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Wild Black Women

17 August 2018

‘Wild Black Women’ Chelsea Bond and Angelina Hurley talk about all the things that made them ‘wild’ this week.

Let’s Talk

16 August 2018

On let’s Talk this morning Boe speaks with Amnesty International’s Indigenous Rights Manager Tammy Solonec about Western Australia must end solitary confinement of children. The report found the young people were ‘probably’ held in conditions that constituted solitary confinement under international law and, if so the Department of Justice was in breach of the UN Convention against Torture. Amnesty International welcomes the report’s five recommendations, addressing the main allegations raised by the organisation.

Blues with a Feeling

13 August 2018

Shaun is joined in studio by Geoff Achison to chat about and listen to Geoff’s new album Sovereign Town

Let’s Talk

13 August 2018

On Let’s Talk this morning Boe speaks with Indigenous Rights Campaigners from Amnesty International Australia Uncle Rodney Dillon and Belinda Lowe. We spoke about the action they held outside of Parliament house last week. They held a display of 150 teddy bears and soft toys in a prison cell outside Queensland Parliament House, representing the 150 Queensland childhoods lost each year by children aged 10-13 being locked in children’s prisons. The event marked International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples today, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children’s Day on Saturday.

Wild Black Women

10 August 2018

Wild Black Women – Black Bridezilla is ba-ack! And so too is WBW Book Club with a deadly review.

Decolonise your Diet- Episode 7

08 August 2018

Episode 7 “Professor Kerin Odae” – On this weeks episode of We yarn with Professor Kerin Odae.

Lets Talk -Melissa Lucashenko

08 August 2018

On Let’s Talk this morning Boe speaks with Goorie writer Melissa Lucashenko, writer of adult literary fiction and literary non-fiction, who has also written novels for teenagers. We yarn about her new book “Too Much Lip”, we also speak about her early life growing up in Brisbane and how she got in to writing.

Let’s Talk

07 August 2018

On Let’s Talk this morning Boe speaks with Professor Lyndall Ryan from University of Newcastle and is a part of the University’s Centre for 21st Century Humanities and the Centre for the History of Violence. We spoke about Professor Lyndall Ryan’s work around creating a map of the Massacres that have taken place around Australia from 1788 till the 1960s. In stage two of her research they added 81 new Massacre sites around Australia. Northern Territory 19, South Australia 13, Queensland 28, New South Wales 17, Victoria 1, Tasmania 3.

Blues with a Feeling

06 August 2018

Join Shaun this week for a selection of songs that shine a light on our decision making processes and the results that we’re left with. Artists included Shemekia Copeland, Dave Hole, Geoff Achison, Sue Foley, Tommy Castro and more.

Let’s Talk

06 August 2018

Kaava Watson is joined by Alan MacSporran QC who chairs the Crime and Corruption Commission (CCC) .  They discuss the role of the CCC, its history and how it’s engaging and working  with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people communities across the state.

Wild Black Women – Jungali Brady

03 August 2018

Wild Black Women in the studio with Jungali (Troy) Brady LIVE!

Three Chords and the Truth

02 August 2018

On this episode of Three Chords & The Truth Paddy and Jen explore the music from the genre of Folk Rock and speak with Australian singer songwriter Dan Parsons.”

Tony Motson – Interview

02 August 2018

Dan catches up with longtime station sponsor Tony Motson from Motson’s Automotive who is retiring.

Sport Talk

02 August 2018

While Dan is away, Eli takes the reigns to break down Round 20 Retro Round – Paying homage to the 1990’s!.


Let’s Talk

02 August 2018

Maylene Slater-Burns from the Secretariat of National Aboriginal and Islander Child Care (SNAICC) talks about the importance of National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children’s Day on 4th August.  Sophia Marinos from Legs on the Wall and David Cole from Balanu Foundation talk about a new production Man with the Iron Neck written by and starring Ursula Yovich and social media personality Tibian Wyles (TIBS Vines).

Decolonise Your Diet

01 August 2018

Episode 6 “Traditional Approaches To Health” – Interview with Clint Bussy – We discuss Historical Diet transition/ Health transition, Food security and health benefits of traditional foods. Broadcasts: 1/8/18

Let’s Talk

01 August 2018

Brothers 4 Recovery is a raw and empowering school and community tour delivered by 2 men who share their life’s stories and how to overcome and prevent Drug and Alcohol addiction.  Co-founders Jeffery Amatto and Steve Morris popped into 98.9fm for a yarn with Kaava Watson and Karen Dorante before heading off to Cherbourg.

Let’s Talk

31 July 2018

On Let’s Talk Boe speaks with Murruwah Johnson and Uncle Walter Echo Hawk  First Nations men from America, Uncle Walter and Murruwah speak about the importance of protecting country making links with other indigenous people around the world.

Blues with a Feeling

30 July 2018

Join Shaun for a dance heavy, groove laden show this week. with tracks from Jon Cleary, Poppa Chubby, Janiva Magness and Blues Arcadia and plenty more

Let’s Talk

30 July 2018

On Let’s Talk Boe speaks with Keenan Mundine Biripi and Wakka Wakka men from Sydney, Keenan speaks about his tough up bringing in Redfern being separated from his siblings at a young age hanging around the wrong crowd getting in to drugs and crime and a life of crime from the age of 14 till his late 20s Keenan was in and out of Prison. turning his life around after getting out of prison for the last time saw him turn his life around and use himself as an example that Prison and drugs isn’t a life worth living.

Sports Talk

27 July 2018

It’s World cup time and this week the boys are joined by Ramone Close from the Warrigals, to chat the game with the round ball, as well as breaking down this week’s Rugby League fixtures

Wild Black Women

27 July 2018

Wild Black Women yarn all things Trevor Noah with special guest brother Fred Havea Bulanyi Leone. 

Three Chords and the Truth

26 July 2018

On this episode of Three Chords & The Truth Paddy and Jen share some of their favourite tunes from the last few months. A mixbag!

Let’s Talk

26 July 2018

On Let’s Talk this morning Boe speaks to First Nation Curator Tina Baum and First Nations Artist Judy Watson about “Defying Empire”, The exhibition features artworks of various media, from painting on canvas and bark, to weaving and sculpture, video, prints, photography, metalwork and glass work. Tina and Judy speak about the importance of making work that shakes the core of non-Indigenous people to get them to reflect of the history and treatment of First Nations people. The “Defying Empire is a free and runs until 11 November at UQ Art Museum University Dr, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia 4072

Decolonise Your Diet – Episode 5

25 July 2018

Episode 5 Amazing Results Using Bushfoods” – We catch up with aunty Thelma ‘Bubsy’ Lander, who says trading a diet of western junk food and alcohol for the traditional Aboriginal cuisine of kangaroo tail and emu meat has helped her to lose 48 kilograms.

Let’s Talk

25 July 2018

On Let’s Talk this morning Boe speaks to Dean Gibson director of Wik vs Queensland the documentary tells the story of the Wik Peoples of Cape York and their native title claim in the High Court of Australia in 1996 we talked about the importance of this documentary  to young Wik people today, Dean has been in the film industry for 14 years.

Let’s Talk

24 July 2018

On Let’s Talk this morning Boe speaks with Karlie Stewart who has worked extensively with young people and is part of the Healing Foundation Interim Youth Advisory Group, which serves an advisory role for the Healing Foundation, Joel Wenitong from Last    and Michael Galluzzo also from the Healing Foundation. We spoke about the Our Healing Our Future a Youth Webinar that is on today (24/07/18) in Brisbane, The Healing Foundation has released new educational resources today which explain where Inter generational Trauma comes from and how it is impacting on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island communities.

Blues with a Feeling

23 July 2018

Join Shaun as he explores that classic Blues theme “Night time is the right time” with tracks from Shemekia  Copeland, Buddy Guy, Tom Hambridge, Deb Ryder and plenty more.

Let’s Talk

23 July 2018

On Let’s Talk today, Celeste Liddle, Aboriginal feminist and commentator, shares her views on the so-called “African gang” crisis in Melbourne whipped up by mainstream media and politicians.  She says these fear tactics allow for  states to impose increased surveillance and police powers while not tackling real social issues.

Joshie’O Show – Kasey Chambers Interview

23 July 2018

I must say Kasey is one of the most kind hearted and beautiful people I have ever met. Her music speaks truth and shows emotion which is relatable. Nothing will ever top that experience. Part of me just wanted to jump on that tour bus just to be able to listen to her sing. I also stayed around after the interview for her campfire tour and I have never heard an artist have vocals as good or as better than as Kasey does. She’s an inspiration and I cannot wait to see what is to come. Also make sure you check out her campfire album. My favorites are the campfire song, Early Graves and Go on your way. I suggest trying to see her live if it’s not sold out near you because you won’t regret it

Wild Black Women

20 July 2018

Wild Black Women pay tribute at the Gathering NAIDOC special Queen Mall, Brisbane.

Three Chords and the Truth

19 July 2018

On this episode of Three Chords & The Truth Paddy is joined by special guest co-host 8 Ball Aitken to explore the genre of Swamp Blues.

Let’s Talk

19 July 2018

On Let’s Talk this morning Boe speaks with Padraic Gibson Researcher at Jumbunna Institute for Indigenous Education and Research at UTS and Paul Dungay a family member of David Dungay who lost his life in December 2015 in Long Bay jail in Sydney. The family of David are in Sydney for two weeks for the court hearing to find out who is responsible for the death of David.

Decolonise Your Diet

18 July 2018

DYD Episode 4 “A National Snapshot of the health and wellbeing of First Nation People” Deadly yarn with the deadly Gregory Phillips on Decolonise Your Diet.

Let’s Talk

18 July 2018

On Let’s Talk this morning Boe speaks with Tony Birch who is the inaugural Bruce McGuinness professorial research fellow in the Moondani Balluk Academic Centre at Victoria University. We spoke about climate change also “Because Of Her We Can” the national NAIDOC theme this year his writing and academic life and growing up as a ‘Fitzroy Blak’ in the 1970s in Melbourne.

Drive- Granger Smith interview

17 July 2018

Eli racking up some international minutes speaking with Granger Smith direct from Las Veges- Granger said, we will be seeing him (even more) country alter-ego ‘Earl Dibbles Jnr. When he takes to the stage at Groundwater’.

Drive – Bill Chambers interview

17 July 2018

THE MAN> THE LEGEND. Bill Chambers call into yarn all things country music, with a particular focus on the Groundwater gig locked in for late July (27-29th).

Drive -O’Shea interview

17 July 2018

Elijah and Lizzie chat with Husband and Wife duo, Mark and Jay O’Shea about their up-coming performance at Groundwater Country music Festival, today the duo are based Nashville, working tirelessly on their craft. Delivering a punchy, unique brand of country music.

Let’s Talk

17 July 2018

On Let’s talk this morning Boe and Kaava spoke with the CEO of Sisters Inside Debbie Kilroy. We yarn about the deadly work sister inside have been doing supporting women who are incarcerated, we also spoke about the new privatised women’s prison in Gatton run by Serco.

Blues with a Feeling

16 July 2018

Join Shaun as he takes a look at Newtons Third Theory via the music of Selwyn Birchwood, Marcia Ball, Tom Hambridge, JW Jones,Lloyd Spiegel and Oscar Wilson amongst others

Wild Black Women

13 July 2018

Wild Black Women reclaiming their time at Musgrave Park Family Fun Day NAIDOC #becauseofherwecan.

Three Chords and the Truth

12 July 2018

On this episode of Three Chords & The Truth Paddy flies solo and explores the Vietnam War through song. Paddy also has a chat with Australian artist John Flanagan.

Let’s Talk – Leesa Watego

11 July 2018

This morning on Let’s Talk Boe speaks with Leesa Watego  and Mel from the Brisbane Deadly Runners & Walkers. We spoke about the importance of running and walking we also spoke about how they both got involved with the Deadly runners and we finished the show talking about NAIDOC week and the Theme “Because Of Her We Can”

Decolonise Your Diet

11 July 2018

Did you know that Aboriginal people were the first people in the world to make bread, 15,000 years in advance of the Egyptians? or that we have the manufacture in the world? These are important facts- we should all share our pride that this country was a leader in human development. join us for out 3rd episode of Decolonise Your Diet with uncle Bruce Pascoe, author of the winning book Dark Emu.

Let’s Talk – Danny Teece-Johnson and Rhianna Patrick

09 July 2018

To mark NAIDOC Week and this year’s theme “Because of Her, We Can”, Karen Dorante speaks to First Nations media personalities including Danny Teece-Johnson from NITV, Dan Rennie from 98.9FM and ABC Brisbane’s Rhianna Patrick.

Wild Black Women

06 July 2018

This week on Wild Black Women, Angelina is away but Imojen with a J steps in to explain why anti-racism is so white, and why white people ‘dance in the dark’. She also has an alternative theme song for WBW to test out!


Let’s Talk – Uncle Rodney Dillon and Belinda Lowe

05 July 2018

On Let’s Talk this morning Boe spoke with Uncle Rodney Dillon and Belinda Lowe both from Amnesty International and are Indigenous Rights Campaigners, we spoke about how Australia is one of a few nations that lock up young people as young as 10 years old in prison Amnesty International are campaigning to raise the age to 14 years old.

Decolonise Your Diet – Episode 2

04 July 2018

Decolonise your diet, a show that will make you change the way you think about hunting, gathering, and bush tucker in general, with hosts Dilany and Kaiyu Bayles.

Let’s Talk – Kaleesha Morris Part 2

04 July 2018

On Let’s Talk we we hear part two of Boe’s interview with Kaleesha Morris from the Gumbaynggirr nation, they continue a yarn about language Naidoc and young Aboriginal people.

Let’s Talk – Kaleesha Morris Part 1

03 July 2018

On Let’s Talk we hear part one of Boe’s interview with Kaleesha Morris from the Gumbaynggirr nation, they yarn about language Naidoc and young Aboriginal people.

Blues with a Feeling

02 July 2018

The devils in the detail this week. Join Shaun for a selection of songs from Tom Hambridge, Sue Foley, Buddy Guy, Selwyn Birchwood, Lloyd Spiegel, Deb Ryder and plenty more

Let’s Talk – Movies With The Mob

02 July 2018

Today on Let’s Talk’s Movie Review show “Movies with the Mob” with Angelina Hurley, Chelsea Bond, Kaava Watson and Dan Rennie talk about horror movies.

Sports Talk

29 June 2018

This week on Sports Talk Dan chats with Nephi Millet-Niha and Josh Addison about the Origin result along with this week’s round of NRL games. They also discussed LeBron James ‘off season movements in the NBA.

Wild Black Women

29 June 2018

This week Wild Black Women talk about out of control migaloo’s and State of Origin with first time ‘Ask a Brother’ Paul Coolwell.

Drive – Soul Sista Berniece Peeauakeau and her daughter Yvonne

29 June 2018

Lizzie Orley from 98.9’s Drive Team yarns music, NAIDOC and with the deadly soul sista Berniece Peeauakeau and her daughter Yvonne at BCC’s Gathering, Wednesdays from 12-1pm in Brisbane City’s Queen Street Mall.

Three Chords and the Truth

28 June 2018

This week on the show Paddy is joined by special guest host Cameron Milford for songs to make you smile! Cam and Paddy play a selection of hilarious alt country/Americana/classic country comedy songs.

Let’s Talk

28 June 2018

On Let’s Talk this morning Boe and Kaava spoke to a few people first we had a yarn with Kaiyu Bayles about her new 10 part radio series called Decolonise Your Diet, exploring the traditional foods that sustained Aboriginal people for 60 thousand years. On the second half of the show we spoke with Amnesty International’s Indigenous rights manager Tammy Solonec about the high incarcatraion rate of young Aboriginal people in the Northern territory Aboriginal youth make up 100% of the youth prison population.

Decolonise Your Diet – Episode 1

27 June 2018

Decolonise your diet, a show that will make you change the way you think about hunting, gathering, and bush tucker in general, with hosts Dilany and Kaiyu Bayles.

Let’s Talk

27 June 2018

On Let’s Talk this morning Boe speaks to Kaava and Karen.  We talk about what’s in the news headlines for Black Australia Sunday nights State Of Origin, non-Aboriginal people taking advantage of Aboriginal funding and we finished the show talking about the important of our mob running our affairs.

Let’s Talk

26 June 2018

On Let’s Talk this morning Boe speaks with Libby Connors and Uncle Sam Watson about Dundalli and his action in the 1850. Libby wrote the book “Warrior” telling the life of Dundalli from when he was born to his last moments before being hung in what is now known as post office square in Brisbane CBD.

Blues with a Feeling

25 June 2018

Join Shaun this week  as he plays a bunchy of songs about the joy in life, the simple things that make life worth living. Tracks from Tinsley Ellis, Marcia Ball, Nancy Wright, Kid Ramos and Jon Cleary amongst others.

Let’s Talk

25 June 2018

On Let’s Talk Boe speaks with Lidia Thorpe about the Treaty process in Victoria. We yarn about what could be put in to the treaty, how important it is to get community people involved in the process.

Sports Talk

22 June 2018

This week on Sports Talk Dan and Eli talk State Of Origin. The decider, as Queensland look to level the series in enemy territory! Plus a historic match to take place between the Women’s QLD and NSW teams . Plus the boys are joined by Tallisha Harden & Ramone Close.

Wild Black Women

22 June 2018

Today Wild Black Women called out white men, got an update on the Black Bridezilla and why they don’t feel sorry for Sunrise.

