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Heron Loban and Aaron Davis

 Let's Talk

15 April 2009

Tiga Bayles spoke with Chair Heron Loban & CEO Aaron Davis of the Indigenous Consumers Assistance Network (ICAN). They speak about the Indigenous Consumer Assistance Network Ltd (ICAN) and James Cook University (JCU) partnering to do an Indigenous Consumer protection research project.

File Download (42:57 min / 29.5 MB)


Daniel Bracegirdle and Joel Ngallametta

 Let's Talk

14 April 2009

Daniel Bracegirdle from WikMedia. They spoke about the hading down of knowledge, documentation and recordings in Aurukun, Chalco mine and the cost of food produces in the community. Tiga also spoke with Joel Ngallametta a local elder from Aurukun about community life, the passing down of knowledge for the next generation.

File Download (38:29 min / 26.5 MB)


Sandra Meihubers

 Let's Talk

09 April 2009

Karen Dorante spoke with Bila Muuji Aboriginal Health Services Oral Health Advisor, Sandra Meihubers. they speak about indigenous oral health.

File Download (35:01 min / 24.1 MB)


Chris Graham

 Let's Talk

08 April 2009

Karen Dorante spoke with National Indigenous Times editor Chris Graham. Chris gives reviews on Indigenous Affairs – UN Declaration, NT Intervention etc.

File Download (44:00 min / 30.2 MB)


Jeremy Geia

 Let's Talk

07 April 2009

Tiga Bayles spoke with Jeremy Geia a local identity in Cairns.

File Download (39:51 min / 27.4 MB)


Marita Budden

 Let's Talk

03 April 2009

Karen Dorante spoke with Owner and Manager of Magarra Gallery in Atherton, Marita Budden. They spoke about the first opening of the Rainforest Art Movements Exhibition, how Magarra developed and her passion for encouraging other people to 'get amongst it' and start their own business and the recent Indigenous tourism conference in Townsville.

File Download (46:44 min / 32.1 MB)


Tim Goodwin

 Let's Talk

02 April 2009

Tiga Bayles spoke with Tim Goodwin Chair National Indigenous Youth Movement and the new Advisory Body to replace ATSIC. They speak about Indigenous Affairs – poor health, housing and unemployment, National Representative Body and Northern Territory Intervention.

File Download (45:37 min / 31.4 MB)


Graeme Neate and Niki Kormendy

 Let's Talk

31 March 2009

Tiga Bayles spoke with Graeme Neate president of the National Native Title Tribunal and Niki Kormendy. They speak about Native Title covering all states with a focus on Queensland and South Australia and the national media statement about the National Report Card.

File Download (45:45 min / 31.5 MB)


Kara Touchie

 Let's Talk

27 March 2009

Karen Dorante spoke with Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) Indigenous Officer, Kara Touchie. They spoke about the focus of her work being to encourage people to be part of the Indigenous workers survey and more.

File Download (40:28 min / 27.8 MB)


Peter Guivarra

 Let's Talk

26 March 2009

Tiga Bayles spoke with Mapoon Mayor Peter Guivarra. They spoke about the various royalty agreements they have as a result of being on country that is 'surrounded by mines' and army project just about to launch in the community and which involves a number of engagement projects as well as infrastructure support and construction.

File Download (45:46 min / 31.5 MB)


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