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Aunty Ruth Hegarty and Michael Mansell

 Let's Talk

21 May 2008

Tiga Bayles interviews Aunty Ruth Hegarty. They talk about her view on Stolen Wages and the recent meeting with the Premier. Tiga Bayles also interviews Michael Mansell Legal Director of the Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre. They talk about Traditional activities (Mutton Birding), global warming; how it's affecting Aboriginal culture, the new Labor Government (2020 Summit, Budget) and his thoughts on a National Representation Body.

File Download (37:46 min / 13 MB)


Chris Graham

 Let's Talk

20 May 2008

Tiga Bayles begins Let's Talk with an update on Stolen Wages and then goes on to interview Chris Graham Editor of the National Indigenous Times. They talk about the new Labor Budget & what it means for Indigenous people, NSW Aboriginal Land Council and human rights.

File Download (44:56 min / 15.5 MB)


Geoff Scott and Larissa Behrendt

 Let's Talk

19 May 2008

Tiga Bayles interviews Geoff Scott CEO of the NSW Aboriginal Land Council . They talk about the 25th Anniversary of the Aboriginal Land Council on the 10th of June, legislation, government issues, Indigenous education. Tiga Bayles also talk with Prof. Larissa Behrendt who is Professor of Law and Indigenous Studies at the University of Technology. They talk about the 2020 Summit, Bill of Rights, Legal and Constitutional Affairs, 67th Referendum, Racial Discrimination Act, Aboriginal rights and constitutional reform process.

File Download (39:45 min / 13.7 MB)


Tim Knox

 Let's Talk

16 May 2008

Karen Dorante interviews Tim Knox, Queensland Murray Darling Committee Aboriginal Programs Regional Coordinator. They talk about Tim's background, cultural heritage and program projects.

File Download (37:04 min / 12.8 MB)


Jeff Waters

 Let's Talk

15 May 2008

Tiga Bayles interviews journalist and author Jeff Waters who has spent the last 20 years working as a newspaper, radio and television journalist in six Australian cities and more than 20 countries. He has worked for ABC News and Current Affairs in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Darwin and also for Associated Press Television and CNN. He has won several awards, most recently the Queensland Media Awards Best TV Current Affairs Report (2005 and 2006) and Best Radio Current Affairs (2006). He is currently a Senior Correspondent for the ABC's Australia Network satellite TV news service and lives in Melbourne. They talk about Jeff's book GONE FOR A SONG; A Death in Custody on Palm Island
which closely follows the events that followed the death in custody Mulrunji Doomadgee in 2004.

File Download (45:18 min / 15.6 MB)


Jon Altman, Senator Andrew Bartlett, Kirstie Parker and the Hon. Jenny Macklin MP

 Let's Talk

14 May 2008

Tiga Bayles interviews Jon Altman from the Centre for Aboriginal Economic Policy Research, Senator Andrew Bartlett, Koori Mail editor Kirstie Parker and Minister for Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs the Hon. Jenny Macklin MP. They talk about the new Labor Budget; what it means for Indigenous people and their different views.

File Download (45:37 min / 15.7 MB)


Joe Ross

 Let's Talk

13 May 2008

Tiga Bayles interviews Joe Ross from Fitzroy Crossing. They talk about wages of Aboriginal stock men on outback stations in Western Australia prior to 1967. Suicide rates in Fitzroy Crossing which is the highest in Australia, alcohol bans, CDEP, education, climate change, Indigenous issues, Murray Darling Basin and the 2020 Summit.

File Download (35:38 min / 12.3 MB)


Professor Boni Robertson and Kado Muir

 Let's Talk

12 May 2008

Tiga Bayles interviews Professor Boni Robertson, Professor of Indigenous polices at Griffith University in Brisbane. They talk about the National Welfare Strategy, the Government and the National Apology. Tiga Bayles also interviews Ngalia Heritage Research Council chair Kado Muir. They talk about Kado's back ground, Anthropology & Archeology, about the Ngalia Heritage Research Council, cultural knowledge, Native Title, education issues for Indigenous people, community life style, Indigenous issues, housing issues for Indigenous people, services, mining boom in Western Australia and a Ngalia story.

File Download (47:40 min / 16.4 MB)


Neil Willmett

 Let's Talk

09 May 2008

Karen Dorante interviews Neil Willmett Principal Consultant for Willmett Consultants. They talk about employment for Indigenous people, importance of schooling, employment opportunities after school for young Indigenous people, obstacles that young Indigenous people face, Neil's career change, the mining boom in north Queensland, about Willmett Consultants and the role of South East Queensland Indigenous Chamber of Commerce.

File Download (28:33 min / 19.6 MB)


Brett Solomon and Shaun Edwards

 Let's Talk

08 May 2008

Tiga Bayles interviews Brett Solomon executive director of Get Up. They talk about the organisation Get Up, Climate Change, Closing the Gap, government issues social justices, economic fairness, environment, Kyoto protocol, leadership, Indigenous issues, the National apology and the remix of the 1990s song “From Little Things Big Things Grow” which borrows lines from Kevin Rudd's February apology to the country's "Stolen Generations" for 20th-century policies; the musicians performing the song include the original writers Paul Kelly and Kev Carmody, as well as Missy Higgins and hip-hop singer Urthboy.

Tiga also talk with Volunteer Event Manager for the Kowanyama Baby Festival Shaun Edwards, about the festival, where the event came from, festival engagement, what happing over the two day festival, finding funding, Kowanyama community, Aims, Partnerships, Customary laws, language in Kowanyama and health promotion.

File Download (37:04 min / 14.9 MB)


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