Three Chords & The Truth

21 June 2018

On this episode of Three Chords & The Truth Paddy is joined by special co-host Megan Cooper for ladies night. Megan and Paddy play a selection of their favourite female alt country/Americana artists

Let’s Talk

21 June 2018

On Let’s Talk this morning Boe has a yarn with Dtarneen Onus-Williams and Jidah Clark. We yarn about the camp that has been set up on the Western Highway in Victoria, to protect 800 year old sacred scared trees and birthing Aboriginal people and supporters are locked in a battle with Vicroad who want to cut down the tree to make way for a highway.

Let’s Talk (Kahl Wallis)

20 June 2018

Today on Let’s Talk Boe speaks with Kahl Wallis. We yarn about how music is a big part of his life, after high school he was in a band called the medics from north Queensland. On today show we also yarn about his solo journey as an artist he sung two deadly song for us.

Let’s Talk

19 June 2018

On Lets’ Talk this morning I have a yarn with Kabi Kabi and Wiradjuri woman, Alethea Beetson,

Alethea is the Director and Youth Mentor from Digi Youth Arts. We are yarning about some of the deadly work they have coming up like “Black Out” a celebration of Aboriginal Peoples and Torres Strait Islanders culture, history and heritage.


Blues with a Feeling

18 June 2018

Join Shaun this week for tracks from Buddy Guys latest release and songs by Selwyn Birchwood,. Sue Foley, Tom Hambridge, Howlin Wolf, Little Walter and plenty more

Sports Talk

15 June 2018

Round 15 kicked off with a win to the Rabbitohs – the boys break down that game plus all the matches to follow this week on Sports Talk.

Wild Black Women

15 June 2018

Wild Black Women yarn Indigenous news from around the country, racist advertising and what makes a deadly Welcome to Country.

Three Chords and the Truth

14 June 2018

On this episode of Three Chords & The Truth Paddy and Jen explore the topic of ‘breaking up’ through song

Let’s Talk

14 June 2018

On Let’s Talk Boe yarns with our deadly sister Emily Wurramara. we have a bit to yarn about her new Album, she is a mum and her upcoming gig this Friday.

Let’s Talk

13 June 2018

On Let’s Talk this morning Boe speaks with some mob from the Northern Territory Scotty from Borroloola and Dianna from Darwin, both are a part of Seed Indigenous Youth Climate Network and Dinna is the NT State coordinator for Seed we yarn about the fight they have against mining in the NT. Earlier this year the Chief Minister of the Northern Territory Michael Gunner lifted the temporary moratorium on fracking.

The Barunga Statement

12 June 2018

In commemoration of the 30th Anniversary of the Barunga Statement- 989fm’s Lizzie Orley talks Treaty.

Let’s Talk

12 June 2018

Today on lets talk Boe speaks to Zac from SEED, Australia’s first Indigenous youth climate network. building a movement of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people for climate justice with the Australian Youth Climate Coalition.

Blues with a Feeling

11 June 2018

Join “Shakey” Shaun Bindley for an evening of great Blues music on 98.9FM  and the National Indigenous Radio Service Network (NIRS). View this weeks Playlist

Let’s Talk – Dr Fabiola Martin & Stephanie Parkin

11 June 2018

Blood-borne virus expert Dr Fabiola Martin from UQ discusses newly-rediscovered HTLV-1 virus amongst Indigenous people in Australia and  Intellectual Property lawyer, Stephanie Parkin, talks about the limitations in Australian laws to protect Indigenous art from exploitation.

Wild Black Women

08 June 2018

Wild Black Women this week talk Origin, catch up with wild women in WA, and white girl correspondent Imojen (with a J) reports on her special mission, pub choirs.

Lets Talk- Joe Geia Pt2

07 June 2018

On let’s Talk this morning it is part 2 of Boe’s yarn with musician Uncle Joe Geia, They yarn about his life and of course his deadly music.

Let’s Talk

06 June 2018

On let’s Talk this morning Boe speaks with musician Uncle Joe Geia, we yarn about his life and of course he’s deadly music we had such a good yarn we had to make two shows so tune in tomorrow to catch part two of my interview with Uncle Joe Geia.

Let’s Talk

05 June 2018

On Let’s Talk this morning Boe yarn’s with Uncle Micklo Corpus a First Nations man from Western Australia about 70km from Broome, Uncle Micklo and community members have been locked in a battle against mining companies that want to destroy his country.

Blues with a Feeling

04 June 2018

Join “Shakey” Shaun Bindley for an evening of great Blues music on 98.9FM  and the National Indigenous Radio Service Network (NIRS).

Let’s Talk

04 June 2018

26 years ago the Torres Strait Islander flag was created by the late Bernard Namok.  His son, Bernard Namok Jnr, has been working tirelessly to inform the wider community about the flag’s history and about his people.  Two years before the flag’s 25th anniversary, Bernard began work on a documentary “Carry The Flag” about the flag,  his father and his family’s contribution to what is now symbolic of Torres Strait Islander people and the region.  He spoke to Karen Dorante about his father and his hopes to have the anniversary of the flag 28 May, recognised officially.

Wild Black Women

01 June 2018

Today Chels and Ange spoke about National Reconciliation Week, Pauline Hanson crying and the blackety blackness of the Royal Wedding.

Brekky Show- Steven Jaymes and Brendan Radford

31 May 2018

Listen in to hear a great live set on the Brekky Show, Steven Jaymes and Brendan Radford playing a couple of their best.

Let’s Talk

31 May 2018

On Let’s Talk this morning Boe speaks with Clare Land. Clare is a non-Aboriginal person living on Kulin nation land. She has been an active supporter of Aboriginal struggles since 1998. Clare has worked in both academic and community settings. She is a trained community practitioner and facilitator and a trainer in Courageous Conversations About Race she is also the author of Decolonizing Solidarity.

Let’s Talk

30 May 2018

As World No Tobacco Day approaches Let’s Talk focuses on smoking amongst Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.  Smoking is the most preventable cause of early death and ill health for our mob.  This podcast features Lionel Austin, Clinical Integration Manager at the Institute for Urban Indigenous Health and Deadly Choices Ambassador, Steve Renouf who tackle the issues around smoking from nicotine addiction, ill-health and tips on quitting.  Plus we hear people’s quit stories including our very own Dan Rennie.  To find out what’s happening at your local AMS for World No Tobacco Day on May 31, 2018

click here.

Let’s Talk

29 May 2018

On lets talk this morning Boe yarn with the mob from seed on the last day of the seed summit held here in Brisbane

Blues with a Feeling

28 May 2018

Join “Shakey” Shaun Bindley for an evening of great Blues music on 98.9FM  and the National Indigenous Radio Service Network (NIRS).

Let’s Talk

28 May 2018

On lets talk this morning boe spoke with some of the mob from the seed summit held in Brisbane this year, attending the summit this year was 100 aboriginal and torres strait islander young people from around the country.

Let’s Talk

25 May 2018

Today on Let’s Talk we had a special broadcast from Cranebrook Place in Orleigh Park, Link-up QLD organised to commemorate National Sorry Day. Boe, KD and Kaava spoke with a couple of guest such as Aunty Beverley Johnston, founder of Link-Up Queensland, Ben Mitchell, co-chair of National NAIDOC Committee, Terri Butler, Member for Griffith and Shadow Assistant Minister for Preventing Family Violence, Shadow Assistant Minister for Universities;  Shadow Assistant Minister for Equality, Rob Frescon, Team Leader at Brisbane office of Link-Up Queensland and  Ruth Loli, manager Research Team at Link-Up Queensland.

Wild Black Women

24 May 2018

Wild Black Women yarn with multitalented sista Ancestress aka Teila Watson about her gig with Tiddas and Archie Roach, and Black women in the music industry.

Let’s Talk

23 May 2018

On lets talk this morning Boe speaks with Nicole and Will from seed indigenous youth climate network, we yarn about seed, the campaigns they are running, water is life doco and the seed summit that’s coming up this weekend!

Let’s Talk

22 May 2018

This morning on lets talk boe spoke with uncle sam watson about national sorry day on the 26th of may. national sorry day is an annual event that has been held on 26 May, since 1998, to remember and commemorate the mistreatment of the stolen generation.

Blues With a Feeling

21 May 2018

Join “Shakey” Shaun Bindley for an evening of great Blues music on 98.9FM  and the National Indigenous Radio Service Network (NIRS).

Let’s Talk

21 May 2018

On lets talk this morning I yarn with jack latimore about his latest article in the guardian titled we must return all our landmarks to their Indigenous names, we yarn about the importance of giving our traditional sites there tractional names back.

Wild Black Woman

18 May 2018

Wild Black Woman talk, Birthdays, Weddings, BBQs and Black Relationships with cuzy bro Troy Jungaji Brady.

Brekky Show

16 May 2018

This morning with Jamie and Clay Chad Morgan had a great yarn with the boys talking all this record labels and hecklers.

Let’s Talk

16 May 2018

Nasser is the son of a Palestinian refugee. He is a co-founder of Australians For Palestine, a founding board member of Olive Kids, and CEO of a financial services company. With his father’s legacy in mind, Nasser is determined to continue the struggle for justice and a free Palestine.

Blues with a Feeling

14 May 2018

Join “Shakey” Shaun Bindley for an evening of great Blues music on 98.9FM  and the National Indigenous Radio Service Network (NIRS).

Let’s Talk

14 May 2018

On let’s talk this morning boe speaks with sam the boss leone from the northside of Brisbane, we yarned about his boxing career and his new boxing gym called the boss boxing.

Sports Talk

11 May 2018

“This week on Sport Talk the boys catch up with Broncos, Queensland and Australian rugby league legend, Steve ‘Pearl’ Renouf in relation to Indigenous Round (Round 10) in the NRL. Tune in as the boys break down the round and how each team is travelling, plus Dan and Eli, get some origin predications from Bucko!”

Brekky Show- Cigar Box Guitar Maker Wolly and Captain Tricko

11 May 2018

On the Brekky Show this morning Jamie and Clay check out the Cigar Box Guitars with guitar maker Wolly and with him is the great Captain Tricko with his low rent Orchestra to demonstrate these great instruments.

Let’s Talk

10 May 2018

On let’s talk this morning Boe speaks Kaava Watson, Chris graham and with the co-chair of the national congress of Australia’s first people uncle Rod Liddle. we yarn about the 2018-19 budget and whats it mean to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Let’s Talk

09 May 2018

On Let’s Talk this morning Boe Yarns with brother Andrew Cummins about the “Yarning Up Program” a men’s group he runs out of the PCYC in Fortitude Valley every Wednesday.

Blues with a Feeling

07 May 2018

Join “Shakey” Shaun Bindley for an evening of great Blues music on 98.9FM  and the National Indigenous Radio Service Network (NIRS).

Let’s Talk

07 May 2018

On Let’s Talk Boe speaks to Paddy Gibson Senior Researcher in Jumbunna unit at the University of Technology Sydney, we talk about the rich history of solidarity between the Aboriginal movement and the Union Struggle.

Let’s Talk

04 May 2018

On Let’s Talk this morning Boe speaks with Stewart Levitt from Levitt & Robinson Solicitors and Lex Watton Palm Islander Resident about the $30 million Class Action Case the Community of Palm Island won due to how the Qld police responded to the 2004 Palm island Uprising.

Wild Black Women

03 May 2018

This  week WBW talk Lenny Kravitz, phallic architecture and special time with our Miglaoo correspondent Imojen.

Let’s Talk

02 May 2018

On Let’s Talk this morning Boe speaks with Lara Watson the Indigenous office at the Australian Council of Trade Unions and a member of the First nations Workers Alliance, we yarn about FNWA fight against the Community Development programs (CDP).

Blues with a Feeling

30 April 2018

Join “Shakey” Shaun Bindley for an evening of great Blues music on 98.9FM  and the National Indigenous Radio Service Network (NIRS).

Let’s Talk

30 April 2018

Today on Let’s Talk Boe spoke with Michael Connolly about the fight against fake art

Brekky Show- The Billy Buckett Musical

30 April 2018

This morning on the Brekky show Jamie and Clay had a yarn with the crew from the Billy Buckett musical. Lots of fun!!!

Lets Talk-Dr Anita Heiss and Don Bemrose

27 April 2018

On Lets Talk today Boe teams up with Dr Anita Heiss and Don Bemrose as they yarn all things “Growing up Aboriginal in Australia” a book written by Anita and Don

Wild Black Woman

26 April 2018

Today’s Wild Black Women is another special episode with Chelsea Bond, Angelina Hurley and special guest Amy McQuire talking media, identity politics and free speech!  Lots of fun!!!

Let’s Talk

24 April 2018

On Let’s talk this morning Boe Speaks with Tammy Solonec from Amnesty International she is the Indigenous Rights Manger. Tammy and Boe yarn about the continued mistreatment of young people in Youth Prisons and in particular Banksia Youth Detention Centre where a young boy named Jason has been held in isolation for almost a year.

Blues with a Feeling

23 April 2018

Join “Shakey” Shaun Bindley for an evening of great Blues music on 98.9FM  and the National Indigenous Radio Service Network (NIRS).

Let’s Talk

20 April 2018

Today on Let’s Talk Boe Spearim spoke with Phillip Murray, Dylan Voller, Ruby Wharton and Lisa Reynolds about the Stolenwealth Games and the outcome of the Protest.

Wild Black Woman

19 April 2018

‘Wild Black Women’ Chelsea Bond and Angelina Hurley talk all things woman’s sport, in particular the challenges woman face in the male dominated industry.

Jayson Watkin- The Brekky Show

18 April 2018

This morning on the Brekky Show Jayson Watkin sat if for a great yarn with Jamie. A great chat!!

Let’s Talk

18 April 2018

Features an interview with IUIH NDIS roll-out team, Jim Haywood and Nyaree Mewett (pictured) and Steven “Mungindi” Ellis, former BIMA employee, currently NITV camera man and editor, talking about his time with Murri radio which marked 25 years of broadcasting this month.

Let’s Talk

16 April 2018

Karen Dorante and Angelina Hurley catch up with Boe Spearim at Camp Freedom to discuss the last few days of the Commonwealth Games protest, the closing ceremony and where to from here for the group.

Let’s Talk

13 April 2018

Angelina Hurley, yarns with Deadly Funny finalist Leon Filewood  & Karen Dorante about what makes them laugh.

Wild Black Women

12 April 2018

‘Wild Black Women’ Chelsea Bond and Angelina Hurley talk about all the things that made them ‘wild’ this week.

Let’s Talk

09 April 2018

Today Boe speaks with some Elders who are at ground zero at the Stolen Wealth games protests

Wild Black Women

06 April 2018

‘Wild Black Women’ Chelsea Bond and Angelina Hurley talk about all the things that made them ‘wild’ this week. They also talk about the 25th birthday for 98.9fm.

Let’s Talk

06 April 2018

Today on Let’s Talk Kaava Waston spoke with Uncle Bob Anderson and Uncle Charlie Watson

Let’s Talk

05 April 2018

Kaava Watson and  Karen Dorante speak to Wild Black Women’s Angelina Hurley about the opening ceremony of the 2018 Commonwealth Games and cross to Boe Spearim with the latest on the Aboriginal protest at the games.

Let’s Talk

04 April 2018

Today Karen speaks to Boe who is at ground zero at the Stolen Wealth games protests (

Let’s Talk

03 April 2018

Today on Lets Talk Dr Chelsea Bond  talks Cultural Safety and the new Nursing code of conduct with *actual* nurses Ali Drummond, Assoc Prof Odette Best and Dr Leonie Cox.

Let’s Talk

28 March 2018

On let’s talk this morning Boe speaks with Kristy-lee and Ruby Wharton, two of the organisers for the Stolenwealth Games protest on the Gold Coast that will start on the 4th of April.

Let’s Talk

26 March 2018

Art. Angelina Hurley yarns with Bianca Beetson and Greg Kitson about the state of Indigenous arts and culture in Brisbane.

Let’s Talk

23 March 2018

On Lets Talk this morning Boe speaks with the Grandmother Against Removal from Alice Springs about the documentary “After the Apology”

Three Chords and the Truth

22 March 2018

Join hosts Paddy McHugh & Jen Mize in exploring songwriters and music with meaning in Alt. Country, Roots & Americana, here in Australia and around the world. Music, interviews and musings every Thursday nights from 6pm and the repeat from 10am Sunday morning.

Wild Black Woman

22 March 2018

‘Wild Black Women’ Chelsea Bond and Angelina Hurley talk about all the things that made them ‘wild’ this week.

Let’s Talk

20 March 2018

Kaava Karen and Boe spoke about the Sunrise segment hot topics from last Tuesday about Should White Australians adopt Aboriginal Children.

Three Chords and the Truth

15 March 2018

Join hosts Paddy McHugh & Jen Mize in exploring songwriters and music with meaning in Alt. Country, Roots & Americana, here in Australia and around the world. Music, interviews and musings every Thursday nights from 6pm and the repeat from 10am Sunday morning.

Let’s Talk

14 March 2018

Today On Let’s Talk Boe spoke with Jack Latimore.

Let’s Talk “Movies with the mob”

13 March 2018

Today on Let’s talk we unveil the new Movie review show “Movies with the Mob” with Angelina Hurley, Chelsea Bond, Kaava Watson and Dan Rennie. And what better movie to start with than Black Panther.

Let’s Talk

12 March 2018

Today Boe spoke with Adrian, Murrawah and Cody spoke at speaker square in front of the Parliament house

Let’s Talk

09 March 2018

This morning Kaava Spoke with an Australian artist and political activist Richard Bell and Emory Douglas the Minister of culture for the Black Panther Party.

Wild Black Women

08 March 2018

Wild Black Women MC at the 10th Black Bold and Beautiful event at the Brisbane City Hall Celebrating Indigenous Women’s Achievements.

