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Lets Talk- Uncle Kevin Buzzacott

 Let's Talk

12 September 2017

This morning on Let’s Talk Boe speaks with Uncle Kevin Buzzacott from the ARABANA people in South Australia. Uncle Kevin has been involved in a long standing battle with BHP’s Olympic Dam located in South Australia.

Blues with a Feeling

 Blues with a Feeling

11 September 2017

Join “Shakey” Shaun Bindley for an evening of great Blues music on 98.9FM  and the National Indigenous Radio Service Network (NIRS).

Lets Talk- Heritier Lumumba

 Let's Talk

08 September 2017

Boe Speaks with former AFL star Heritier Lumumba about racism in Australia and how it affected him but more importantly how he over came it.

Lets Talk- Wild Black Woman

 Let's Talk

07 September 2017

‘Wild Black Women’ Chelsea talks with Angelina Hurley about all things that made them ‘wild’ this week.

Lets Talk- Kaava Chris and Boe

 Let's Talk

06 September 2017

Today on Lets Talk Kaava yarns with Chris Graham and Boe Spearim on all things current in news today

Lets Talk- Amy McGuire

 Let's Talk

05 September 2017

Boe and Kaava talk to an old friend Amy Mcquire on her efforts to launch “Cop Watch” a program to train Aboriginal communities about using mobile phones to document instances of harassment by authorities.

Lets Talk- Clinton Pryor

 Let's Talk

04 September 2017

On lets Talk today Boe and Kaava yarned with Clinton Pryor. Clinton has recently finished his walk for justice, a year long walk spanning almost 6000km across the country for Aboriginal rights.

Sports Talk

 Sports Talk

01 September 2017

Dan Rennie and Elijah Blair are talking all things sports for 98.8fm.

The Drive- Casey Barnes


01 September 2017

Today on Drive Elijah chats with singer-song writer Casey Barnes, talking all things country music as well as Casey’s new single ‘Keep me coming back’. It’s a cracking chat and a must listen.

Three Chords and the Truth


31 August 2017

Join hosts Paddy McHugh & Jen Mize in exploring songwriters and music with meaning in Alt. Country, Roots & Americana, here in Australia and around the world. Music, interviews and musings every Thursday nights from 6pm and the repeat from 10am Sunday morning.


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