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Breakfast Show

The 989fm Brekky Show – Troy and Laurel’s ARIA review.

29 November 2018

Troy Cassar-Daley and Laurel Edwards Call Jamie and Clay for their review of the 2018 ARIA awards. Is there any … Read More


The 989fm Brekky Show – Russell Morris

27 November 2018

This morning on the Brekky Show’s ‘Jamie’s Phone Roulette’ segment the boys called randomly phones the great Russell Morris.


The 989fm Brekky Show – Lyndon Davis

19 November 2018

On the Brekky show today Jamie and Paul Yarn with Lyndon Davis. Thank you Lyndon for your always insightful knowledge.


The 989fm Brekky Show – The Sugar Shakers

16 November 2018

We all were blown away by the live performance by the Sugar Shakers this morning. Great sound guys !!!


989fm Brekky Show – Bek Thornton

09 November 2018

So happy to have the one and only Bek Thornton having a great chat with Jamie and Clay.


The 989FM Brekky Show – Troy Cassar-Daley Anniversary

02 November 2018

Having just called Laurel Edwards to wish her a Happy Anniversary, Jamie and Clay call Troy Cassar-Daley to wish him … Read More


The 989FM Brekky Show – Laurel Edwards Anniversary

02 November 2018

Jamie talks Clay into calling his mum at “work” to wish her a Happy Anniversary………a very funny call!


The 989fm Brekky Show – Mollie McClymont

30 October 2018

Jamie and Clay have a chat with Mollie McClymont about all things The McClymonts.


Breakfast Show Movie Review – A Star Is Born

30 October 2018

Jamie & Clay yarn with Dan Rennie about the new film A Star Is Born starring Bradley Cooper & Lady … Read More


The 989fm Brekky Show – Graham Moes

12 October 2018

On the Brekky Show this morning looping extraordinaire Graham Moes plays the most impressive song, playing all tracks. A MUST LISTEN!!


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