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Jay Turner and Rory O’Connor

 Let's Talk

13 August 2009

Karen Dorante spoke with Jay Turner and Rory O'Connor, joint founder of The Drumley Walk, member of the Yugambeh Aboriginal community and Vice President of the Yugambeh Museum. They spoke about the The Drumley Walk.

File Download (17:52 min / 12.3 MB)


Alf Lacey, William Sullivan and Karen Walters

 Let's Talk

12 August 2009

Tiga Bayles spoke with Palm Island Mayor, Alf Lacey and William Sullivan, Community Help Development Officer for the Woorabinda Council. They spoke about the idea of introducing a black card (simalar to the blue card) into Indigenous communities and education. Tiga also spoke with Karen Walters from the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Legal Service (ATSILS).

File Download (40:43 min / 28 MB)


Chris Graham

 Let's Talk

11 August 2009

Tiga Bayles spoke Chris Graham, Editor of the National Indigenous Times. They spoke about Indigenous housing issues and the government.

File Download (49:01 min / 33.7 MB)


Gibson Hudson, Evelyn Levi and Irene Feuz

 Let's Talk

10 August 2009

Tiga Bayles spoke with Torres Strait Islander Railway History Group Chair Gibson Hudson, Committee Member Evelyn Levi and Coordinator Irene Feuz. They spoke about working on the the Railway and the history and about a ‘musical' ‘Dancing the Line' based on the railway history of Torres Strait Islanders aimed to bring a connection between the homeland (Torres Strait) and the mainland with Leah Purcell as director.

File Download (40:36 min / 27.9 MB)


Tom Mosby

 Let's Talk

07 August 2009

Karen Dorante spoke with Tom Mosby, a former contestant from Channel 10's TV series Master Chef Australia. They spoke about life growing up in the Torres Straits, his schooling, career paths, Master Chef Australia experience and about what Tom is doing now.

File Download (38:29 min / 26.5 MB)


Trevor Keeling

 Let's Talk

06 August 2009

Tiga Bayles spoke with CEO of the Mornington Gununa Island Aboriginal Corporation (Arts & Crafts Center), Trevor Keeling. They spoke about traditional and contemporary art, traditional dance, Keeping culture, education issues and community issues.

File Download (43:38 min / 30 MB)


Samantha Backman

 Let's Talk

05 August 2009

Karen Dorante spoke with Samantha Backman.

File Download (38:40 min / 26.6 MB)


Dennis Eggington

 Let's Talk

04 August 2009

Karen Dorante spoke with West Australia's Aboriginal Legal Services CEO, Dennis Eggington.

File Download (35:32 min / 24.4 MB)


Les Malezer

 Let's Talk

03 August 2009

Tiga Bayles spoke with Chairperson of the Foundation for Aboriginal and Islander Research Action (FAIRA), Les Malezer. They spoke about Human Rights for Indigenous people, “DECLARATION ON THE RIGHTS OF INDIGENOUS PEOPLES” – Conference and the Northern Territory Intervention.

File Download (47:14 min / 32.5 MB)


Diane Moon

 Let's Talk

31 July 2009

Karen Dorante spoke with Diane Moon, Indigenous Fiber Art Curator at the Queensland Art Gallery. They spoke about a new exhibition Diane has put together titled "Floating Life: Contemporary Aboriginal Fiber Art is at the Gallery of Modern Art" which is on display at the Gallery of Modern Art. They also spoke about how Diane became interested in Aboriginal art, the exhibition and how it came together. She also discussed some of the objects and artists featured in Floating Life.

File Download (33:30 min / 23 MB)


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