Let’s Talk

07 March 2018

On Let’s Talk this morning Boe and Taleke Interview Aboriginal woman from around the country about International Woman’s Day.

Let’s Talk

06 March 2018

On Let’s Talk Boe speaks with Zibeon Fielding is a Pinjanjatjara/Yanykunytjara man from Mimili in the APY Lands of South Australia and Wiradjuri woman Dr Anita Heiss about the Indigenous Marathon Foundation and Zibeon’s 62 km run from Iwantja (Indulkuna) to Mimili.

Let’s Talk

05 March 2018

Today on Lets Talk Boe yarns with Adani Activist Marrawah Johnson.

Let’s Talk

02 March 2018

On let’s talk this morning Boe speaks with some mob from Woolloongabba Aboriginal Medical Centre about the new Suicide Prevention Campaign BEEMA launched on Thursday the 1st of March.

Three Chords and the Truth

01 March 2018

Join hosts Paddy McHugh & Jen Mize in exploring songwriters and music with meaning in Alt. Country, Roots & Americana, here in Australia and around the world. Music, interviews and musings every Thursday nights from 6pm and the repeat from 10am Sunday morning.

Brekky Show

01 March 2018

Clay and Jamie spoke with Dean Brody today.

Wild Black Women

01 March 2018

‘Wild Black Women’ Chelsea Bond and Angelina Hurley talk about all the things that made them ‘wild’ this week.

Billy Ray with the Brekky Crew

01 March 2018

WOW!! Listen in here as Jamie and Clay have a great yarn with nun-other than the man Billy Ray Cyrus. A GREAT INTERVIEW!!!!

Let’s Talk – The Inaugural Miss First Nations Drag Queen.

28 February 2018

On let’s talk this morning Karen and Boe Speak with the Director of Black DIVAZ the documentary follows Indigenous Drag Queens from

around Australia as they embark on a quest to be crowned the Inaugural Miss First Nations Drag Queen.

Let’s Talk – Oliver Costello

27 February 2018

Today on Lets Talk Boe is yarning with Bundjalung man Oliver Costello from “Fire Sticks” a back burning rejuvenation Indigenous led organisation.

Let’s Talk – Deputy Premier Jackie Trad

23 February 2018

Queensland Deputy Premier, Treasurer & Minister for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Partnerships Jackie Trad stopped by for a yarn on Let’s Talk with Kaava Watson.

Jarod Porter

10 January 2018

Jarod Porter dropped into the studio this morning having a yarn with Dan Rennie

Aunty Jean Appeal

19 December 2017

Hi All,
If you would like make a donation to Aunty Jean’s Christmas Appeal, transfer money to account: Name: BIMA,

B.S.B: 034078
Account: 125626
With “Aunty Jean” as the Reference.

So if you do one thing this Christmas, give to the Aunty Jean Christmas Appeal.
Murri Christmas!

Drive- Tribute to Denis Walker

04 December 2017

On the Drive this afternoon Elijah and 989fm pay tribute to Denis Walker, son of  Oodgeroo Noonuccal, Mr Walker was a major figure in the civil rights and land rights movements of the 1970s.

We here at 989FM salute you.

Remembrance Day

10 November 2017

            989FM’s tribute to Remembrance Day.

Drive Show- Dan Sultan

22 September 2017

Elijah is joined on the Drive Show by none other than Dan Sultan.

Melanie Dyer

13 September 2017

Hot off the back of her #1 single Fresh, Australia’s pop-country artist Melanie Dyer delivers her debut album of the same name. Fresh also features her current single Save My Cents and is available now.

NAIDOC Week 2017

30 June 2017

Celebrating NAIDOC 2017. Keep your ears out for all events happening around South East Qld for NAIDOC and stay up to date on our Facebook page and website.

Three Chords and the Truth

15 June 2017

Join hosts Paddy McHugh & Jen Mize in exploring songwriters and music with meaning in Alt. Country, Roots & Americana, here in Australia and around the world.

Every Thursday night from 6 to 7pm


New album Release from Adam Harvey and Beccy Cole

28 April 2017

New album Release from Adam Harvey and Beccy Cole The “Great Country Songbook Volume 2” on sale now in a store near you.

Listen in to the Breakfast and Drives shows this week for your chance to win an album.

Troy Cassar-Daley

10 March 2017

This is a not to be missed podcast, Troy Cassar-Daley calls into the studio for an interview with Jamie and son Clay for one cracker of an interview.

Busby Marou

16 February 2017

Catch Busby Marou performing and signing copies of the new album “Postcards From The Shell House” at Queen Street Mall 12.30pm Tuesday 21st February.


Welcome back Jamie Dunn

23 January 2017

98.9fm welcomes  Jamie Dunn back to the station with the all new Dunn and Daley breaky show! So make sure to tune in 5 – 9 weekday mornings. 

Kasey Chambers

20 January 2017

Elijah finds Kasey Chambers in the Queen st Mall and has a one on one interview.

Kasey Chambers

19 January 2017

Kasey Chambers talks to Elijah about her Brisbane gig and new album

Training opportunities at 98.9fm

18 January 2017

Are you interested in getting your foot into the field of television, broadcasting and media?

Spots are open for our CUF30107 Certificate III in Media. Through this course, you will get hands on experience in our radio station and film studio.

Get in contact with our friendly Triple A Training staff today. Call us on (07) 3892 0100 or check out the Triple A Training page for more information.

Invasion Day Rally

18 January 2017

This year to acknowledge Survival Day, Lizzie will be hosting a special Murri Hour. Tune in at 2pm on the 25th of January to hear yarns with musicians and community, also the best Murri music.

Invasion Day Rally Meeting at Parliament House on Thursday the 26th at 10 am, the rally is to remember the landing of ships on Gadigal country to establish the colony of New South Wales in 1788. After the rally there will be a march through the city to Musgrave Park.

Gummaroi / Kooma / Muruwari man, Bogaine Spearim says the rally and march unifies our people. “It should be a really, really good day spent with all the mob to support all our peoples cause, talking about solidarity with community here in Brisbane”.

People that are planning on attending the event are recommended to bring plenty of drinking water and hats.

Woodford Folk Festival 27 Dec 2016 – 1 Jan 2017

30 November 2016

Woodford Folk Festival is Australia’s largest annual not-for-profit arts and music festival of its kind, gathering together more than 2000 artists, musicians and presenters in more than 400 acts, across 25 venues to an est. audience of 120,000 people. The Festival showcases the depth and diversity of Australia’s cultural, artistic and social expression with music, dance, cabaret, circus, comedy, workshops, debate, street theatre, films, forums, visual arts, an entire children’s festival and many special presentations, including a spectacular Fire Event on New Year’s Day.
After a dedicated year of redesigning the organisation from its original structure of a regional folk club, Queensland Folk Federation, the producers of Woodford Folk Festival and The Planting have reformed as Woodfordia Inc., an organisation dedicated to the 500 acre property that hosts the festivals in Queensland. Having retained and expanded community roots, they have created a not-for-profit organisation with a membership structure open to the Australian and International public.
The Woodford festival experience is deep, rich and colourful – a veritable feast for the senses. It is based on the vision of an inclusive and creative community, which fosters the growth of cultures and traditions through generations and is expressed through story and ceremony. This is exemplified by the large-scale spectacle theatre at the Welcome Ceremony, and the Festival’s flagship closing ceremony, The Fire Event.

The Festival’s home, Woodfordia, is a one hour drive north-west of Brisbane. The 500 acre property has been developed into a cultural parkland dedicated to the arts, humanities and lore. Woodfordia has infrastructure to accommodate a live-in population of 25,000 people and has been lovingly regenerated with over 100,000 subtropical rainforest trees, orchids, ferns and sedges planted to create habitat for butterflies and wildlife. As many as 2700 volunteers across 140 departments are at the heart of the organization and contribute to the setup and day-to-day running of the festival.

Lets Talk – Trauma

03 November 2016

The latest Let’s Talk panel – delving into the issue of ‘Trauma’ with Aboriginal traumatologist Judy Atkinson, and Aboriginal early childhood development expert and FASD researcher Jan Hammill.  Available online at img_4389

Curtain – Podcast Series

18 October 2016

The first episode of Curtain, which looks back at the 1992 conviction of an Aboriginal man named Kevin Henry for murder – has premiered on 98.9 FM in Brisbane, syndicated across the country via the National Indigenous Radio Service.

Tune in to 98.9fm every Friday morning at 9 am or if you missed it and want to catch up, listen on itunes and subscribe for new weekly episodes.


BIMA Announces New CEO

28 July 2016

The Brisbane Indigenous Media Association welcomed its new CEO this morning – Birri Gubba and Kungalu man Kaava Watson, who will continue the legacy of his father, Uncle Ross Watson, the founder of the radio station.

Kaava fills the big shoes left by the legendary broadcaster and giant of Aboriginal media Tiga Bayles, who passed away earlier this year.

Kaava brings with him his own unique set of skills and has strong ties to the Brisbane community. He was one of the first year 12 graduates of the Murri School and holds both a Bachelor of Justice and Bachelor of Law degree from the Queensland University of Technology.Kaava has been a Director of BIMA for over 2 years and has worked for over a decade across the areas of Law, Youth Justice, Native Title, Education and Training and is excited to join us as CEO.

“First Nation’s media is as important today as it has always been and I feel honoured to have the opportunity to contribute through such a regarded organisation as BIMA.”


IMAGE: The staff at Brisbane Indigenous Media Association welcome our new CEO – Kaava Watson (centre) this morning (CREDIT: Michael Aird)

IMAGE: The staff at Brisbane Indigenous Media Association welcome our new CEO – Kaava Watson (centre) this morning (CREDIT: Michael Aird)

Graeme Connors on the Breakfast Show

19 May 2016

Dan Rennie talks to Graeme Connors on the Breakfast Show about his upcoming album “60 Summers: The Ultimate Collection”

Listen to the interview here

Sports Talk moves to the Weekend!

13 May 2016

Sports Talk is moving to the weekend! Listen in to 98.9fm Saturday from 9am for Sports Talk with Jharal Yow Yeh and Dan Rennie for your weekly update of sports news.

Keep Community Radio

11 May 2016

The Federal Budget contains cuts of $1.4 million p.a., funding that currently keeps community radio stations broadcasting on digital in 5 capital cities. Community radio’s standing alongside public and commercial broadcasters is at risk.

The good news is that community radio has great community support and during this election campaign we’ll be speaking up loud and clear and calling for both the Coalition and Labor to restore the funding if they win government.

Sign the petition below and we’ll make sure that both Malcolm Turnbull and Bill Shorten get your message.

Join Jason Owen at an Exclusive Album Launch Party

03 May 2016

Jason Owen Launches his latest album “PROUD” this Friday and to celebrate Jason will be coming to Brisbane to host an exclusive 98.9FM VIP album launch party this Thursday May 5 in a private room at Brisbane’s only country music venue Johnny Ringo’s located in the Orient Hotel on Queen St.
The invitation is open to the first 80 98.9fm listeners. To get onto this exclusive list, “in-box” the team at 98.9fm on Facebook with your name and contact details.
A Complimentary drink on arrival and nibbles are being kindly provided by the venue.
Smart casual dress required and 18 plus event


17 April 2016

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Tiga Bayles, a Birri Gubba Gungalu man and a Dawson River Murri, who died early this morning after a long battle with cancer.

Tiga Bayles – the Chief Executive Officer of the Brisbane Indigenous Media Association’s 98.9FM radio station – was aged 62.

Tiga was born Harold James Phillip Bayles on 6th October 1953. He was raised in Theodore in Central Queensland, and lived in Redfern, Dubbo, Coonamble and later Brisbane.

He was a leading figure in the Aboriginal rights movement, and played a key role in the 1982 Brisbane Commonwealth Games protests, and protests at the Bicentennial celebrations in Sydney in 1988.

Tiga was an early chairman of the NSW Aboriginal Land Council, and named Queensland Father of the Year in 2005. He raised nine girls, and was Australia’s most prominent – and awarded – First Nations broadcaster.

Among his many honors, Tiga was the inaugural winner of the national Deadly Award for Indigenous Broadcaster of the Year, and his work around decolonisation and invasion was recognised by Amnesty International’s inaugural media awards in 2014.

Tiga served on numerous boards, including the National Indigenous Radio Service, a community-controlled organisation he helped found. He was also the Asia Pacific representative of the World Association of Community Radio Broadcasting, a role that saw him travel the world advocating for First Nations’ media.

Tiga was deeply involved in the renowned Murri School in Brisbane’s Acacia Ridge, and served as its Chairman for many years, a role he held until his passing.

He got his start in the music industry touring the country as a band manager with Murri Jama. Shortly after, Tiga helped to establish Radio Redfern in Sydney with his mother, Maureen Watson. Tiga eventually moved back to Brisbane, and helped establish the Brisbane Indigenous Media Association, and the National Indigenous Radio Service. BIMA – the home of 98.9FM – is one of the nation’s most popular and successful community radio stations. Tiga’s morning program, Let’s Talk, was broadcast five days a week around the nation via the National Indigenous Radio Service network.

Tiga’s family, under the guidance of his uncle Ross Watson, created BIMA. Tiga took the reigns when Ross retired, and oversaw its expansion to become a nationally recognised training organisation for First Nations people working in the media. More than a thousand First Nations people have been trained in broadcasting through BIMA, via an innovative school-based traineeship program. Tiga led the move of 98.9FM to a state of the art multi-media centre in West End in 2011, securing the future of First Nations media for generations to come.

Tiga passed away peacefully at his Brisbane home early this morning, surrounded by family and friends.

Details for the funeral of Tiga Bayles, which will be held in Brisbane, will be announced soon.

Kev Carmody

26 February 2016

Dan Rennie speaks with Kev Carmody on the Breakfast Show about his new album and the “Songman” documentary about his life.

Chase Rice – Ignite The Night

09 February 2016

Listen from February Friday 26 February for your chance to win the new album from Chase Rice

Remembering Glenn Fry

20 January 2016

With the passing of The Eagles founder Glenn Fry this week we look back to Dan’s interview with Glenn in 2013. Glenn spoke about his life with The Eagles and his Solo career and his love of Australia.

Shane Nicholson ‘Hell Breaks Loose’ Album Of The Week

13 August 2015

All week you will hear songs from Shane’s brand new album and hear him talking about the inspiration behind them.

Listen to Hayley’s interview with Shane on the drive show

Shane Nicholson “Hell Breaks Loose” available now

Congratulations Chelsea Dawson

27 July 2015

Chelsea has just graduated with a Certificate 3 in Screen & Media with Triple A Training. Chelsea has been a great student over the last year, always comes to work with a smile and motivation.

“Working here has changed my life. I have learnt so much about media, from learning how to do lighting in the TV Studio, recording interviews and setting up to present in front of the camera to learning how to use the audio desk, make my own radio show and talk live on radio. The students and trainers all feel like family to me, it has been a great experience to also help the newer students what i have learn, when you hear about the great opportunities that 98.9FM and Triple A Training are offering you should take it, it’s a great way to start your future”

Good on you Chelsea! and Good Luck for the future.

If you want more information on the courses we deliver give us a call on 07 3892 0100 or check out our Training website

BIMA & ABC Memorandum Of Understanding

13 July 2015

The ABC have committed to supporting the Brisbane Indigenous Media Association in training and developing the next generation of Indigenous media professionals, in an emotional morning tea in memory of a much-loved member of both the ABC and BIMA family.

Teena Girdis helped forge links between the two organisations while helping BIMA with the award-winning Let’s Talk video panels two years ago. The panels covered topics as diverse as constitutional reform, treaty, sovereignty and decolonisation.

Teena played an integral role in producing and guiding Let’s Talk Decolonisation, which won the Indigenous reporting category at Amnesty International’s 2014 Media Awards. Teena sadly passed away last year, but her legacy lives on in the MOU, signed today by BIMA CEO Tiga Bayles and ABC Queensland’s Indigenous Working Group Head Gary Crane.

The MOU commits ABC to providing training, mentoring and guidance to students involved in training courses at BIMA. This will involve various skills, from camerawork, to editing, producing and scripting.

The ABC will also provide mentoring for BIMA students and should an outstanding Indigenous student be identified, the ABC is now committed to “considering that student for a Teena Girdis Memorial 12-month traineeship/internship”.

BIMA CEO Tiga Bayles  delivered an emotional ode to Teena, saying that her guidance had been integral in the development of the video panels.

Pictured: Tiga with Teena’s family singing the MOU

Happy NAIDOC Week

08 July 2015

NAIDOC celebrations are held around Australia each July to celebrate the history, culture and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

This year the theme highlights Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ strong spiritual and cultural connection to land and sea. The theme is an opportunity to pay respects to country; honour those who work tirelessly on preserving land, sea and culture and to share the stories of many sites of significance or sacred places with the nation.

As the oldest continuing culture on the planet, the living culture of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people is intrinsically linked with these sacred places. Sacred places can be geographic feature like a river or lake, a beach, bays, inlets, hills or a mountain ranges or ceremonial grounds, galleries of rock art or engravings or places used for gathering for cultural practices.

Long before European arrival, these places had traditional names – names that now reflect the timeless relationship between the people and the land. Often sacred places are connected with Dreaming stories or tell of the meaning of an area.

This year’s theme was also chosen specifically to highlight and celebrate the  anniversary of the ‘Handback’ of Uluru, one of these sacred sites, to its traditional owners on 26 October 30 years ago.

Check out NAIDOC events happening in your community

Umi Arts Freshwater Saltwater 2 ‘Existence’ Arts Exhibition

20 May 2015

Artists from the new Umi Arts art exhibition join Karen Dorante on Let’s Talk. Talking about their works.

