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Professor Larrissa Berent

 Let's Talk

02 October 2006

Tiga Bayles interviews Professor Larrissa Berent who is the Director of Reseach of Jambana Centre which is in the University of Technology in Sydney and is a Professor of Law and an Author. In this interview they talk about the Noongar Native Title.

File Download (38:16 min / 13.2 MB)


Ray Jackson & Andrew Boe

 Let's Talk

28 September 2006

Ray Jackson – Indigenous Social Justice Association President

File Download (35:08 min / 12.1 MB)


Glen Kelly

 Let's Talk

21 September 2006

Tiga Bayles interviews Glen Kelly who is the CEO of the South West Aboriginal Land and Sea Council. This interview is about the win by the Noongar Native Title.

File Download (19:29 min / 6.7 MB)


Barry Melser

 Let's Talk

20 September 2006

Tiga Bayles inerviews Barry Melser and he is the Cooridinator of Natanaluey is a community initiative set up about 17 years ago with the Catholic Ed where they teach Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural studies. Barry Melser wants to teach mainstream kids why dance is so important, painting and other indigenous cultural acts. Find out about workshops and more.

File Download (27:54 min / 9.6 MB)


Rhona Appo

 Let's Talk

19 September 2006

Tiga Bayles interviews Rhonda Appo who is the Manager of The Indigenous Engagement Project which is fnded by DEST in Canberra. This is about getting Indigenous people involved in technology.

File Download (37:25 min / 12.9 MB)


Craig Ryans

 Let's Talk

15 September 2006

Tiga Bayles interviews Graig Ryans who is the Manager of Mens Group. This is a group where men can go to for help or just to talk. Find out more about the Mens Group.

File Download (34:19 min / 11.8 MB)


Everlyn Barker and Natalie Islyn

 Let's Talk

13 September 2006

Everlyn is involved in Circle Sentencing which is a group of elders and they meet together to deal with Justice issues, The Community Justice and much more. She's says jail isn't the answer for Aboriginal people. And Natalie is involved with the Dubbo working party and the Dubbo Tennancy Group. Listen in to find out more about these two women, racism in Dubbo and what they do to help communities and Indigenous people.

File Download (33:07 min / 11.4 MB)


Gary Hyland

 Let's Talk

12 September 2006

ANTA Director

File Download (33:19 min / 11.5 MB)


Stewart Markuit

 Let's Talk

11 September 2006

Tiga Bayles interviews Stewart Markuit who is the Justice Coordinator of Wujil Wujil. In this interview Stewart talks about Wujil Wujil and what the community needs.

File Download (28:33 min / 9.8 MB)


Sol Blair

 Let's Talk

07 September 2006

Topic: Redfern Redevelopment

File Download (54:35 min / 18.8 MB)


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