAIDOC Awards in Brisbane.

File Download (31:00 min / 21.3 MB)


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