UMI Arts presents its second annual Freshwater Saltwater touring exhibition curated by Teho Ropeyarn.

Freshwater Saltwater: Existence explores the concept of “existence” for contemporary Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists who live and work in Far North Queensland.

The works selected for this exhibition reveal the existence of the artists, their life and experiences and motives applied in their current practice by representing self; traditionally, contemporarily, metaphorically, visually, historically and culturally.

The twenty-two artists featured in Freshwater Saltwater: Existence represent a region that is diverse in history and strong in cultural practice.

The exhibition  will be open Monday to Friday, 9am – 5pm, until the 6th of June.

Where: Judith Wright Centre | 420 Brunswick Street, Fortitude Valley

Cost: Free

For more information:

Noel Pearson

08 May 2015

Tiga Bayles spoke to Noel Pearson live in the studio on Let’s Talk.

BIMA Offering Training in Business & Media

07 April 2015

BIMA are offering training for Certificate III in Media and Certificate III in Business.

Located in the vibrant multi-cultural precinct of West End in new, purpose built facilities with state-of-the art equipment.

To be eligible you must meet these requirements:

  • Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander
  • Are not currently enrolled in any Certificate III or higher level of study
  • Have not completed a Certificate III or higher level of study post school

For more information on the courses available please click on one of the links below;

Certificate III in Media

Certificate III in Business

Triple A Training

2 Ambleside Street, West End Q 4101

P: 07 3892 0100 | F: 07 3892 0101

RTO Code: 30155

AFL on 98.9FM Is Back

31 March 2015

98.9FM will be bringing you all action from the AFL 2015 season, through NIRS. Kicking off this Thursday. You can also tune in via the AFL website, and follow the team on Twitter at @NIRS_AFL

Round 1

2015 AFL Premiership Season


Thursday 2nd April – Monday 6th April 2015

Thursday 2nd April 2015                                Carlton v Richmond (MCG)

                                                                        5.30pm – 9.30pm (EDT)

Callers: Barry Denner and Chris Johnson

Expert Commentator: Gilbert McAdam

Producer: Karen Dorante



Monday 6th April 2015                                   Hawthorn v Geelong (MCG)

                                                                        2.30pm – 6.30pm (EDT)

Callers: Barry Denner and Graham “Smokey” Dawson

Expert Commentator: Peter “Crackers” Keenan

Producer: Dan Rennie

Lee Kernaghan – Spirit Of The Anzacs

20 March 2015

Lee Kernaghan chats with Hayley about his new album Spirit Of The Anzacs. All the proceeds from the single and video clip go to Legacy and Soldier On charities.

Troy Cassar -Daley’s Career best album “Freedom Ride”

10 March 2015

Troy Cassar-Daley brings us his career best album. Featuring his trademark songs of land, community and country. Get on board the Freedom Ride. Listen to Dan’s yarn with Troy about the album below.

Available now:


Kristian Bush Interview

16 February 2015

Hayley chats with Kristian Bush, one half of the massive country band ‘Sugarland’. Kristian has just put out a solo album “Southern Gravity” and will be in Australia for CMC Rocks.

Maddie and Tae Interview

13 February 2015

Hayley speaks to American sweethearts, Maddie and Tae about their music and their upcoming tour of Australia with CMC Rocks.


Lee Brice

12 February 2015

American Singer / Songwriter Lee Brice chats to Hayley about his music and his upcoming Australian shows at CMC Rocks and learns a bit of Australian slang.


Golden Guitar Winners

27 January 2015

The 43rd Australian Country Music Awards of Australia and the winners are;

Album of the Year: Kasey Chambers, Bittersweet

Alternative Country Album of the Year: Lyn Bowtell, Heart of Sorrow

Male Artist of the Year: Luke O’Shea

Female Artist of the Year: Amber Lawrence

Duo/Group of the Year: The McClymonts

Vocal Collaboration of the Year: Dean Perrett and Troy Cassar-Daley, My Country My Land

Bush Ballad of the Year: Bloodwood and Clover, Dean Perrett

Heritage Song of the Year: Luke O’Shea, Three Brothers (The Great War)

Instrumental of the Year: Mustered Courage, Candle Creek

Bluegrass Recording of the Year: Kristy Cox, One Heartbreak Away

New Talent of the Year: The Adam Eckersley Band

APRA Song of the Year: Luke O’Shea, Three Brothers (The Great War)

Video Clip of the Year: Sara Storer, Canoe

Single of the Year: Kasey Chambers and Bernard Fanning, Bittersweet

Larapinta Extreme Walk

21 January 2015

 A passionate group of volunteers have decided to walk 223 km in 11 days in May 2015 to raise funds for the NPY Women’s Council.  

We’re doing an extreme walk to raise funds to support the annual Law & Culture meeting to empower indigenous women in the remote NPY region of Australia and we’ve made it, so we are now working to fund other key initiatives for the NPYWC.


We want to support the continuation of the Law & Culture meetings because of the important role they play in indigenous culture.

We want to support the ongoing work of the NPYWC for the difference they are making in the lives of indigenous people in Australia.

Our goal

We have raised enough to fund the Law and Culture event for 2015 which costs $50,000 to run.  We now aim to raise a further $50,000 to enable other targeted programs initiated by the Women’s Council.

For more information

Dan’s Yarn with Troy Cassar-Daley

19 January 2015

Dan yarns to Troy about Tamworth and his new album “Freedom Ride” which is out on March 13. Troy also plays his brand new single “Take A Walk In My Country”.





The Kruger Brothers Interview

28 November 2014

Dan chats with The Kruger Brothers and they show off their amazing musical talents.


Dan Interviews Emma Bosworth

25 November 2014

Listen to Dan’s chat with Emma, and hear her new song “Save Me” featuring some Chris O’Neill, Megan Cooper and Harvey Blues ‘. The track comes off Emma’s new album “Coming Up For Air”

Congratulations Courtney & Ned

19 November 2014

Two more of our Triple A Training trainees have graduated with Certificate III in Screen & Media.  Find out more about the training we offer at

NedBrias CourtneyLamont copy

Triple A Trainee Accepted into Bond University

07 November 2014

One of our Triple A Training trainee’s Tyus Arndt, a graduating Year 12 student from Churchie has received a letter of offer from Bond University to study communications.

Tyus recently graduated from Triple A Training with a Certificate III in Screen and Media whilst doing a traineeship. 

“Training and working with Triple A Training and 98.9FM has given me the skills and confidence to pursue a career in media”

Congratulations from the Triple A Training, BIMA and 98.9FM crew!

If you would like information on Certificates and Training that Triple A Training provides, head over to the website here:


Black Comedy on ABC Tonight 9:30pm

05 November 2014

Our very own, Steven Oliver, the brilliant and talented man behind some of the poems you hear on the station like “Hate He Said” and “Real”, has a TV show starting on ABC starting tonight at 9:30pm. Don’t Miss It! 

Check out some of the trailers and videos here:

Listen to Dan’s interview with Joe Camilleri

31 October 2014

Joe Camilleri visited 98.9FM to yarn with Dan about his musical career with The Black Sorrows, and now his solo shows.

BIMA Wins Amnesty International Australia Media Award

22 October 2014

Amnesty International Australia has awarded BIMA an inaugural award for Human Rights Journalism for our Let’s Talk Panel show on Decolonisation.

You can view the video by following the link below, and see all of our panel shows at the BimaVision Website.

Amnesty International Australia 2014 Media Awards



Let’s Talk Incarceration Panel

20 October 2014

Our latest filmed panel discussion Let’s Talk Incarceration will feature African American political activist Angela Davis, Sisters Inside founder Debbie Kilroy, Canadian Native women’s rights advocate Dr Sharron McIvor, and Aboriginal philosopher Mary Graham.

The panel will be played on the Let’s Talk radio program on Wednesday 22nd October at 9:00am EST and available to watch at 

Panel Members (L to R) Mary Graham, Deb Kilroy, Tiga Bayles, Angela Davis, Sharron McIvor

Panel Members (L to R) & Crew 
Mary Graham, Deb Kilroy, Tiga Bayles, Angela Davis, Sharron McIvor


Movember Deadly Choices

10 October 2014

The Institute has started a Movember Deadly Choices team to raise awareness of Indigneous Men’s Mental Health. Some of the Deadly Choices ambassadors visited BIMA to launch the campaign on Let’s Talk and use the TV Studio for the promotional shots.

If you haven’t heard of Movember – it’s a month long event where (mostly) men do their best to grow the best moustache they can in 30 days.

Men AND Women can join our team and the first 200 people to raise $50 will get a special edition Deadly Choices Movember Shirt (see pic attached)

Raising money for Movember in partnership with the Institute over the next three years will be working towards improving Indigenous Men’s Mental Health. Please spread across you networks and join up, or sponsor our team for Deadly Choices Movember.

Karen Dorante spoke with Deadly Choices ambassadors & Movember on Let’s Talk. (podcast attached)


Let’s Talk from the ‘Is Prison Obsolete’ Conference

08 October 2014

Today’s ‘Let’s Talk’ program was broadcast from the ‘Is Prison Obsolete” Conference. Forget reform. It is time to talk about abolishing prisons in society. So what’s the alternative? This puzzling question often interrupts further discussion of the prospects for abolition. Why is it so difficult to imagine alternatives to the current system of imprisonment? What about building the kind of society that doesn’t need prisons with the redistribution of power and income, and a decent sense of community that can support every member.

This conference will explore and encourage discussion about abolition and alternatives to prison and will initiate and support the development of innovative and creative responses to issues affecting women in prison throughout the world. It will provide an opportunity for individuals, organisations and governments from across the globe to come together and share information.

Tiga speaks with some of the guest speakers at the conference. 

Priscilla Collins, CEO North Australian Aboriginal Justice Agency (NAAJA)

Melissa Lucashenko, Award Winning Author & Founding Member of Sisters Inside

Zophia Wosiak & Nita-Ri Mabo, Sisters Inside

Dr Sharon McIvor, Activist & Academic from Canada

Zophia and Nita-Re

Zophia and Nita-Ri

Melissa Lucashenko

Melissa Lucashenko








Murri School Health & Well being Expo

25 July 2014

The Murri school is holding a Health & Well Being expo for students and the community on Monday 4th August from 9am – 2:30pm.

There will be a diverse range of interactive workshops, sporting ambassadors, physical activities and information sessions.

FREE GIVEAWAYS and much more.

For more information or to RSVP contact Marianne Wobcke on 0424 134 693

Watch Let’s Talk Decolonisation

23 May 2014

Indigenous peoples across the globe have experienced a violent and devastating history at the hands of colonialism, and Australia is no exception.  But is colonisation something of a bygone era?  In consideration of all that has happened, what does decolonisation look like and is it a tangible process?  How does it relate to the individual, our everyday lives, the future of all Aboriginal people, and as distinct tribal groups?  Let’s Talk Decolonisation, our fourth filmed panel discussion, takes an indepth look at the fundamental questions surrounding decolonisation.


Let’s Talk Decolonisation from BIMA on Vimeo.

Let’s Talk Decolonisation

28 April 2014

A filmed panel discussion, will take an in-depth look at the fundamental questions surrounding decolonisation. The panelists are advocates for Indigenous peoples in international law Dr Irene Watson, Aboriginal philosopher Mary Graham, medical anthropologist Gregory Phillips, and veteran Aboriginal activist Dale Ruska.

The video will be released online May 23rd and broadcast on 989fm from 9-10am the same day

For more information, call 0428 152 777 or send an email to

Watch the Let’s Talk Treaty discussion

10 March 2014

Let’s Talk Treaty panelists include, Wayne Butcher, Monica Morgan, Warren Mundine & Nicole Watson, hosted by Tiga Bayles.

We all know Yothu Yindi’s hit song Treaty. But what is Treaty? When it comes to relations between Indigenous peoples and colonial powers, treaties are simply formal agreements that set down the terms and conditions by which two or more groups can coexist. The British Empire signed treaties with many of the tribes of Americas, and the Maori of New Zealand. But no treaty was ever signed with the First Nations here.

Let’s Talk Treaty from BIMA

Let’s Talk Treaty Panel

24 February 2014

We all know Yothu Yindi’s hit song Treaty. But what is Treaty? When it comes to relations between Indigenous peoples and colonial powers, treaties are simply formal agreements that set down the terms and conditions by which two or more groups can coexist. The British Empire signed treaties with many of the tribes of Americas, and the Maori of New Zealand. But no treaty was ever signed with the First Nations here.

On Monday 10th March, the Brisbane Indigenous Media Association will be releasing our third Let’s Talk panel discussion, this time on the issue of treaty, taking an indepth look at what it could mean for First Nations peoples.

Tune in Monday 10th March 9am to 98.9FM, it can be viewed online after 10am.

Watch the video trailer

BIMA Vision Finalist for Film Award

18 February 2014

In 1982 First Nations people from across the country converged on Brisbane to protest the Commonwealth Games, demand recognition of Aboriginal Land Rights and demonstrate against the Queensland Government’s oppressive Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Protection Act. The Brisbane Indigenous Media Association (BIMA) produced a documentary on this landmark in the political struggle of First Nations peoples.

The documentary has been selected as a finalist in 3 categories for the West End Film Festival. The West End Film Festival is an Australian short film competition held in Brisbane, provides a platform for emerging filmmakers to showcase their work and talent in front of their peers and established members of the industry. It also provides established industry with a place to showcase new work and connect with up and coming filmmakers.

The West End Film Festival  will be held at the Rumpus Cinema on Sunday March 23.

For more info and tickets go to

Serving Country : Centenary & Beyond

17 February 2014

2014 National NAIDOC week theme has been announced.

This year’s NAIDOC theme honours all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander men and women who have fought in defence of country.

From our warriors in the Frontier Wars to our warriors who have served with honour and pride in Australia’s military conflicts and engagements across the globe.

We proudly highlight and recognise the role they have played in shaping our identity and pause to reflect on their sacrifice. We celebrate and honour their priceless contribution to our nation.

The host city for the National NAIDOC Awards Ceremony is the Gold Coast.

Entries are now open for the National NAIDOC Poster Competition which reflects this year’s theme. The winning entry win a $5000 cash prize and will display across Australia in workplaces, schools and community organisations.

The Poster Competition closes on Friday 28th March. More Info & Apply Here

Clancestry, A Celebration of Country at QPAC

04 February 2014

Clancestry is an annual festival celebrating the arts and cultural practices of the world’s First Nations Peoples with a particular focus on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. Awarded a Queensland Reconciliation Award for the inaugural event in 2013, it is a community festival produced by QPAC with advice and counsel from Elders and community leaders.

All events are free and we invite you to celebrate country with us.

For more information go to

To see the full program go to

Radio Survival : Pop Up Digital Radio Station

22 January 2014

January 26 of each year has many meanings for Australians. First Nations or Aboriginal Australians see the day as our Survival. A testament to the many battles that have been fought. A testament to the many people who have gone before us and those that will come after us as we seek true and proper recognition of our place in our country.

Survival Day as we call it is a day where we get together to celebrate our survival.

In 2014 Radio Survival is a digital pop-up broadcast in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney. Utilising the efforts of 4 First Nations controlled community radio stations on the digital platform, it’s a unique first.

Radio Survival will broadcast from midday to midnight including live crosses across the country to Yabun Festival in Sydney, 98.9fm in Brisbane, Survival Perth 2014 from Noongar Radio and 3 KND in Melbourne including live music, documentaries, interviews and panel discussion.

It’s a celebration of our survival. Its Radio Survival.

If you have a Digital Radio just tune into 98.9FM on January 26th.

Click here to see the full program

Clancestry Pathways Mentorship Project

09 January 2014

Clancestry Pathways is a mentoring program that has been created to offer twelve early career Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander song writing artists and media interns a hands on opportunity to spend a week in Brisbane with senior music and broadcasting industry professionals participating in workshops, discussions, media calls and recording sessions.

Hosted by home grown Queensland superstar Bernard Fanning, the artists and interns will participate in song writing sessions, live to air recordings, media training, professional development opportunities and business sessions. All sessions will feature Indigenous and non-Indigenous experts in the music and broadcasting fields, offering networking opportunities, access to world class facilities and the wealth of knowledge that Bernard has garnered over his impressive career.

Supported by Arts Queensland through the Super Star Fund, a Queensland Government program that delivers super star performances exclusive to the state, the program has been created in partnership between 98.9FM, QPAC and Bernard Fanning. The weeklong program culminates in a concert performance to be staged on South Bank’s Cultural Forecourt as part of Clancestry, A Celebration of Country.

Click Here To Apply

Christmas Programming

17 December 2013

98.9FM will be closed 25th December – 6th January 2014

During the Christmas break you will hear some of 2013’s best interviews, recordings, live acts and the best-of-the-brekky show’s.

6th – 24th January 2014 : Brekky with Dan Rennie & Drive with Hayley-Belle

Pixie Bush Brekky returns: 12th January 2014

All Australian Top 20 returns: 25th January 2014

Brekky Show with Jamie & Ian returns: 28th January 2014

Let’s Talk reutrns: 28th January 2014

98.9FM wishes all our listeners a Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and safe holidays.

Watch Constitutional Reform Panel 2013

06 December 2013

Recognising Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in the Australian Constitution, it’s the right thing to do – a simple message sold with a fancy website, TV commercials and the backing of $10 million from the Federal Government. On the surface, Constitutional recognition seems like a step in the right direction. Tiga Bayles hosts a panel debate on this issue to find out what it could really mean for First Nations peoples.

Let’s Talk Constitutional reform from BIMA on Vimeo.





