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Lets Talk- Leesa Watego

30 June 2017

Leesa Watego, creator of Deadly Bloggers, the first directory of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander bloggers talked to Chelsea Bond about all … Read More

Lets Talk- Alan Macsporren

28 June 2017

Today on Lets Talk Kavva spoke with the Chairman of the Crime and Corruption Commission Alan Macsporren.

Chris Tamwoy

16 June 2017

Jamie and Clay spoke to Chris Tamwoy about his career so far and what’s to come for the 2016 ATG … Read More

Murray Phillips

16 June 2017

Associate Professor Murray Phillips is a sports historian from UQ. Today we talk blackfellas and sports history with a particular … Read More

Lets Talk- John Anderson & Juzer Jangbarwala

09 June 2017

Today Kaava Talked with John Anderson, a Nywaigi Traditional owner and Director of Principal Element and Juzer Jangbarwala, CEO of US-based … Read More

Let’s Talk- Dr Carmel Nelson

08 June 2017

Today Kaava spoke with Dr Carmel Nelson from IUIH to discuss the risks of hepatitis c, the outcomes of chronic … Read More

Lets Talk -Adrian Burragubba

07 June 2017

Today Kaava spoke with Adrian Burragubba, a member of the Wangan and Jagalingou people about his protesst against the proposed Adani Coal … Read More

Lets Talk – Wild Black Women

07 June 2017

‘Wild Black Women’ Chelsea talks with Angelina Hurley about all things that made them ‘wild’ this week.

Lets Talk- Franny Lomas, Karla Brady & Chelsea Barney

01 June 2017

On Let’s Talk today Chelsea Bond is talking with some strong black women who have been keeping footy alive in Inala … Read More


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