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Louise De Busch, Conrad Yeatman, Charmaine Yeatman & Aunty Betty McGrady

 Let's Talk

11 December 2008

Tiga Bayles spoke with Kullun Youth Services Executive Manager, Louise De Busch, Campfire Project board member, and one of the directors of Kullun Youth Services, Conrad Yeatman, Managing Director of One Time, Charmaine Yeatman & Logan elder Aunty Betty McGrady.

File Download (42:49 min / 29.4 MB)


Linda Burney

 Let's Talk

10 December 2008

Tiga Bayles spoke with New South Wales MP & Minister for Community Services, Linda Burney.

File Download (41:16 min / 28.4 MB)


Michael Mansell

 Let's Talk

09 December 2008

Karen Dorante spoke with Legal Director at the Tasmanian Aboriginal Center, Michael Mansell.

File Download (47:20 min / 32.5 MB)


Trevor Buzzacott

 Let's Talk

08 December 2008

Karen Dorante spoke with Trevor Buzzacott, Trevor is one of five authors of a book called 'Beyond Sandy Blight: Five Aboriginal Experiences as Staff on the National Trachoma and Eye Health Program'. His co-authors were Jilpia Nappaljari Jones, Gordon Briscoe, Reg Murray and Rose Murray. This is the first time Aboriginal members of the original trachoma team have documented their experiences of more than 30 years ago. At the time Trevor was a member of the community liaison team for the program.

File Download (51:43 min / 35.6 MB)


Ivan Copley

 Let's Talk

05 December 2008

Karen Dorante spoke with South Australia's Indigenous Engagement Manager for the Australian Bureau of Statistics State Statistics Coordination Unit, Ivan Copley. Ivan is a recent TAFE graduate and South Australian of the Year, Ivan was nominated as Australian of the Year for his devotion to reconciliation and helping Indigenous people, he has also been short-listed in the category of community service (individual) for the 2008 Human Rights Medals and Awards.

File Download (45:49 min / 31.5 MB)


Jenny Macklin and Michael Anderson

 Let's Talk

04 December 2008

Karen Dorante spoke with Federal Indigenous Affairs Minister, Jenny Macklin and Tent Embassy founder, Michael Anderson.

File Download (43:23 min / 29.8 MB)


Peter Guivarra and Ricky Guivarra

 Let's Talk

03 December 2008

Tiga Bayles spoke with the Mapoon Mayor Peter Guivarra and Councillor Ricky Guivarra, Coordinator of the Justice Group in Mapoon.

File Download (34:30 min / 23.7 MB)


Chris Graham

 Let's Talk

02 December 2008

Karen Dorante spoke with the editor of The National Indigenous Times, Chris Graham.

File Download (43:16 min / 29.8 MB)


Professor Larissa Behrendt

 Let's Talk

01 December 2008

Tiga Bayles spoke with Professor of Law & Director of Research at the Jumbunna Indigenous House of Learning at UTS in Sydney, Larissa Behrendt.

File Download (48:30 min / 33.3 MB)


Chris Heelan, Michelle Earthy, Campbell Bairstow and Rebecca Martin

 Let's Talk

28 November 2008

Karen Dorante spoke with Chris Heelan, the General Manager of the Centre for Indigenous Education at Melbourne University, Michelle Earthy, the Project Officer with the Centre for Indigenous Education, Campbell Bairstow the Dean of Trinity College and Student studying at the Melbourne University, Rebecca Martin.

File Download (47:03 min / 32.3 MB)


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