Let’s Talk Constitutional reform Panel Debate

02 December 2013

Recognising Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in the Australian Constitution, it’s the right thing to do – a simple message sold with a fancy website, TV commercials and the backing of $10 million from the Federal Government. On the surface, Constitutional recognition seems like a step in the right direction. Tiga Bayles is hosting a panel debate on this issue to find out what it could really mean for First Nations peoples.  The panel will feature Secretary of the Aboriginal Provisional Government Michael Mansell, Editor of NSW, Aboriginal Land Council’s Tracker Magazine Amy McQuire, Co-chair of the National Congress of Australia’s First Peoples Les Malezer and Melbourne Law School academic Dr Mark McMillan.

Tune in online via live stream at 10am on December 3:

Let’s Talk Constitutional reform will also be broadcasted on Brisbane’s 989fm on December 6 (Friday) from 9-10am.

Watch the ’82 Commonwealth Games Protest Doco

22 November 2013

In 1982, First Nations people from across the country converged on Brisbane to protest the Commonwealth Games, demand recognition of Aboriginal Land Rights and demonstrate against the Queensland Government’s oppressive Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Protection Act.  The Brisbane Indigenous Media Association (BIMA) produced a documentary on this landmark in the political struggle of First Nations peoples.

30th Anniversary of the Commonwealth Games Protests 1982 from BIMA on Vimeo.

Brisbane’s Blind Broadcasters in City South News

19 November 2013

Listening to the soothing tones of radio broadcaster David Roosje, you would never know he struggles to see the microphone in front of him. Mt Gravatt’s Mr Roosje is low vision and legally blind, but it does not stop him and his co-hosts Torita Isaac and James Mullholland, who are also vision impaired, presenting their Blind Broadcasters show from their West End studio every Tuesday night from 9-11pm on 98.9FM.

Innovative technology helps Mr Roosje play music and work the buttons.

“I’ve got a program at the station called ZoomText” he said. “It’s an adaptive technology which enlarges text and it can read it back to you. I never thought I would end in radio but I love it”

Having been working at the station for a year as part of the Triple A Training, Brisbane Indigenous Media Association, My Roosje said being able to broadcast was extremely rewarding.

“It’s really satisfying hearing the finished product” he said. Mt Roosje said the thing that set radio apart for him was that his listeners couldn’t hear his disability.

“It is good that when i’m speaking on radio people wouldn’t necessarily know that about me” he said.

Story: City South News Picture: Renae Droop

You can hear the Blind Broadcasters show on 98.9FM every Tuesday night from 9pm

“Murru” album in memory of John Pat

25 October 2013

Murru is an album in memory the Death in Custody of Aboriginal teenager John Pat

The music collaboration – which includes the talents of John Bennett, Shellie Morris, Emma Donovan, Archie Roach, Lucky Oceans, Harry Hookey, Bill Chambers, the Last Kinection, Trevor Jamieson and David Hyams  – is the result of over two and a half years of music workshops run by Big hART productions in the Roebourne Regional Prison and the community as part of the Yijala Yala Project – a long term, multi-platform and inter-generational arts project.

The aim of the album is to raise funds for a memorial to John to be built in Roebourne and create discussion around the need for strategies to reduce Indigenous incarceration rates and eradicate preventable deaths in custody.

Purchase The Album


Troy Cassar-Daley Country Music Academy Indigenous Scholarship

10 October 2013

Troy Cassar-Daley, one of Australia’s most prolific and awarded Country Music artists continues to personally put his name and dollars to encouraging emerging talent through his generous support of the CMAA Academy of Country Music..

The course is for singers, songwriters and instrumentalists over the age of 18 years. Hundreds of ACM Graduates have created fantastic careers in country music and continue to do so.

What an awesome opportunity and a great way to learn about the music business.  I’m thrilled to give my support to up and coming indigenous artists.  The Academy helps them along the road to discovery, suggesting how to focus on their ambitions and ultimately achieve their goals. Wish this sort of course was available when I first started out.”  – Troy Cassar-Daley.

The Troy Cassar- Daley scholarship is a very important priority of the CMAA Academy. Over the past 6 years the scholarship winners have contributed to and benefitted greatly from being part of this unique course” – Peter Winkler, Academy director.

Country Music in Australia covers a very broad range of music styles and all these styles are fully explored and embraced at The Academy. The Singer and/or songwriter is fully catered for with a detailed programme of tuition including songwriting, performance, and career building modules designed specifically for the career-minded singer and/or songwriter. They are tutored and mentored by Golden Guitar winning, professional artists, instrumentalists and country music business professionals.

Loren Jade Ryan the Troy Cassar-Daley Scholarship student from 2012 wrote : The Troy Cassar-Daley Scholarship has been invaluable to me. My new found industry knowledge, song writing tools and stagecraft tips I could not have learned anywhere else. Living with like minded individuals was empowering and inspiring. Meeting numerous successful country music celebrities and industry experts was definitely a highlight. After the two weeks my self development accelerated immensely. I must say I have been honored to represent my people in such an excellent program.

Scholarship includes: 14 nights accommodation, all meals, tuition and master classes.

Location: Calrossy School Campus, Brisbane Street, Tamworth NSW.

Dates : Arrive Saturday, 4th January 2014 between 3pm and 5pm, and depart Saturday morning 18th January 2014.

Applications Open: 9am on Monday September 30th 2013

Applications Close:  5pm on Friday, 8th November 2013

For further information on how to apply please contact Academy Coordinator Greg Williams :        Phone : 0408255908


Watch Let’s Talk Sovereignty

09 October 2013

A panel discussion articulating the POLITICAL, PHILOSOPHICAL & LEGAL intricacies of First Nations’ sovereignty.

The panel consists of four veterans of the Black political struggle – Michael Mansell, Lilla Watson, Bob Weatherall and Mary Graham. Tiga Bayles will be facilitating the panel.

Let’s Talk Sovereignty from BIMA on Vimeo.

Listen to the Smashing The Myths Radio Episodes

30 August 2013

The Radio episodes are now available to listen online. Click on the “Smashing The Myths” link to hear them. You can also read more information about each Myth.

It’s Muster Time Again on 98.9FM

19 August 2013

98.9FM will be bringing you all the action from the 2013 Gympie Music Muster. The live broadcast starts at 3pm on Thursday. Live performances from Main Stage, exclusive interviews with artists, recorded performances and more.

Tune in on 98.9FM, stream online at or download the 98.9FM App on your smart phone.

Follow us on Facebook & Twitter @989fmcountry for photos and videos from the festival.


1972 Aboriginal Embassy Radio Documentary

08 August 2013

Listen to the podcast of our 30 minute audio documentary on the 1972 Aboriginal Embassy, featuring interviews with Gary Foley, Robert Thorpe, Lilla Watson, Boe Spearim, Lorna Munro, Isabel Coe, Chicka Dixon, Michael Anderson, Paul Coe, Kevin Buzzacott and Sam Watson


Griffith Uni Calls for Land Rights Movement Stories

05 August 2013

Do you have a Queensland Land Rights Movement story? Griffith Uni wants to hear it, for a research project “Our people, our pictures, our voices”.

Muster Ticket Giveaway

31 July 2013

98.9FM is giving away tickets to the muster again! Tune into the Brekky show from 5am and the Drive show from 3pm and listen out for your chance to pick up a weekend pass!

Check out the full line-up and get your tickets from


National Diabetes Week

16 July 2013

Diabetes is a medical condition where the body fails to process blood sugar or glucose in a normal way, it  is the world’s fastest-growing chronic disease.  Every day, 62 Queenslanders are diagnosed with the condition, two people with type 1 diabetes, and 60 people with type 2 diabetes.

Find out more information from the following links:



NAIDOC 2013 Events

09 July 2013

To see all NAIDOC events around Brisbane and surrounding areas go to our Community page.

If you have an event you would like to submit as a Community Service Announcement please email the flyer or information to


Good News for Community Digital Radio

27 June 2013

Community digital radio stations are breathing a sigh of relief today, after the Federal Government announced it will rectify the funding shortfall that has been threatening the future of current services.

The announcement comes following a community campaign calling on the government to rectify the annual operational funding shortfall which was created after the 2012 Federal Budget.

The Federal Government’s commitment will provide $6million in funding over three years to enable community digital radio services to stay on air.

President of the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia, Adrian Basso said the decision is a fantastic outcome for community radio stations and listeners and a big boost to media diversity in Australia.

“Thanks to the tens of thousands of people who stood up and showed just how important community radio is to communities right across Australia, community radio now has a digital future,” Mr Basso said.

“It’s fantastic that the Federal Government has listened to the needs of the community and delivered the funding required to keep digital community radio services up and running.

“This is a sign that the Federal Government is serious about supporting media diversity in Australia.

“There’s been a long-standing government commitment to ensuring community broadcasting has affordable access to digital platforms. This announcement makes good on those commitments.

“Supporters of the Commit to Community Radio campaign sent tens of thousands of emails to politicians calling on them to commit to giving community radio services a secure future, and they’ve finally delivered.”

The Commit to Community Radio campaign, launched earlier this year, attracted over 43,000 supporters, including Wally de Backer, better known as Gotye, H.G Nelson, Paul Kelly, John Safran and Andrew Denton.

Troy Cassar-Daley & Adam Harvey New Album

11 June 2013

Country music stars Troy Cassar-Daley and Adam Harvey have joined forces in what is sure to be one of the most exciting country music ventures of the year!  Their album The Great Country Songbook – a collection of timeless country music classics, some sung individually and others as duets

The Great Country Songbook features the following 20 tracks:

  1. Good Hearted Woman
  2. Mamas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys
  3. Crystal Chandeliers
  4. He Stopped Loving Her Today
  5. Lights On The Hill
  6. For The Good Times
  7. Coward Of The County
  8. Luckenbach Texas (Back To The Basics Of Love)
  9. Indian Pacific
  10. Rhinestone Cowboy
  11. Mama Tried
  12. Behind Closed Doors
  13. I Walk The Line
  14. Hey Good Lookin’
  15. Old Dogs, Children and Watermelon Wine
  16. Oh Lonesome Me
  17. You’re My Best Friend
  18. Seven Spanish Angels
  19. That’s The Way Love Goes
  20. Medley: Thank God I’m A Country Boy/Before The Next Teardrop Falls/On The Road Again

John Fogerty “Wrote A Song For Everyone”

27 May 2013

This new album features 12 Creedence classics and two new songs featuring guest artist appearances from, Foo Fighters, Keith Urban, Miranda Lambert, Zac Brown, Alan Jackson and more.

Buy The Album



“Growing Up Catholic” Exhibition

20 May 2013

An exhibition documenting the Catholic history of North Stradbroke Island. Curated by Michael Aird.

The Exhibition to be launched by Aunty Rosie Borey & Aunty Ethel Brown with Archbishop Mark Coleridge, the Archbishop of Brisbane.

This event follows a commemorative church service at 9am at St Paul of the Cross Catholic Church, Dunwich.

Official Launch 11am – 12noon followed by a presentation by Dr Stefano Girola – School of Theology, Australian Catholic University, Brisbane.

Exhibition continues until 7th July at North Stradbroke Island Historical Museum 15-17 Welsby St Dunwich (07) 3409 9699

Condoman Launch

10 May 2013

Condoman and Lubelicious are superheroes with a mission to promote sexual health messages to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in Queensland.

The Launch of Condoman was held at BIMA, guest speakers included Aunty Flo Watson who did the ‘Welcome to Country’, Brett Mooney from 2 Sprits and Dr Gracelyn Smallwood.

There are 9 characters, Condoman, Lubelicious, Syphilis, Gonorrhoea, HPV, HIV, Herpes, Hep C and Chlamydia they all feature in the new Comic Book which is available at

In collaboration between 2 Spiritsthe Institute for Urban Indigenous Health and 98.9fm,  radio skits of Condoman and Lubelicious can be heard on 98.9fm of the duo tackling insidious sexually transmitted infections, HIV and other blood-borne viruses.

See the Photo Gallery from the launch

Live Broadcast of the First Nations Australia Writers Workshop

09 May 2013

Tomorrow on Let’s Talk, Live Broadcast from the First Nations Australia Writers Workshop from the State Library, Tiga will be speaking with Yvette Holt, Herb Wharton, Marcus Waters and Johnny Harding, tune in from 9am.

Ipswich Community Health Day

08 May 2013

Saturday 11th May, 10:0am-2:00pm Cameron Park, Brisbane Rd Booval. Free Health Checks, Mums & Bubs, AFL Clinic and more

Glenn Skuthorpe Album Launch

06 May 2013

Glenn Skuthorpe’s much anticipated fourth album, takes listeners on a musical road trip across lives lived hard and fast, slow and raw. With its roots, country and blues influences, ‘Great Beyonder’ displays Glenn’s distinctive songwriting talent that has received acclaim by audiences and reviewers. A mix of genres and musical influences, ‘Great Beyonder’ ranges from the lyrical ballad ‘Life of a rose’, to the rocking ‘Smokin’ and ‘Rage on’

‘Great Beyonder’ Album Launch

Wednesday, 8th May 2013

Black Bear Lodge, Fortitude Valley (Brunswick St Mall)

Doors open 7:00pm Tickets $19.00

Listen to Dan’s interview with Neil Murray

06 May 2013

Neil speaking about his life in music and performs live versions of  “Meet me in Bedourie”and “Burning Land”

98.9FM’s 20 years in Pictures

10 April 2013

On Tuesday April 6, 1993, 98.9FM was on-the-air making its mark as the first Indigenous radio station in a capital city and for its unique blend of country and Indigenous music.

Since the first broadcast the station has grown from strength to strength and today continues its strong commitment to quality broadcasting of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander music, issues and news.

Have a look through our special 20yrs of 98.9FM Photo Gallery 

98.9FM Turns 20!

02 April 2013

Saturday 6th April is 98.9 (4AAA) 20th Birthday. Leave us a birthday message that will be played during our week of celebrations. Call 3892 0185

Day of Action! Commit to Community Radio

13 March 2013

Today is the Commit to Community Radio day of action! We’re broadcasting from 12pm in King George Square, come down and say hi and sign-up to the campaign to help save 98.9FM & community stations.

Sign up to the campaign here

First Muster Artist Announcement

04 March 2013



Watch this space for more artist announcements along with news of some exciting changes and great new venues in 2013.

Specially priced ‘Early Bird’ tickets will be available until 15th March.

Updates and Tickets:

Show you support for 98.9FM

28 February 2013

Community radio is the soul of Australian broadcasting – it’s the voice of communities right across the country. But the future of 98.9FM and other community stations are at rise.

Unless the Federal Government commits to a digital future for community radio in the next budget, it will be the beginning of the end for stations like ours.

To find our more info and help us save community radio by joining the campaign at

The future of radio is digital – we can’t risk bring left behind.

Clancestry Weekend Opening Friday 1st March

26 February 2013

Clancestry is a celebration of country. This means many things. “Country” acknowledges the Traditional Owners of this land. As a metaphor it connects us to our homeland and regions with a special character. From a performing arts perspective it is both an art form and a popular performance genre.

Clancestry is a festival celebrating the arts and cultural practices of the world’s First Nation’s Peoples. The festival draws on rich spiritual culture and provides a space to connect with other clan groups across the country and the globe. In presenting performances, workshops, free events and conversations the festival moves beyond transactional contact into deeper relationships between all peoples.

In its first year, Clancestry’s major focus will be on Australia’s First Nation’s peoples – Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. In subsequent years, Clancestry will invite participation from around the globe.

Free concert on Friday night featuring Troy Cassar-Daley

Tickets and more information at

Live Broadcast 5th Anniversary of the Apology Link-Up Event

15 February 2013

The Let’s Talk program this morning was broadcast live from Link-Up’s event for the 5th Anniversary of the Apology. Tiga spoke with CEO Sheryl Sandy, Chair Sam Watson, Dr Norman Sheehan, Stolen Generations member Jack Munro and Yuggera Traditional Owner Uncle Des Sandy. See More

World Condom Day

14 February 2013

Today is Condom Day. Listen to 98.9fm for messages from Condoman and Lubelicious on the importance of wearing condoms.

Condoman and Lubelicious are superheroes with a mission to promote sexual health messages to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in Queensland.

They have found their voice in a collaboration between 2 Spiritsthe Institute for Urban Indigenous Health and 98.9fm.  Tune in to listen to a series of 24 radio skits as Condoman and Lubelicious tackle insidious sexually transmitted infections, HIV and other blood-borne viruses.




5th Anniversary of the Apology

13 February 2013

Today is the 5th Anniversary of the Apology made by Kevin Rudd to the Stolen Generations and recognising that Australia’s Indigenous people were the first inhabitants of this land. But there is still a long way to go and a lot of unfinished business.

“Clancestry” showcasing the diversity of the world’s First Nations peoples

07 February 2013

Presented for the first time, Clancestry shares the stories of the oldest living cultures on earth from the banks of the Brisbane River.

Clancestry showcases the diversity of the world’s First Nations peoples in the spirit of celebration. It connects kin and clan, the contemporary and the traditional, people and community. Supporting Clancestry is the ideal that art connects people, place and ideas.

The program brings together a rich tapestry of Song Men and Women and highly acclaimed artists to share in the stories, culture and creativity of the First Nations’ people of the world.

Through the presentation of a dynamic and distinctive group of art makers and knowledge keepers, Clancestry welcomes audiences of all cultures to celebrate in understanding who we are and how we belong. From the red sands to the sweet water mountains, the salt water country and luminous sea green islands of the North, Clancestry is a Celebration of Country.

