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Let's Talk

Rachelle McIvor and Gavin Allum

 Let's Talk

18 April 2007

Tiga Bayles interviews Rachelle McIvor who is a young Indigenous woman and mother of one and Gavin Allum who is from Hopevale, a small community 40km from Cape York in QLD. They talk about the challenges and concerns in Hopevale including the AMP and to make Hopevale as a town which is now still known as a mission. Gavin also talks about himself having a criminal record for bringing too much alcohol into Hopevale. He argues why the rest of Australia can have unlimited alcohol and Hopevale can't.

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Australian National Parks

 Let's Talk

17 April 2007

Tiga Bayles interviews Senator Andrew Bartlett and Western Australian Liberal Senator Alan Eggleston. This interview is about the recommendations and exec summary from the recent Senate inquiry into managing Australia's national parks, conservation reserves and marine protected areas and getting Aboriginal people more involved in these areas for they know more history of the place, culture, plants, animals and more. They discuss areas such as Uluru in NT, Burrup and the Gasgoyne area in WA and national parks all over Australia.

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WA Death in Custody

 Let's Talk

16 April 2007

Tiga Bayles interviews WA Deaths in custody Watch Committee member Marc Newhouse and Khristo Newall, along with Carl Woods Family Spokesperson Mervyn Eades.
This interview is about Carl Woods who died within minutes of being arrested.



Carl Woods, father of three, died at the scene of a home invasion last year
within minutes of being arrested. His death and the circumstances which led
it have not yet been adequately investigated or explained, not for his
nor to the wider community. To date, no officers have been stood down, and
only investigations into the events of this terrible death have been by the
police themselves.

The Deaths In Custody Watch Committee joins with the family in demanding
like the recent case in Palm Island, the Premier immediately stand down the
officers involved in this and any other death in custody until an
inquiry ensures public confidence in their fitness to serve the public. On
this first anniversary of Mr Woods' death we call for an end to the inaction

and to the practice of police investigating their own actions.

Chairperson of the Deaths In Custody Watch Committee, Marc Newhouse claims
that 'despite the Royal Commission Into Aboriginal Deaths In Custody
over 300 recommendations, most remain ignored and unfulfilled. If these
recommendations had been genuinely implemented many deaths could have been
prevented, quite possibly including that of Carl Woods'. The ongoing
between Aboriginal people and the so-called justice system must be addressed

with real political will, not just rhetoric.'

We note the recent comments of former governor John Sanderson * currently an

indigenous policy advisor to the Carpenter government * that the situation
Aboriginal people in WA is 'worse than the third world', and in other
countries the levels of alienation 'would be seen to constitute a state of
civil war'.

This Black Friday, the 13th of April, a protest rally will take place in the

Supreme Court Gardens, Perth, calling for justice for Carl Woods, his family

and for all those who have died in custody. Hundreds are expected, with
speakers to include family members and leaders from the wider Aboriginal
community, outraged by this death and the inaction. Following the noon
protestors will march on the Premier's office.

The Deaths In Custody Watch Committee has asked the Premier to meet with a
delegation of the organisation and the family, and to receive a letter. 'We
are calling on the Premier to really listen to the grief of this family and
many of us in the wider community, who are both angry and in mourning over
this death and many others. We are calling for Mr Carpenter to expedite a
and transparent inquiry into this death, and to recommend the police
involved be stood down while this investigation takes place. We are
accountability and real justice' states Mr Newhouse.

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Jeff McMullen

 Let's Talk

13 April 2007

Tiga Bayles interviews Jeff McMullen who was a reporter on 60 Minutes. This interview is about Jeff McMullen hosting ABC's Difference of Opinion. Some of the topics include Close the Gap, Indigenous health, The Jimmy Little Foundation, Ian Thorpe Foundation, education, housing and more. He discusses the changes from his first 60 minutes show which was on the Aboriginal Health crisis in the central communities of Australia in 1984 to Indigenous health today and much more.

File Download (42:44 min / 14.7 MB)


Chris Graham

 Let's Talk

12 April 2007

Tiga Bayles interviews Chris Graham who is the Editor of the National Indigenous Times. Throughout this interview Tiga Balyes and Chris Graham cover a range of topics. Some of these include the policing of Indigenous people all over Australia, broken records, the ALP, poverty in Indigenous communities, land rights, the 40th Referendum, 1991-1996 Prime Minster Paul Keatings' historical speech about Aboriginal people which he gave in Redfern and much more.

File Download (42:30 min / 14.6 MB)


Aboriginal Rainforest Council

 Let's Talk

11 April 2007

Tiga Bayles interviews Warren Canendo who is a trainee project officer for the Aboriginal Rainforest Council and has an interest in Aboriginal Tourism and encourages young people to get more involved in the Indigenous cultural identity, leadership skills, education and more.
Tiga Bayles also interviews Russell Butler who is the Chair of the Aboriginal Rain Forest Council. He talks about the Indigenous Mens Leadership Project, youth, leadership and more.

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Linda Burney

 Let's Talk

10 April 2007

Tiga Bayles interviews NSW MP and Minister Linda Burney. Following the March state election Premier Morris Iemma has appointed Linda Burney as the new NSW Minister for Volunteering, Fair Trading and Youth. Linda talks about education, government issues, when she used to work in radio and more.

File Download (35:12 min / 12.1 MB)


Shayne Blackman

 Let's Talk

06 April 2007

Tiga Bayles interviews National Administrator of the Uniting Church Aboriginal & Islander Christian Congress Rev Shayne Blackman. They talk about the national developments driven by Uniting Aboriginal & Islander Christian Congress, education, training and employment opportunities, sporting initiatives, church power and government and much more.

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Close The Gap

 Let's Talk

04 April 2007

Tiga Bayles interviews Tom Calma who is the Social Justice Commissioner for Human Rights and Equal Opportunities Commission, Jeff McMullen who was a former ABC and 60 Minutes reporter and Henry Councillor who is the Chair of the National Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation. They talk about the launch of Close The Gap, To End Australia's Indigenous Health Crisis Campaign.

File Download (41:44 min / 14.4 MB)


Tammy Solmec

 Let's Talk

03 April 2007

Tiga Bayles interviews Tammy Solmec who has just completed a Bachelor of Law for a number of years at the University of W.A. She has researched and written about Indigenous communities and the challenges in housing.

File Download (26:59 min / 9.3 MB)


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