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Tim Goodwin

 Let's Talk

07 May 2008

Tiga Bayles interviews Tim Goodwin Deputy Chair of The National Indigenous Youth Movement of Australia. They talk about career pathways, researching Aboriginal and Islander Issues, government policies, National Indigenous Youth Movement of Australia, 2020 Summit, Treaty, Northern Territory Intervention, Indigenous people's rights, Indigenous affairs and climate change.

File Download (39:13 min / 13.5 MB)


Jackie Huggins and Chris Graham

 Let's Talk

06 May 2008

Tiga Bayles interviews Jackie Huggins Deputy Director of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Research Unit at the University of Queensland. They talk about lectures at the university, Northern Territory Intervention, Introduction of the Families Responsibility Bill in four communities, health issues, education, 2020 summit, National Representative Indigenous Body & Queensland Advisory Body. Tiga Bayles also caught up with Chris Graham editor of the National Indigenous Times they talk about Aboriginal land rights, Native Title, Aboriginal War Memorial in Canberra and 2020 Summit.

File Download (34:51 min / 12 MB)


Tim Duggin

 Let's Talk

02 May 2008

Karen Dorante interviews former basketball champion, HIV awareness campaigner and Northern Territory basketball director of coaching Tim Duggin. They talk about his basketball career, training, participation of Indigenous people in the sport of basketball in communities, his role of being director of coaching in the Northern Territory and Hoops'n'Health in Darwin.

File Download (38:07 min / 13.1 MB)


Ann Matson and Justin Saunders

 Let's Talk

01 May 2008

Tiga Bayles interviews Ann Matson who a Community campaigner with Oxfam and Executive Officer with QAIHC Queensland Aboriginal and Islander health Council Justin Saunders. They talk about Closing the Gap campaign & singing of the statement of intent, human rights, improving Indigenous health, improving preventable dieses for Indigenous people, Indigenous health services & programs and community controlled health care services.

File Download (30:19 min / 10.5 MB)


Rodney Dillon

 Let's Talk

30 April 2008

Tiga Bayles interviews Rodney Dillon who is the Indigenous Coordinator for Amnesty International. They talk about human rights, Racial Discrimination Act, The Little Children are Sacred Report, The Northern Territory Intervention, 2020 Summit, Indigenous Deaths in Custody, Indigenous health, The United Nations Declaration for the Rights on Indigenous People, Stolen Wages, Compensation, The 1967 Referendum, genocide, education and more.

File Download (36:23 min / 33.4 MB)


Neil Gillespie

 Let's Talk

29 April 2008

Tiga Bayles interviews Neil Gillespie who is the CEO of South Australia Aboriginal Legal Rights Movement and father of Australian Cricketer Jason Gillespie. He talks about his son and the Australian Cricket Team, Legal Aid, The Native Title Act, accessing funding, land rights, The Stolen Generation and more.

File Download (39:34 min / 36.3 MB)


Mick Gooda

 Let's Talk

28 April 2008

Tiga Bayles interviews Mick Gooda who works for the Cooperative Research Centre for Aboriginal Health. He also used to work for Social Security, The Western Australian Legal Service, ATSIC and tells of the experiences he had while working for them. They talk about ATSIC, Native Title, Indigenous elders, the changes within the government, the 2020 Summit, Closing the Gap, Indigenous health, housing, CDEP, The Indigenous Life Expectancy, The Northern Territory intervention, The Stolen Generation, The Apology by Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and much more.

File Download (42:09 min / 38.6 MB)


Ray Minniecon and Harry Allie

 Let's Talk

24 April 2008

Tiga Bayles interviews Redfern-based event organiser Ray Minniecon and ex-Air Force Serviceman Harry Allie. They talk about ANZAC Day and tell of their lives and how it was for an Indigenous person to be in the Vietnam wars, Indigenous servicemen and servicewomen, they talk about ‘The Colour Digger' march and much more.

File Download (43:33 min / 39.9 MB)


Cheryl Buchanan

 Let's Talk

23 April 2008

Tiga Bayles interviews Chairperson of the Kooma Traditional Owners Association Cheryl Buchanan. They talk about the Launch of Jamba Dhandan Duringala Nature Refuge Murra Murra Station (115km east of Cunnamulla), Queensland's Environmental Protection Agency, land, wildlife, Indigenous people reconnecting with land and culture, economic programs, the effects on wildlife and what Jamba Dhandan Duringala Nature Refuge will offer, the Department of Natural Resources and Water and much more.

File Download (43:41 min / 40 MB)


Jon Altman

 Let's Talk

22 April 2008

Tiga Bayles interview Jon Altman who is the director of the Centre for Aboriginal Economic Policy Research. They talk about the social economic statistics Indigenous people, the 2020 Summit, Close the Gap, employment, housing, education, access to health services, Indigenous disadvantages and more.

File Download (38:27 min / 35.3 MB)


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