Clancestry features performances by high profile artists alongside new and emerging artists in a program that includes free and ticketed events.   Opening at dusk on Friday 1 March 2013, audiences will share in a traditional Welcome to Country presented on a sand circle on South Bank’s Cultural Forecourt and a performance bringing together artists from across the program to be directed by guest curator Rhoda Roberts.  On Saturday 2 March 2013, the legendary Black Arm Band will perform in QPAC’s Concert Hall.

The free weekend program includes contemporary and traditional performances as well as workshops, discussions, ceremony, and visual arts.

The full program for Clancestry, including events in the lead up to the weekend will be released in late January 2013.

Live Broadcast of the All Stars game

05 February 2013

Tune into 98.9FM on Saturday 9th Feb starting 7pm to hear the live broadcast of the All Stars v Indigenous All Stars game. Ryan James, First Nations player (Titans) Paul Gallen (Sharks) and Mahalia Murphy, First nations player, visited the station today to speak to Dan and some of our students.

“Hate He Said” by Steven Oliver

25 January 2013

Poem written by Steven Oliver about Australia Day.

“Hate He Said”

Hate, he said was in my heart

Hate, he said tore us apart
Hate, he said to let it go
Hate, he said but he did not know
That what I had inside of me
Was a sadness born of empathy
That because I did not celebrate
It did not mean I was full of hate
I asked him to just try and see
Through my eyes the tragedy
Of dispossession, of pain, of hurt
Of the red of blood that stained this earth
I mourn for all the lives that were lost
I mourn for what this country cost
I mourn for how we came to be
For the end does not justify the means
It’s in the past he said, move on
Why mourn for something so long gone?
I looked at him and came to say,
Do you think we should forget about ANZAC day?
It’s not the same was his retort
I said wait a minute, give it some thought
People died while fighting for their land
Defending it from a foreign hand
Make no mistake there was a war
That had been fought on these very shores
A war that didn’t always discriminate
Where the elderly or infants could meet the same fate
As those who fought to protect them so
And that’s why we should never let go
Never forget what price was paid
For us to live as we do today
He looked at me quite seriously
Said he celebrates because we’re free
He celebrates our democracy
And everything great in this country
I said, that’s fine, I get that, it’s clear
Just please don’t forget how we got here
Just take a moment to think it through
What price was paid for me and you
To live in this country as we do
Don’t take for granted the sacrifice
Both of land and of life
We need to remember those who died
Not let their legacy be swept aside
You got an apology, he said
It talked about loss and mentioned the dead
What more do you want? He asked of me,
And so I replied in the hope he would see
We have a day for Australia, the Queen
For New Years and Christmas and all those between
Like Labour and Easter, the ANZAC Parade
And just what the hell is Boxing Day?
There’s even a day that we have for the Shows
But nothing that speaks of my people’s woes
A national day to acknowledge the cause
To acknowledge all that has happened before
And I don’t mean NAIDOC I mean something more
Where the whole nation stops, like it does for a horse!
A day, is that too much to ask?
To remind us, don’t ignore the past
He processed my words and looked at the ground
We both sat in silence, then there was a sound
A sound that seemed like heaven to me
A sound of two words that said, I agree!
We talked some more as the day came to end
And despite our differences I’d made a new friend
He understood as the day came to night
That I needed some things in this country made right
And because I did not celebrate
It did not mean I was full of hate.
© Steven Oliver 24/01/2012

Let’s Talk on Thursday 24th January

22 January 2013

Don’t miss Let’s Talk on Thursday 24th January. Tiga is speaking with Eddie, a former American gang member speaking about youth violence. See Eddie’s video

Dan interviews Eagles legend Glenn Frey

18 January 2013

Listen to Dan’s interview with ‘The Eagles‘ founder and guitarist. Glenn spoke about his life with The Eagles and his Solo career and his love of Australia.

Glenn Frey will be in Australia for the After Hours Tour’  at QPAC on February 21 with Troy Cassar-Daley supporting.

Show your support at the Queensland Child Protection Commission of Inquiry

09 January 2013

The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Legal service has been granted leave to appear at the current Queensland Child Protection Commission of Inquiry.

Where: Brisbane Magistrate Court, Court 17, level 4 363 George Street

When: Monday 14th, Tuesday 15th and Wednesday the 16th Jan 2013.

The Honourable Commissioner Tim Carmody will provide the commission’s final report and recommendations in April 2013, including solutions to address the intergenerational cycles of our children’s overrepresentation and create better interventions to promote their holistic full potential. It is also paramount that the unique cultural and legal rights of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children who have contact with the child protection system are maintained and adhered too as core practices. Our families, Our children Our Future.

Please come and support key Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander child  and family advocates calling for proficient Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander child protection framework with greater responsibility, accountability and authority held by the community. We call the Community to support our most vulnerable children and young people’s futures by attending the Inquiry public gallery.

Demonstrate that our hearts and minds have turned to equality and justice for our children to reach their full potential as Queenslanders.

Find out more information on this issue by listening to the podcast of Let’s Talk

Get the new 98.9fm App for Smartphones

07 January 2013

Want to hear 98.9fm on the go, anywhere in the world?  Download our new app for Android or Apple iOS phones or tablets.

Download the 98.9fm App here


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Murri Christmas!

20 December 2012

During the Christmas week on 98.9fm we’re playing all the highlights from the year, Interviews, Live performance and of course great music!

Breakfast Show with Dan Rennie : 24th December – 21st January

Drive Show with Luke Peacock : 24th December – 21st January

All Australian Top 20 Returns 9th Feb

Let’s Talk Returns 21st Jan

Breakfast Show with Jamie and Ian Returns 21st Jan

We will be closed from 5pm 21st December and will re-open Wednesday 2nd January

The Triple A Training Centre will be closed from 5pm 21st December and will re-open 21st January.

Let’s Talk special on the Commonwealth Games Protest

19 December 2012

Tune into Let’s Talk from 9am EST on Thursday 20th December, Tiga takes us back to the 1982 Commonwealth Games, when people took to the streets to protest against the QLD acts. Tune in to hear from those who were present in 1982 and those who came back to commemorate 30 years later.

Video : State of Emergency : Ross Watson

Lachlan Harrod Wheelchair Fund

07 December 2012


Today is Lachlan Harrod day! We are raising money to go towards his new wheelchair. If you would like to donate the bank account details are:
BSB: 034072
ACC: 15788960
REF: Lachlan Harrod

98.9FM welcomes 2Spirits Condoman and Lubelicious

06 December 2012

Condoman and Lubelicious are superheroes with a mission to promote sexual health messages to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in Queensland.

They have found their voice in a collaboration between 2 Spirits, the Institute for Urban Indigenous Health and 98.9fm.  Tune in to listen to a series of 24 radio skits as Condoman and Lubelicious tackle insidious sexually transmitted infections, HIV and other blood-borne viruses.

You can hear the radio skits of Condoman and Lubelicious on 98.9FM


Arthur : It Bin The Night Before Xmas Dere La

04 December 2012

A Murri-ised version of “Twas the night before Xmas” heard on 98.9FM by First Nations comedian, Steven Oliver as Arthur. Listen to Arthur’s christmas messages in the Podcast section.

See more of Arthur on his youtube channel.

Herb Wharton wins National Literary Award

27 November 2012

A Kooma man from Cunamulla, Herb Wharton spent most of his life as a drover, stockman, labourer and now, a storyteller. Herb always has a pen to paper writing poems about the drovers, the station owners who thought they had settled the land, and the Aboriginal Dreaming tracks that preceded them by thousands of years, and entered some into the David Unaipon Award, though none were published the University of Queensland Press highly commended the Poems and offered Herb a contract to write a novel.

Unbranded released in 1992 launched his writing career going on to write, Cattle Camp (1994) and Where Ya’ Been, Mate? (1996) and an autobiography, Yumba Days (1999)

Herb has self-published a book of his poems called Kings with Empty Pockets.

Congratulations to Herb Wharton, winner of the 2012 Australia Council Award for Lifetime Achievement in Literature.

Yarn About Youth Report

22 November 2012

This morning on Let’s Talk, Karen Dorante spoke with Andrew Cummings and Blake Tatafu about a new survey that has found the majority of young Australians are wanting to advance reconciliation, but less than half know to go about it.

The ‘Yarn About Youth‘ report, co-authored by Reconciliation Australia and the Australian Youth Affairs Coalition, contains findings from the first ever national survey of young peoples’ attitudes to reconciliation.

Hippo’s Homecoming

22 November 2012

Come enjoy a family fun day out and help build accommodation for cancer patients and their families.

Saturday 24th November 11am – 4pm  Wynnum Manly Workers Club, Bogner Rd Tingalpa

For more information on Hippo’s Charity Foundation and the cancer ride

Pixie interviews Roger Knox

05 November 2012

Missed Bush Brekky? Listen to Pixie’s interview with First Nations singer-songwriter and Country music legend, Roger Knox.

Congratulations Merinda!

02 November 2012

Merinda is one of our trainees with Triple A Training. In March Merinda completed a Certificate III in Media and loved it so much has now enrolled into Certificate IV in Screen and Media.

“Studying at Triple A Training, I have learnt many skills that allow me to work effectively in the media industry”.

Merinda is in her last year of high school at Mt Maria College and received Academic Excellence in English, Music, Hospitality and Religion and was announced Dux of the school.

Merinda will be the first Indigenous student to graduate from Mt Maria College in its 25 year history.

Well done Merinda!

Visitors from Doomadgee

01 November 2012

A group of primary school students from Doomadgee State School visited the station for a tour. Some of the kids recorded their own radio program and recorded each other singing, with a few of the kids joined Tiga on the Let’s Talk program.

Listen to the Podcast

Join Pixie & Chad Morgan on the Bush Brekky

26 October 2012

Sunday Morning from 6am. Tune into the Bush Brekky, Pixie’s special guest this week is Chad Morgan.

2012 AICA Conference held in Brisbane

25 October 2012

The Australian Indigenous Communications Association conference held in Brisbane on 22nd & 23rd of October brought members of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander broadcasting and media sector: urban, rural and remote – broadcasting, print, online, film, video & television, together.

Pictured: AICA Board Members (L to R) Trevor Tim BBm Cairns, Brett Leavy NIRS, Lloyd Wyles 4K1G Townsville, Sandra Brooks, Gill McGuiness 3CR Melbourne, Tiga Bayles BIMA Brisbane.

Listen to Pixie’s Interview with Joy McKean

15 October 2012

Missed Bush Brekky? Never Fear! the podcast is here! click “PROGRAMS” then “INTERVIEWS” to hear Pixie’s chat with Joy.

Pixie Interviews Joy McKean

11 October 2012

Tune into the ‘Bush Brekky’ on Sunday morning from 6am to hear a gorgeous chat with one of the founders of Australian country music. Joy opens up about her early life in Singleton, dealing with Poliomyelitis and her life with Slim Dusty.

Live Broadcast of the “Stronger Smarter” Summit

09 October 2012

The Let’s Talk program was broadcast live this morning from the “Stronger Smarter” Summit in Brisbane. The 2012 Stronger Smarter Summit is an opportunity for you to hear from school and community leaders who have converted the rhetoric of the Stronger Smarter Philosophy to reality. Guests speakers included Chris Sarra and Maori Professor Russell Bishop.

Listen to the Podcast

The Stronger Smarter Institute

  • delivers quality leadership programs for school leaders to enhance the teaching of Indigenous school students;
  • develops and facilitates innovative research projects;
  • works in partnership with governments, schools and universities engaged in Indigenous education;
  • supports the development of Indigenous leadership in communities; and
  • is a hub of a growing network of schools and individuals who are engaged in creating “stronger smarter” realities  for Indigenous children

For more information

30th Anniversery Commonwealth Games Protest

04 October 2012

The year was 1982, Queensland was the last State to have an ‘Aborigines Act’ as law, nationally the Land Rights movement was a powerful grassroots political force and from 30th September to 9th October Brisbane was hosting the Commonwealth Games.

Aboriginal people and their supporters from all over Australia joined the militant Brisbane Blacks to show Australia and the World that Aboriginal sovereignty over the land had never been ceded, to demand land rights and the repeal of the Aborigines Act.

10,000 p

eople set up tents in Musgrave Park, hundreds were arrested every day outside sporting venues across Brisbane. Soon after these massive protests the Aborigines Act was repealed and the first land rights legislation started appearing around the country.

From 5-7th October the Brisbane Aboriginal Sovereign Embassy will host a series of events to honour this important historical event.

Friday October 5:
* 12 noon: Rally at Roma St Forum for a march to Musgrave Park.
* 4:30pm: Opening ceremony, dinner to honour the veterans of our struggle followed by a screening of ‘We Fight’ (filmed during the 1982 protests) and Q&A with film maker Madeline Mcgrady.

Saturday October 6:
* 10am: Forums and Embassy Idol!!!
* 2pm-late: The Rainbow Republic Concert

Sunday October 7:
* 10am: Combined Church service
* 12 noon: Forum to discuss the future of the Sovereignty movement

For more info phone: 0408064900, 0438781121 or 0431 525 924


In Conversation with Shane Howard

25 September 2012

2012 marks the 30th Anniversery of “Solid Rock” by Goanna.

At the Gympie Muster, Tiga hosted a special acoustic performance with Shane Howard. Shane song a few of his favourite songs and also spent some time telling stories of his life, influences in his music and his special connection with Australia’s First Peoples

Watch Tiga’s interview with Archie Roach

12 September 2012

Archie Roach visited the studio to have a yarn. Watch the video of Tiga’s interview with Archie. Click on “Programs” then “Videos”

Alani Centacare Visitors

11 September 2012

A group of elders visited the station today as part of the Alani Centacare’s daily activities. If you would like information on your nearest Centacare Support Services go to

Archie Roach Visits 98.9FM

10 September 2012

Archie Roach came into visit 98.9FM and to speak with Dan Rennie about performing in the 2012 Brisbane Festival. The interview will be played this afternoon on the Drive Show with Dan Rennie.

The 2012 Brisbane Festival will be held on the 8-29 September 2012.

Archie will be performing his old favourites and some new upcoming songs.

Date: Sunday 9th September, 7:15pm & Monday 10th September, 7:15pm

Venue: The Courier-Mail Spiegeltent – Cultural Forecourt, South Bank

Price: Adult – $40 | Concession – $35 | Groups – $33

For more information check out the official Brisbane Festival guide.

Watch Jordan’s Interview with Marco Gliori

06 September 2012

Jordan Wymara from 98.7FM BBM in Cairns, who was part of the 98.9FM crew at the Muster interviews Marco Gliori.   Continue reading →

2012 Optus Gympie Music Muster Radio Team

30 August 2012

Who enjoyed the MUSTER?!

Over the last week several regional visitors from, Queensland’s First Nations radio stations (4US Rockhampton, 98.7 BBM Cairns and My105fm Mackay) have helped run the Festival Radio from the 2012 Optus Gympie Music Muster.

Throughout the Muster we played more than 80hrs of live and recorded performances!

One of the most inspirational interviews was with Tiga Bayles and Shane Howard. Tiga hosted the “Conversation with Shane Howard”, where Shane spoke about his life, music and passion for First Nations people.

98.9fm Optus Gympie Music Muster Broadcast

20 August 2012

It’s that time again! If you can’t make it to the Muster this year, 98.9fm will bring it to you. Starting from 3pm Thursday, we’ll be bringing you live performances from the main stage and all the other stages throughout the day! Tune in to 98.9fm, web streaming or any stations via the NIRS network.

If your coming to the Muster, come past the 98.9 tent and say hi! and don’t forget to grab your 98.9fm Muster Collectors T-Shirt.

Cleveland, USA’s National Youth Sporting Program

14 August 2012

Students from Cleveland, Ohio USA’s National Youth Sporting Program (NYSP) came in today to check out the building and learn more about our First Nation’s people and culture.

The McClymonts playing in Brisbane

09 August 2012

With the release of their latest album “Two Worlds Collide” The McClymonts are coming to Brisbane for a spectacular show at the Tivoli, 21st September. With special guests; Wes Carr (Australian Idol) and We The Ghosts (Mutser Talent Search winners)

Get your tix now at

International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples

09 August 2012

Today is the International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples.

The focus of this year’s International Day is “Indigenous Media, Empowering Indigenous Voices”.

The theme aims to highlight the importance of indigenous media in challenging stereotypes, forging indigenous peoples’ identities, communicating with the outside world, and influencing the social and political agenda.

Reconciliation Barometer

26 July 2012

Go to and follow the links to the “Australian Reconciliation Barometer 2012” and have your say

Muster Ticket Window : Now Open!

16 July 2012

Win a season pass to the Gympie Muster. Listen for the “Cow Moo” and call 3892 0185 or get your tickets now at

National Diabetes Week

10 July 2012

Diabetes is a medical condition where the body fails to process blood sugar or glucose in a normal way, it  is the world’s fastest-growing chronic disease.  Every day, 62 Queenslanders are diagnosed with the condition, two people with type 1 diabetes, and 60 people with type 2 diabetes.

Here a few steps you can take now to lower your chances or control Diabetes;


Healthy Eating: 

  • Instead of using Salt for flavour : Opt for Herbs, Spices, Chilli & Garlic
  • Avoid Alcohol intake
  • Instead of going for the ice-cream for desert : Make a Fruit Salad Sundae – Strawberries, Mandarins and Bananas are beautifully sweet this season topped with Natural Yoghurt and crushed Cashew nuts
  • Time for your afternoon Coffee hit? : Try Herbal Tea instead – Green and Jasmine tea are packed with anti-oxidants and give you a great energy lift

Keeping Active:

  • Try and wake up half-an-hour earlier than usual and go for a walk around the block – you will be amazed how much more energy you having during the day
  • Instead of driving to work, catch a train or bus and walk to and from the station and work
  • Take the stairs instead of the lift or escalator
  • When dropping the kids off to school, park the car a few streets away and walk with them to the gate


For advice on medical issues you should always consult your health professional. 

