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Hayley Wilson

27 February 2017

Mt Isa native Hayley Wilson was on the Brekky Show with Jamie and Clay this morning, check it out!

christy lamb

22 February 2017

This Afternoon Eli chats with the one and only Christy Lamb

Busby Marou

17 February 2017

Busby Marou pop into have a chat with Jamie and Clay  on the Brekky Show this morning. This is a barrel … Read More

Getano Bann

13 February 2017

Lizzie Orley had a quick chat with Getano Bann from the Soul Tellers. Name sound familiar? He’s a singer, songwriter … Read More

Adam Brand

08 February 2017

Eli chats with Adam Brand ahead of his “Get on Your Feet’ Tour.

Uncle Pete Dunn on One

02 February 2017

Today Jamie has a one on one with Uncle Peter Hill for Dunn on One. A very personal and intimate … Read More

Clay Cassar Daley

01 February 2017

For Dunn on One today Jamie Dunn chats with his Brekky co-host Clay Cassar-Daley to find out the working of … Read More

Gordon Tallis Dunn on One

31 January 2017

Jamie Dunn has a chat with raging bull Gordon Tallis for the new Dunn on One Brekky segment.

The Muirs at the Woodford Folk Festival

23 January 2017

Listen in as Dan has a chat with The Muirs up at this years Woodford Folk Festival.


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