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Professor Larissa Behrendt

 Let's Talk

23 February 2009

Karen Dorante spoke with Professor of Law & Director of Research at the Jumbunna Indigenous House of Learning at UTS in Sydney, Larissa Behrendt.

File Download (43:58 min / 30.2 MB)


Kerrianne Cox

 Let's Talk

20 February 2009

Karen Dorante spoke with well-known musician and former Chair of the Western Australian Community Beagle Bay, Kerrianne Cox.

File Download (41:12 min / 28.3 MB)


Michael Mansell

 Let's Talk

19 February 2009

Tiga Bayles spoke with Tasmanian Aboriginal leader, lawyer and Land Rights Campaigner, Michael Mansell.

File Download (46:37 min / 32 MB)


Meg Perkins and Noritta Morseu Diop

 Let's Talk

18 February 2009

Tiga Bayles spoke with Meg Perkins and Noritta Morseu Diop, participants from the ANTaR 'Reducing Indigenous Imprisonment' forum.

File Download (44:51 min / 30.8 MB)


Yingiya Guyula and John Greatorex

 Let's Talk

17 February 2009

Tiga Bayles spoke with Yolgnu Studies lecturers at University in Darwin, Yingiya Guyula and John Greatorex.

File Download (46:17 min / 31.8 MB)


Tom Clama

 Let's Talk

16 February 2009

Tiga Bayles Spoke with Social Justice Commissioner Tom Calma.

Recordings from the Australian Parliament House in Canberra to make the 1st Anniversary of the Apology and the launch of Sorry More Then Just a Word exhibition.

Guest speakers Matilda House Ngambri Elder, Jenny Macklin, Minister for Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs, Lorraine Peters, Stolen Generations Survivor and NSW Senior Australian of the Year, Lowitja O'Donahue, former Australia of the Year and former ASTI Chair, Deb Hocking, Stolen Generation Survivors and one of the founders of the Stolen Generations Alliance and David Hollingsworth from the Stolen Generations Alliance.

File Download (47:34 min / 32.7 MB)


Harold Furber

 Let's Talk

13 February 2009

Karen Dorante spoke with Chair of the Central Australian Stolen Generations & Families Aboriginal Corporation, Harold Furber.

File Download (40:55 min / 28.1 MB)


Sam Watson

 Let's Talk

12 February 2009

Tiga Bayles caught up with Sam Watson.

File Download (22:01 min / 15.2 MB)


Bob McCullough

 Let's Talk

11 February 2009

Tiga Bayles spoke with the President of the Australian Indigenous Games Foundation, Bob McCullough.

File Download (43:00 min / 29.6 MB)


Chris Graham

 Let's Talk

10 February 2009

Karen Dorante spoke with the Editor of The National Indigenous Times, Chris Graham.

File Download (48:01 min / 33 MB)


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