Radio Maroon : Let’s Make it 7

04 July 2012

FIRST, there was Radio Maroon – the proudly biased and unauthorised commentary team that gave Queenslanders the chance to listen to Origin games free of Blues rubbish.

The Courier-Mail and 98.9FM will again bring Radio Maroon to life on Wednesday night, with Channel 10’s Bill McDonald leading a team featuring former Origin stars Steve Renouf, Adrian Lam and Adam Mogg.

Radio Maroon has drawn listeners from across the world, keen to hear a Maroon tinge to such a grand footy game.

It’s been so popular, other media outlets are trying to get a piece of the action. And how they’ve stretched their vivid imaginations to come up with a rival.

For yesterday Maroon Radio was born. That’s right, Maroon Radio, or Radio Maroon in reverse.

Nova Brisbane has launched a digital station, pre-recorded and played on loop, and featuring a “special balls and all Origin edition”.

So, there’s nothing nova about this idea. Pale Pink Radio may best describe it.

Pale Pink Radio won’t carry a live call. For that, you’ll have to turn down the TV and turn up Radio Maroon – the only way to enjoy the Origin free of the Blues cheerleaders

Courier Mail

Follow the discussion on @989fmcountry’s twitter #RadioMaroon or the Radio Maroon facebook page –

Eric Deeral : The First, First Nations State Member

03 July 2012

Born at Cape Bedford Mission in 1932, Eric Deeral was evacuated to Woorabinda during World War II, where he was educated at the Woorabinda Central School. He left school at the age of 13 and held down carious jobs as a labourer, bush worker and stockman.

Eric continued to educate himself and, in 1957, became the Chairman of the Hope Vale Mission Community Council and then a liasion officer with the QLD Aboriginal Affairs Department, In 1973 he was appointed as a consultant to the QLD Minister for Aboriginal Affairs.

In the 1974 election – 10 years after his Elders and the Elders of the surrounding Cape York and Torres Strait communities had met at Palm Island and selected him to stand as a candidate for parliament – he defeated six other candidates to win the state electorate of Cook, representing the National Party.

Pictured: Uncle Eric Deeral and Tiga Bayles

NAIDOC Week 1st – 8th July 2012

26 June 2012

Go to “COMMUNITY” to see all events happening around QLD to celebrate NAIDOC week.

What is NAIDOC?
NAIDOC celebrations are held around Australia in July each year to celebrate the history, culture and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. NAIDOC Week 2012 will be held from 1 to 8 July. This year the theme is “Spirit of the Tent Embassy: 40 years on”


Cooktown Trainees

21 June 2012

Media trainees from Cooktown State High School attended Cairns this week for block training at BBM 98.7fm.  The students produced their own live radio show as well as assisting Tiga with the Let’s Talk program.  Big thanks to Karen Whipper, Domenic Power and the Cooktown District Community Centre for supporting the students in this training program.

Too Deadly Dunn

01 June 2012

RADIO personality Jamie Dunn is still cracking the jokes but he has a serious side too, quietly returning as many Aboriginal artefacts as he can to their rightful owners.

IT was in Rita Rainbow’s second-hand shop in Marcoola, on the Sunshine Coast, that Jamie Dunn first saw it.

It was a smooth, crescent-shaped piece of metal which he recognised at once as an Aboriginal breast plate.

On it was a name – Fred Embrey – a date and a place.

An idea sparked in his head. All the information was there. He could return it to its rightful owner. He handed over $800 and spent that night on the phone, calling all the Embreys he could find. “Hello,” he would say. “Are you Aboriginal?”

Dunn, who at the time was at the height of his fame with his sidekick puppet, Agro, and Logie award-winning television show, Agro’s Cartoon Connection, didn’t have any luck.


People were indifferent, polite, but ultimately no help.

Then, as fate or luck would have it, he bought an indigenous history book.

In it, unbelievably, was a photograph of Fred Embrey wearing the very breast plate now in Dunn’s possession.

At the time, Dunn convinced Channel 7 to fly him out by helicopter to do an Agro show for school kids at Cherbourg, an Aboriginal community, northwest of Brisbane.

At the end of the show, he presented the breast plate to the school.

“There was a scream at the back and it was someone who was related to Fred Embrey,” Dunn says.

“The breast plate had been stolen from the Embrey family so this had a good ending.

“I’m not keen to buy items to create a market but I don’t want to see something sit in a second-hand shop that might mean something to someone or enable indigenous people to celebrate their culture.”

Dunn, 62, looks out from his third-floor Bribie Island balcony. He has a lovely view of the Pumicestone Passage. But he sees something more than a playground of boats and picnic spots.

“Imagine being the tribe on Bribie Island . . . this would have been a complete paradise. In those days, the Ningi Ningi tribe were over on the mainland side, the Joondabarrie tribe lived here on the island. There would have been oysters, dugong, grass beds just over there. Most of the clans on the north coast here were shifted out to Cherbourg. They had different languages, different cultures . . . they just jammed them altogether.

“I don’t bang the drum. I’ve kept these years that I’ve involved myself quite quiet. All I did was send back a few things.”

Dunn is a fossicker. He frequents Lifeline, op shops, antique stores, even the dump. Among the T-shirts and pottery fish, sometimes he finds something real. Something that makes him stop in his tracks and commit to action.

During a fossick at Brisbane’s Paddington Antique Centre, he saw a set of six ochre-coloured, carved corroboree sticks. The accompanying documentation detailed how a priest, in the 1940s, had taken them from Aborigines at Fitzroy Crossing, some 400km east of Broome in Western Australia, and later sold them.

The story cut Dunn to the core. It made him angry, sickened him.

“I hated that priest,” he says. “He’d put them (the Aborigines) on the mission and was trying to “Christianise” them. The fact he had taken these away and sold them, it irked me. I was completely disgusted.

“I bought them for about $900. I bought them to take them out of circulation and I knew I was buying something worthwhile to someone spiritually. They were important to someone.”

Dunn, working at B105 at the time, teamed up with his co-host Robin Bailey’s mother – Julie James Bailey, a professor in media studies at Griffith University – who successfully returned them while she was on a trip to Broome.

The Cairns museum has also accepted a donation from Dunn of an Aboriginal axehead dating back to the late 1700s.

Dunn has self-educated himself in indigenous culture.

His collection of indigenous books, worth thousands of dollars, has also been gifted to the Aboriginal and Islander Independent Community School at Acacia Ridge.

Now armed with knowledge about indigenous culture, Dunn cringes when he remembers a careless remark he once made. It still makes him feel ashamed.

“I bought a derelict house in Paddington and there were squatters,” he says. “A friend of mine came over and asked me what I was doing and I said: ‘There’s been some Abos in the house’.

“Fancy saying that. I carry it. I’ll never forgive myself for it.”

Dunn, who has dropped from 116kg to 89kg following a heart attack five years ago, recognises some people might think of him as difficult, perhaps abrasive, demanding.

“I’m really not that person. I’ve just never taken much crap from people. I don’t suffer fools.”

Dunn and his second wife divorced a year ago and, until recently, he lived by himself. He now has taken in a boarder, or more precisely, a listener, who “needed a place to go”.

He doesn’t have a problem handing out his mobile phone number and says “dozens” of listeners or viewers have, over the years, become his friends.

“One of my best friends is Pete the truckie who I met on Cartoon Connection.

“And Jay, my very special friend Jay. He is 23 and I met him at B105 when he was 14. He goes to bed cuddling up to an Agro doll. There can be 20 calls on my phone at any one time from Jay and I do my best to take as many as I can. It doesn’t worry me at all.”

There have been various incarnations in Jamie Dunn’s career. From young rock star with his self-penned 1975 hit Jamie Come Home, to his alter-ego puppet Agro – with seven Logies to show for it – (Agro, often carted around in the boot of his car, hasn’t been fully retired and still makes the odd appearance “on request”).

Then there were the enduring years of success with B105’s Morning Crew where, at his peak, he earned more than $500,000 a year.

He has also been on the airwaves for Maroochydore’s Zinc 96.1 FM and had a tempestuous two years trying out AM radio as “the next John Laws” on 4BC which, as Dunn puts it, ” wasn’t a good fit”.

But what has been a good fit is his gig at indigenous radio station 98.9FM.

“After 4BC, I got a call from 98.9 to say: ‘Why don’t you spend the rest of your radio life with us?’ I am loving it.”

Article and Photo from Sunday Mail 20th May 2012

Triple A Training Update : Block Training

31 May 2012

Over the last week, media trainees from all over Queensland attended a week of intensive media and technology training at the BIMA Multi-Media Centre. 11 Trainees from BBM Cairns, 4k1g Townsville, 4US Rockhampton and My105fm Mackay, participated in activities in film-making, broadcast technology and radio skills. The group participated in the Radio Maroon broadcast and the Gympie Muster second artist announcement which gave them the chance to interview Shane Howard, Peter Denahy and Chelsea Basham. The group also went on a tour behind the scenes of the Queensland Performing Arts Centre and previewed a rehearsal of the up-coming production “Stradbroke Dreamtime” and got the opportunity to interview some of the actors. There was also a tour of the new ABC studios in South Bank. Saturday, the mob attended Styling’ Up festival, one group made a documentary on their week in Brisbane and others got a lot of interviews from some great First Nations talent. The week of training helped our trainees gain competencies towards their Certificate 3 in Broadcast Technology, Certificate 4 and Diploma in Screen & Media.

If you would like some information on our courses call Triple A Training on 3892 0123.

Gympie Muster 2nd Artist Announcement

25 May 2012


The full artist line-up and tickets are available at


Let’s Talk 17th May : Broadcast of the National Congress of Australia’s First Peoples Forum

16 May 2012

Tune in to Let’s Talk tomorrow at 9am to hear the forum held in Brisbane on Constitutional reform presented by the National Congress of Australia’s First Peoples and 98.9fm.  Forum speakers are the Congress co-chairs Les Malezer and Jody Broun and community members Lilla Watson and Mary Graham.

Radio Maroon 98.9FM back for second year

14 May 2012

CALL the lawyers, sensitive Sydney, because Radio Maroon is back for another State of Origin series.

The rebel commentary team made for Queenslanders will return again next week when the Maroons begin their charge for a seventh consecutive Origin series win.

The Courier-Mail and 98.9FM – part of the National Indigenous Radio Service – have again combined to bring together the only commentary team free of the desperate cheerleaders who can’t hide their NSW feelings.

And, this year, Radio Maroon will call every game of the Origin series, with the NIRS carrying the unauthorised call to many parts of the state and online through and the 98.9FM website.

The commentary team will again be headed by experienced Channel 10 newsreader and sportscaller Bill McDonald and will feature former Origin players Steve Renouf, Adrian Lam and Paul Green.


The team will also be joined by respected indigenous rugby league commentator Hal Walsh, who will provide special comments.

Radio Maroon was formed for last year’s decider as an alternative to the Channel 9, ABC Radio and 2GB call teams which were stacked with NSW commentators.

“Our readers spoke very strongly last year – they were sick of the Blues fans disguised as commentators,” The Courier-Mail editor Michael Crutcher said.

“It gave Queenslanders the chance to turn down the volume on their TVs and turn up the radio to hear a call seen through Maroon eyes. But we had to fend off the lawyers last year. I expect that will happen again this year.”

On the day of last year’s decider, Sydney radio station owner Fairfax flew lawyers to Brisbane in a bid to block Radio Maroon.

But the legal challenge fizzled when Fairfax’s lawyers walked away minutes before their application was to be heard by a judge.

“That showed the NSW mindset – these blokes were going to walk into a Queensland courtroom, in front of a Queensland judge, on the day of the Origin decider to get Radio Maroon banned,” 98.9 spokesman Tiga Bayles said.

“In the end, even they realised it was hopeless.”

Turn up Radio Maroon next Wednesday night. Tune in from 7.30pm on 98.9FM Brisbane

Courier Mail 14th May 2012

Album of the Week : Steve Passfield

30 April 2012

Steve Passfield “The Soundtrack of My Life”

The album contains 14 songs that have shaped my musical life including 3 instrumentals.

It pays tribute to the Australian Country Music of Slim Dusty, Shorty Ranger, Geoff Mack, Reg Lindsay, The Bushwackers & Mike McClellan as well as my take on Wings of a Dove, Make You Feel My Love & Wonderful World

Buy the album at

Bill Chambers pops by

13 April 2012

Bill visited the studios for a chat and a song. Bill is playing shows around Sth East QLD over the weekend with Seleen McAlister. Check the gig guide in “Community” for dates.

Album of the Week : Christie Lamb

10 April 2012

Christie Lamb “Mr Wrong”

Christie is a high energy, passionate performer with a uniquely strong and ‘earthy’ style. At the tender age of 19, Christie has achieved an astonishing amount and counts graduating from both the 2010 Talent Development Project and the CMAA Senior Academy of Country Music among the highlights so far. In October 2010, Christie was the only singer in NSW to enter the National Mentoring Project entitled “JUMP” for young and emerging artists. Consequently, Christie has worked with and been mentored by GINA JEFFREYS and ROD McCORMACK for the past 12 months. Mr Wrong is the first single from Christie’s debut EP which is scheduled for release this month. Co-written with JAY COLLIE and JASPER SOMERVILLE-COLLIE, Mr Wrong is a tongue-in-cheek take on failed relationships. Christie Lamb is a welcome breath of fresh air in today’s modern Country Music Industry – a young, talented singer/songwriter with her feet firmly planted in tradition.

Christie’s new EP is available now at

“Julia” now a Podcast

05 April 2012

You can now listen to all your favourite “Julia” episodes on the Podcast page, in ‘Programs’

Vale Jimmy Little

02 April 2012

Proud Yorta Yorta man, Jimmy Little has passed away at the age of 75. Jimmy was born on the Cummeragunja Mission on the Murray River, New South Wales on the 1st of March 1937. In 1955 moved to Sydney to start his music career. His first single, “Mysteries of Life”/”Heartbreak Waltz,” was released in 1956, but his first hit did not come until 1959 with “Danny Boy,” which peaked at number nine in Sydney. It was 1964 when Little got his first number 1 hit, “Royal Telephone” which went Gold twice and has sold more than 75,000 copies, from this number 1 hit, Jimmy was named “Australian Pop Star of the Year”.

In the late 70’s Jimmy turned to full-time acting starring in various theatre productions and films, making his debut on stage in “Black Cockatoos”. Little also appeared in the film “Until the End of the World” and an Opera “Black River”.

Jimmy Little taught and mentored Indigenous music students at the Eora Centre in Redfern from 1985 and was an ambassador for literacy and numeracy for the Department of Education from 2002. In 2006, Jimmy founded the “Jimmy Little Foundation” to improve renal health across Indigenous communities in regional and remote Australia.

In 2004 he was appointed an Officer of the Order of Australia, was named a Living National Treasure and was awarded an honorary doctorate in music in recognition of “contribution to reconciliation between indigenous and non-indigenous Australians”.

Along with these Prestigious awards, Jimmy Little has a collection of many awards including;

  • Red Ochre Award
  • Tamworth Role of Renown
  • ARIA Hall of Fame
  • 2x Deadly Awards
  • APRA Ted Albert Award
  • Golden Gospel Award
  • NAIDOC “Aboriginal of the Year”

In 2011 Jimmy received his first Golden Guitar “Lifetime Achievement Award”.

Jimmy Little will be sadly missed by everybody in the Community.

Album Of the Week : Lance Friend

02 April 2012

Lance Friend “The Album”

Lance has been heard on country radio since 2004 with songs including “Just met an angel”, Don’t ring this ringer” and “Longreach sky reaching great success on radio charts throughout Australia with his band “Friends in No Places”.

After four and a half years in the making,Lance Friend has finally released,,THE ALBUM
Also featuring the hit songs The Condamine and If I had a Wish. These 13 brilliantly produced tracks showcase the star quality of
singer,songwriter Lance Friend.If you only buy one album for 2012. Make sure it’s THE ALBUM

‘The Album’ by Lance Friend is available now:

Wanna see the video?

16 March 2012

Donate now  and help find a cure for Type 1 diabetes. As soon as we hit $1000 you’ll see the footage of Dan and Gilly’s jump for life! Every cent counts.

Jump to Cure Diabetes

08 March 2012

Our very own Dan Rennie and Gilbert McAdam will be jumping  to help improve lives and cure Type 1 Diabetes for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF).

The mission of JDRF is to find a cure for type 1 diabetes and its complications through the support of research.

JDRF is the largest non-government funder of type 1 diabetes research in the world.

Please help support, by clicking here and making a donation.

Album of the Week : Amber Lawrence

05 March 2012

3’, with its mixture of upbeat optimism, personal happiness and resilience along with some references to deeper issues including courage in the face of hardship, is another step upward on a sharply-angled career path that has seen Amber delight audiences all over the country.

Her own experiences of life’s upheavals, including the death of her father, becoming an aunt to her sister’s two children and lost loves and the pursuit of new ones, have broadened Amber’s musical experiences and her maturity shows on ‘3’. Throw in Amber’s early experience of being dumped by a boyfriend who had given her a guitar so she could learn to play and boost her career and you get some idea of what ironies shape her lyrics.

Adding to her already glittering career lustre is Amber’s insightful skill to write one and co-write the other 12 songs on the album with some of the best known lyricists in country music, including award winner Colin Buchanan, Mike Carr, who wrote song of the year ‘Real People’ for Melinda Schneider, Sam Hawksley, Paul Greene, Suzy Connolly and Golden Guitar winning producer Rod McCormack, whose professionally deft touch in the studio is behind the unique sound.

