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Stephen Hagan

 Let's Talk

06 August 2007

Tiga Bayles interviews Stephen Hagan who is a and Lecturer at the University of Southern Queensland (USQ) He is also an Academic, Author, Publisher, Documentary film maker of the Nigger Lovers Documentary and Indigenous Activist. In this interview Stephen Hagan talks about the Nigger Brown Stand and the almost bankrupt situation he was in because of the Government not wanting to take the racist sign down. He also talks about Indigenous education, culture, Indigenous studies as a core unit in every Australian high school, Multiculturalism, The Referendum, Liberal and Labor, decolonisation, race, interpretations of the words Indigenous, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, overcrowded housing, his documentary Nigger Lovers and more.

File Download (43:56 min / 15.1 MB)


Janet Craig

 Let's Talk

03 August 2007

Tiga Bayles interviews Janet Craig who is the Managing Director of Dreamtime Public Relations in Adelaide. Dreamtime's passion is to create high quality culturally appropriate visual communications. In this interview Janet talks about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander achievements, culture, spirit, art, talent. She talks about public relations, marketing, graphic design, the Northern Territory intervention, The National Excellence Award in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health, Indigenous painters bing ripped off and more. you can visit their website for more information, or phone them on (08) 8223 2576.
Tiga Bayles then continues with the discussion on credit cards and debit cards and how you can be a victim of a credit card trap. A number of callers tell of their experiences.

File Download (41:21 min / 14.2 MB)


Peter Guivarra and Vince Mundraby

 Let's Talk

02 August 2007

Tiga Bayles interviews the Mayor of Marpoon Peter Guivarra and the Mayor of Yarrabah Vince Mundraby. In this interview they talk about the World's Indigenous people, Stolen Wages, housing, retirement homes, the amalgamation of shire councils, education, changes to legislation, funding for the communities, land and more. Tiga then continues to talk about the Nigger Brown Stand.

File Download (44:26 min / 15.3 MB)


Chris Graham

 Let's Talk

30 July 2007

Tiga Bayles interviews Chris Graham who is the Editor of the National Indigenous Times. In this interview they talk about NITV, funding, compulsory health checks for Indigenous children in the Northern Territory, housing, emergency housing, pornography on national television, The Little Children Report, school attendence, education, Police forces, Dr Hanif and more.

File Download (40:12 min / 13.8 MB)



 Let's Talk

27 July 2007

Tiga Bayles interviews Charlie Hudson who is the Mayor of Napranum, Peter Solley who is the CEO of the Council in Napranum and Dianne Nona who is the CEA Manager of CDEP. In this interview they talk about education, health and lifestyle, housing, refurbished kitchens, timber that is finally being harvested and not wasted, the Napranum mine, amalgamations of councils, CDEP and jobs in the community, land, the Indigenous Partnership Agreement in Napranum, loss of Indigenous land, Indigenous Achievements and more.

File Download (45:56 min / 15.8 MB)


Mark Bin Bakar – Mary G

 Let's Talk

26 July 2007

Tiga Bayles interviews Mark Bin Bakar who is the Chairman of the Kimberley Stolen Generation Aboriginal Corporation and the man behind Mary G, a character based on the experiences of Stolen Generation women. His own mother was taken as a three-year-old when she never returned from a visit to hospital, sent instead to an orphanage. Mary G is a comedian and is known as the Queen of the Kimberley's. This interview is about the Stolen Generation, Bringing Them Home report, Native Titles, Indigenous massacres, Australian history, spirituality, his life and family, how he became to be Mary G and more.

File Download (45:33 min / 15.7 MB)


Napranum Health

 Let's Talk

25 July 2007

Tiga Bayles interviews Michael Drahm who is a mental health worker for QLD Health, Gloria Wallis who is a senior health worker for the Napranum Clinic and Ron Unwin who is the team leader of the Northern Area Community Forensic Service and also works for QLD Health. In this interview they talk about the Social and Emotional Wellbeing Program in Napranum, Mental Health, workshops, child health, domestic violence, bush tucker, employment, education, CDEP, colonisation, positive communities, the Men's meeting and breakfast that took place in Napranum, justice and more.

File Download (26:23 min / 24.2 MB)


Joseph Elu

 Let's Talk

24 July 2007

Tiga Bayles interviews Joseph Elu who is the Chief of Indigenous Business Australia. In this interview they talk about how they are trying to keep going with 'business as normal' in the current context of lots of changes, Aboriginal Corporations and Pty Ltd's, Aboriginal enterprises, Office of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Corporations, banking, home ownership businesses, CDEP and more.

File Download (35:04 min / 12.1 MB)


Tom Calma

 Let's Talk

23 July 2007

Tiga Bayles interviews HREOC Social Justice Commissioner Tom Calma. In this interview they talk about the Prime Minister's response to the 'Little Children are Sacred' report, the 1967 Referendum Conference, employment, Human Rights and Equal Opportunity, the changes to CDEP, health checks for Indigenous children, housing, colonisation, Indigenous Stolen Wages and more.

File Download (47:05 min / 16.2 MB)


Professor Judy Atkinson

 Let's Talk

20 July 2007

Tiga Bayles interviews Indigenous activist and academic, and head of Southern Cross University's Gnibi College of Indigenous Australian Peoples, Professor Judy Atkinson. This interview is about Judy Atkinson's life. She talks about her childhood, schooling, Indigenous massacres on her homeland, the Intervention of the Northern Territory Aboriginal communities, the Freedom Photo Movement in the United States, her degree in Professional Writing, Media and Film Making, the invasion of Australia, Sexual Violence, Colonisation of Aboriginal Men, Steve Hagan's influence on her life, her German heritage, Christianity, children and education and much more. Judy Atkinson is also passionate about writing poetry and reads a number of them throughout the interview.

File Download (44:18 min / 15.2 MB)


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