Amber has also teamed up with Album of the Year winner Adam Harvey, who brings his honeyed voice to track 6 ‘The Peace I Keep.

Also joining Amber for a duet on the album is ex-Australian Idol finalist and Home and Away star – Axle Whitehead. Axle’s smoky vocals are a perfect fit for Amber’s on the sexy track 9 ‘My Attraction’.

3’ was released through Core Music and Sony Music Australia on January 20.

Get your copy of ‘3’ at

Album of the Week : Troy Cassar-Daley

27 February 2012

Troy Cassar-Daley “Home”

Troy’s brand new album, “Home”, features 13 new tracks including the first single, currently number 1 on the 98.9fm All Australian Top 20 Country Countdown,      “Country Is”. Troy’s 8th studio recorded album was recorded whilst he was in Nashville. Troy is currently travelling around Australia to promote the upcoming Aussie Tour for the new album.

“Home” is Available March 2nd.

Album of the Week : Dave Roberts

20 February 2012

Dave Roberts “Cold Light of Day”

Dave’s second independent release.

Two years construction of classic lifestyle tales.

A former QRA album of the year winner, his latest work is an eclectic array of musicianship and experiences which have combined and can be heard in the first single release

” Blood On The Moon”

a true story about never losing sight of your dream no matter what events may occur that try to knock you off your path.

The follow up is a hard edged true story about a mate. No matter how much you care for someone eventually there comes a time when you have to let go. This is the album title track

“The Cold Light Of day”

with his hard edged vocals and crying harmonies, the full wall of  guitars and haunting flute solo  will take you on the journey, you can feel the pain.

There are 13 tracks on the album each with their own individual storytelling and performance.

Dave’s song writing style is wide and varied and this is apparent with this the album.

Their are songs to sing around the barby, like a little ditty called “The Long Weekend”and songs the reflect hardship and tragedy like the soaring ballad “ Hero”.

Truly a startling “Australian” songwriter and performer


Get your copy from or phone 0418 322 351


Album of the Week: Paul Seils

14 February 2012

Paul Seils “My Kind of Country”

Queensland Country balladeer and singer/songwriter PAUL SEILS is very excited about his newly released debut CD My Kind of Country, recently produced and recorded by GREG WILLIAMS at Tamworth Recording Suite.

Planning started after Paul “discovered” Greg’s studio at the 2010 Tamworth Country Music Festival, and recording was slotted around Paul’s 2010 overseas trips which took him all over USA and Europe. While Paul traveled, Greg built the 12 album tracks, using other fine session musicians like Brett Dallas, Mark Moulynox, Shaza Leigh, Lawrie Minson, Hugh Curtis, Peg Gilchrist, and legendary guitarist Lindsay Butler.

As well as the first radio single South Australian Opal, there are several of Paul’s originals featured on the album, complemented by favourite cover songs, and another great song written by country legend LEE CONWAY.

Live Broadcast Tuesday 14th February

07 February 2012

Listen to Jamie, Ian and Gilly, on the Breakfast Show, at the Ipswich Library, South Street, Ipswich, Tuesday 14th February 2012.

The Breakfast Show will be broadcasting live to help celebrate the National Year of Reading.

Library doors open 8:00am.

Free BBQ Breakfest and live entertainment from 7:00am.

Album of the Week : John Williamson

30 January 2012

John Williamson “Big Red”

Released through his recent signing with Warner Music Australia, the album is reflective of the multi-award winning artist’s passion for his craft. It reminds all as to why he has remained a success for more than forty years, with tracks on the CD sure to become favourites for all Australians domestically or a treasured keepsake for those overseas.

The first single ‘Hang My Hat In Queensland’ is pure poetry; an autobiographical account of Williamson’s life. Everything from his birth in the Mallee district of Victoria through to moving to Sydney from his family’s farm in Moree after winning television’s ‘New Faces’ with his song ‘Old Man Emu’. The lyrics encapsulate his story in music.

Never one to shy away from his truth, Williamson follows it up with ‘Movie Star’, a song paying tribute to those who have succeeded but feel they have never reached what they consider the top. ‘Rescue Me’ simply touches the heart and is a piece of perfection that will resonate and bring tears to the eyes of many.

Add to this ‘Mates Around The Fire’ which will appeal to all who identify with Williamson’s recurring theme of mateship mixed with the outback. ‘The Weight Of A Man’, is a song written by Russell Crowe that Williamson has made his own, whilst showcasing the musicality of the Hollywood superstar.

There are twelve tracks on this release, not one that doesn’t stand up to the quality that the iconic songwriter is known for. Each one is crafted perfectly and sure to become chants, wedding first dance tracks or songs to belt out amongst friends and family around the fire, lounge room or penthouse apartment. That’s the thing about Williamson; he doesn’t fit one genre or style. He is for all Australians and The Big Red backs this up with his unique ability to paint the country and Australian style and character onto a canvas of song like no other.

Get your copy from or phone 02 9279 4454

Album of the Week : Harmony James

24 January 2012

Harmony James – Handfuls of Sky

Its Harmony’s second album, being released this week at the Tamworth Country Music Festival. With a spectacular mix of bluegrass, traditional and modern country this is an album you wont want to take out of the player! Harmony’s beautiful voice combined with amazing musicians and also guest artists including Shane Nicholson, Troy Cassar-Daley, Bill Chambers and more. The album also features the 2 smashing singles heard on the 98.9fm All Aussie Top 20, “Don’t Say It” and “Pride”

Get your copy now!

40th Anniversary Tent Embassy

23 January 2012

Bob Bellear, Bob McLeod, Tiga Bayles : Sept '72 Tent Embassy, Canberra

27th January 1972 saw the first tent go up on the lawn in front of Parliament House in response to the McMahon coalition government’s refusal to recognise Aboriginal Land Rights. Indigenous and non-Indigenous supporters came from all over Australia to join the protest. Within the first 6 months, the Embassy succeeded in uniting First Nations people throughout Australia in demanding uniform National Land Rights.

40 years on and the First Nations people of Australia are still fighting for Land Rights.

On the 26th January 2012 marks the 40th anniversary of the Aboriginal Tent Embassy, there will be a “Corroboree for Sovereignty” held on the lawns of Old Parliament House, King Geroge Tce Parkes, Canberra.

Live Broadcast from the Lawns can  be heard on ‘Let’s Talk’ on 98.9fm from Wednesday 25th to Friday 27th January 9:00am to 11:00am EST

Summer lineup on 98.9FM

03 January 2012

As our regular presenters take a well-earned break you can still catch great country here on 98.9FM.

All Australian Top 20 presenter Hayley-Belle Scott hosts breakfast from the 3 – 6 January.  Regular Drive presenter Dan Rennie takes over the breakfast slot from the 9 – 21 January while Luke Peacock keeps Drive going until Dan’s return.

Our breakfast trio of Jamie, Ian and Gilly are back on Monday 23 January along with Let’s Talk host  Tiga Bayles.  Be sure to tune in to his special broadcast from Canberra to mark the 40th anniversary of the Aboriginal Tent Embassy on January 26.

Also returning this Sunday Bush Breakfast with Pixie Jenkins and the Shout Out Show with Uncle Peter Hill.   Josh Williams and Jarrod Forgarty are back next Monday hosting Hot Country and Nights with Jarrod.

Album of the Week : Paddy McHugh & The Goldminers

20 December 2011

Paddy is a young, talented and original singer/songwriter.   Raised in Tamworth, Paddy naturally took up country music and today writes songs of his experience as a professional rambling musician. If you like your music with integrity, imagination and class, go no further than Paddy McHugh and his trusty band, The Goldminers.

For a FREE download of the album head to the website.




Wheels for Justin

20 December 2011

Nineteen year-old, Justin Jackson , has been on crutches almost his entire life due to  cerebral palsy.  Keen to assert his independence and to attend university, Justin needed a specialised wheelchair to get around, which was unfortunately out of his budget.

98.9FM listeners and Wyatt Roy, Member for Longman, decided to help and managed to raise $5600 for Justin’s long-awaited wheelchair.

Image courtesy of Wyatt Roy, MP.

98.9fm Listeners donate for the PA Spinal Unit

19 December 2011

The Sunnybank Lions club joined with 98.9fm to collect DVD’s for the patients at the Princess Alexandra Hospital Spinal Unit and the Brekky Team visited the unit on Wednesday to present the donations. In one week, over 200 DVD’s and video games were donated by listeners and members of the community. Head Nurse, Ben Hackwood says “after 4pm the patients don’t have much to, so DVD’s, video games and television keeps them entertained”.

The Spinal Unit are always open for donations, Portable DVD players are a great donation as a lot of the patients are bed ridden and don’t always have their own TV.

Contact for Donations

Ben Hackwood 07 3176 2797

Spinal Injuries Unit
Princess Alexandra Hospital
Ipswich Road

Paddy does Christmas

16 December 2011

Local Brisbane singer/songwriter Paddy McHugh performs a Christmas song on the Drive Show with Dan today from 5pm. Tune in!

Troy Stops By!

08 December 2011

Fresh from another trip to Nashville, where he is recording his forthcoming album “Home” (due out March 2012), Troy Cassar-Daley came in for a chat on the Drive Show with Dan to give us a little taste of what’s to come! Too Deadly!


65 years later, still waiting to be paid

08 December 2011

Paul and Arthur Ah Wang are 76 years old and they are angry.

From age 13 the brothers worked side-by-side on a pearling lugger off Mackay, free diving to collect pearl shell and doing deckhand duties. It was dangerous work, and if they misbehaved they were often sent below decks to bed without dinner.

Both  brothers claimed for their stolen wages under the Beattie  government’s  $54M  reparations package for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders wages and pensions which were controlled by government. In a bizarre twist, Paul received just $3000 for his years of work and labour, while Arthur application was rejected due to insufficient documentary evidence.

Along with Ron Monaghan from the QCU, they met with the Minister for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Partnerships, Curtis Pitt, to seek stolen wages justice.

They spoke with Tiga on ‘Let’s Talk’ directly after this meeting. Listen to the podcast below.


Public Memorial for Artie Beetson

08 December 2011

A public memorial service will be held on Sunday to farewell the footy legend. A permanent bronze statue  will be placed along side Wally Lewis in Lang Park, in honor of one of the seven “Rugby League Immortals”

Date: Sunday 18th December, 12noon

Location: Suncorp Stadium

Farewell Artie, you legend!

01 December 2011

Arthur Henry “Artie” Beetson OAM January 22, 1945 – December 1, 2011

Queenslanders are mourning the loss of rugby league legend, Artie Beetson,  who died of a heart attack on the Gold Coast this morning.

Beetson captained the first Queensland State of Origin team in 1980.  He also coached the side to four series wins in 1982, 1983, 1984 and 1989.

His football career began in Redcliffe after he left his hometown of Roma to play in the Brisbane Rugby League competition.

He moved to Sydney and joined Balmain Tigers in the New South Wales Rugby Football League competition.  During his 4-year stint with the Tigers, Beetson made his representative debut for Australia against England where he earned the nickname “half game Artie” for the 40 minutes of mayhem he caused the opposition.

Beetson also played for English rugby league side Hull before joining Eastern Suburbs (1971-1978) where he captained the team in their 1974 and 1975 premierships. He also coached in the late 70s, mid 80s and in 1994.

In the final years of his playing career, Big Artie spent two years with Parramatta before re-joining his old club, the Dolphins, in Redcliffe.

Other notable achievements include:

    • The first Aboriginal person to be named captain of any Australian national sporting team
    • 29 Test and World Cup caps
    • OAM recognising his service to the sport of rugby league
    • Named in Australian rugby league’s 100 greatest players
    • Named in the Australian rugby league team of the century
    • Named in the Queensland rugby league team of the century
    • Named in Indigenous Australian rugby league team of the century
    • Awarded Clive Churchill Medal retrospectively as Man of the Match in the 1974 grand final
    • Recruitment officer for Eastern Suburbs (Sydney Roosters) and Queensland

Dan Rennie caught up with the legend this year ahead of the third game in the 2011 State of Origin in Brisbane.  They spoke about his family and about his first State of Origin game. Listen to the interview.

From all the board and staff at 98.9fm and the Brisbane Indigenous Media Association our sincere condolences to the family, relatives and friends of Artie Beetson.

Thank you for the memories and for your outstanding contribution to rugby league and to First Nations people of Australia.

May he rest in peace.

To leave a message for the Beetson family or to share your thoughts about “Artie” visit our Facebook page.

Premier opens media centre

22 November 2011

In front of more than 100 guests, friends and staff, Queensland Premier Anna Bligh opened the Brisbane Indigenous Media Association’s Multimedia Centre on Friday.

One of the many highlights of the event was Kev Carmody and Pixie Jenkins performing, “From Little Things Big Things Grow”.

Brisbane Indigenous Media Association (BIMA) CEO Tiga Bayles said the song was appropriate.

“We began broadcasting in 1984 with the Murri Hour on Triple Z and now we have opened our very own Centre with 30 full time staff and over 200,000 listeners,” he said.

“It was an auspicious occasion for all our staff and the Board and a great celebration for First Nations peoples.

“The Centre represents all that is important to First Nations peoples – the radio station gives a voice to Aboriginal perspectives on a range of matters from topical issues of the day through programs such as ‘Lets Talk’, to sharing our culture through music which includes country and Indigenous as history and story telling.

“We also provide an essential service in broadcasting key information for First Nations people in areas such as health and the law.

“And, of course, we broadcast the AFL!

“It is fitting that we also have grown from humble beginnings to owning a facility in our own right that will enable us to continue to give a voice, training and employment opportunities to First Nations Peoples.”

Newly elected BIMA President Col Dillon said Aboriginal people throughout the state could now enjoy the benefits of a state-of-the-art facility, purpose built to train young people in radio and television broadcasting.

“This investment not only supports our capacity to broadcast using state of the art equipment but more importantly provides real live training and skilling, through Triple A Training, to both Indigenous and non-indigenous peoples in a critical industry in today’s society,” Mr Dillon said.

“The funding enabled us to transform the old Armaguard building which for a period of time provided space for members of ProppaNOW, a groundbreaking group of Urban Aboriginal artists including Tony Albert, Richard Bell, Vernon Ah Kee and Laurie Nilsen, whose work is represented in the building – these artists have now reached international status.

“We would not be standing here today if it were not for the funding support we received from the Indigenous Land Corporation (ILC) and the Queensland and Australian Governments.

“The ILC provided $3.5 million, while the Australian Government provided funding of $3.2M and the Queensland Government contributing $4.2 million.”

First Use of Recording Studio

17 October 2011

The Pigs drop in…

To perform live on the Brekkie show and break in our new recording studio.



98.9fm welcomes a fiddling new member to the family!

13 September 2011

Pixie Jenkins, Australia’s best fiddler and all-round funny man, is the new voice of Sunday’s “Bush Brekky” Show.

With 40 years industry experience behind him Pixie melds Australian country music, comedy and theatre into his performances. Pixie has played for, supported and recorded with artists such as; Chad Morgan, John Williamson, Buddy Williams, Charlie Pride, Warren H Williams, Bob Dylan and Cher – just to name a few. He’s won five Golden Guitars and is an inductee of Country Music Hands of Fame.

Pixie’s charasmatic and cheeky nature will shine!

Join Pixie from 6am each Sunday for a morning of fun, frivolity, bush yarns, poetry and interviews – and if we’re lucky he’ll pick up his fiddle every now and again.

For more info on Pixie check out Follow on Twitter @pixiejenkin.

Celebrating the Coming of Age in a New Home

06 August 2011

BIMA has moved into our brand new Multi-Media Skills Centre. Located at 2 Ambleside St, West End, the building holds 4 digital radio studios, a multi-track recording studio and a TV studio equipped with all the latest and best technology. The completion of the new station falls on the 18th birthday of the Brisbane Indigenous Media Association which was founded on April 6, 1993.

Lookin’ For a Good Time? Muster ’11 on 989

01 August 2011

98.9fm is once again the Official Muster Radio for the 2011 Gympie Muster, come down to the 989HQ, say G’day to the mob and grab yourself a 989 Muster Collectors T-Shirt!

WIN Brisbane Lions Tickets

27 July 2011

Tune in to the Brekky show for your chance to win Lions home game tickets!

Album of the Week – Adam Brand

26 July 2011

Adam Brands new album “Rev Head” is released 12 tracks with some of his greatest hits and brand new songs. Available now!

Block Training a Success

06 July 2011

Over 3 weeks in May, 50 students from school-aged to adults visited the training centre to participate in Triple A Trainings’ annual Block Training to achieve competencies towards Certificate III & IV in Media and Broadcast Technology. Travelling from, Weipa, Kowanyama, Wujal Wujal, Hopevale, Palm Island, Townsville, Rockhampton, Cairns and Mount Isa, the mob participated in daily radio operations, on-air programs, editing, recording and mixing sound, wiring and video camera recording and editing.

The regional group went to Stylin’ Up and recorded interviews and video recording with performers and local Edlers to take back and play on their own radio stations. One group were lucky enough to be in the training centre at the same time Troy Cassar-Daley was visiting for an interview. Troy sat down and had chat with the group and shared some advice and encouragement of his own.

Overall there were 11 certificate II’s, 15 certificate III’s and 5 certificate IV’s awarded, another great ending to a round of Block Training.

Damien Saul – Old Man (live)

03 March 2011

Damien Saul has performed over the last decade throughout Australia and is based in Brisbane. His songwriting is poetic and Continue reading →

Corn Liquor – Nightime Road (live)

22 December 2010

The Boys from Corn Liquor performing live in the studio’s of 98.9fm Brisbane!


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